Jameson George_ + Unknown Elizabeth_
Jameson Elizabeth_
Jameson Malinda_
Jameson Robert F.__
Jameson James H._
Jameson Emily_
Jameson Nancy_
Jameson Lucinda E._
Jameson American_
Jameson George_

Ayers Samuel_ + Jameson Dorothea Grayham 'Dolly'_
Ayers Rebecca_
Ayers David Jameson_
Ayers Mahala_
Ayers Martha Thorpe_
Ayers Mary_
Ayers Millinda_
Ayers Thomas__
Ayers William Burton_
Ayers Samuel_
Ayers Apphia Dorthy Jameson 'Dolly'_
Ayers Eliza_Ayers Nathaniel_Ayers David_Ayers Thomas R._Ayers Samuel_Ayers Joseph_Ayers Dorthea_

Ayers Thomas_ + Smith Sarah_
Ayers Eliza_
Ayers Nathaniel_
Ayers David_
Ayers Thomas R._
Ayers Samuel_
Ayers Joseph_
Ayers Dorthea_

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