Montacute William_ + Monfort Elizabeth_
Montacute John_
Montacute Simon_
Montacute Maud_
Montacute Edward_
Montacute Alice_
Montacute Mary_
Montacute Katherine_
Montacute Hawise_
Montacute Isabel_
Montacute William__
Montacute Anne_Montacute William_Montacute Elizabeth_Montacute Philippe_Montacute Sibyl_Montacute Robert_Montacute John__

Brawner Pate_ + Rachel_
Brawner Silas_
Brawner Mandy_
Brawner Robert_
Brawner Flix_
Brawner Wesley_
Brawner Effie_
Brawner Della_

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