Fisher Charles_ + Hamilton Avo_
Fisher James_
Fisher Reba_
Fisher Oneda_

Fisher Charles_ + Goodmen Nancy_
Fisher Margaret_
Fisher Linda_
Fisher Lois_
Fisher Royce_
Fisher Roy B._
Fisher Shirley_
Fisher Peggy_

Butler Randal Lloyd_ + Davis Mary Allene_
Butler Willie__
Hunt Snowi Dawn_

Fulks Logan Walter_ + Andrews Wilma Ella_
Fulks Charles Warren_
Fulks Jewel_
Fulks Harris_
Fulks Warren Gerald_
Fulks Jewel Lee_
Fulks Mary Louise__
Fulks Logan Gerald 'Gary'__
Fulks Frederick Wayne_
Fulks John B__
Fulks Fredrick Warren__
Harris Becky Lynn__Harris Rodney Warren_Harris Robert Kent__
Fulks Logan Gerald__Fulks Michael Warren__
Fulks Bryon__Fulks Kevin_Fulks Andy_
Fulks Mathew Warren__Fulks Joshua_

Fulks Logan Gerald 'Gary'_ + Michael Janet_
Fulks Logan Gerald__
Fulks Michael Warren__
Fulks Rachael Nicole_Fulks Logan Taylor_
Fulks Kathryn Michelle_Fulks Jacqueline Monique_

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