Harrison Wylie Leslie_ + Cothron Lillie Selma_
Harrison Bonnie Evelyn_

Trammel Arthur Obin_ + Herald Ezma_
Trammel Willard_
Trammel Orbin_

Cothron William Drury_ + Pardue Lillie Mae_
Cothron Lillie Selma__
Harrison Bonnie Evelyn_

Pardue James M_ + Stone Lucretia Ann_
Pardue Lillie Mae__
Cothron Lillie Selma__

Cothron Isaac Livingston 'Ike'_ + Story Mary Jane 'Mollie'_
Cothron William Drury__
Cothron Gracie_
Cothron Lillie Selma__

Story William R._ + Ball Martha Ann_
Story Mary Jane 'Mollie'__
Cothron William Drury__Cothron Gracie_

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