Jones Danny Warren_

Winkler Hans Jacob_ + Sherrill Mary Belle_
Winkler Elizabeth__
Winkler Isbella_
Winkler Elisha__
Winkler Lida_
Winkler Margaret_
Winkler Abraham__
Winkler Thomas__
Winkler Mary_
Winkler Isaac_
Winkler Susanna_
Gear Mary Jane Le__
Winkler Mary_Winkler John_Winkler Manda_Winkler Thomas_Winkler Martha_Winkler Landon Carter_
Winkler William Isaac_Winkler Mary_Winkler Martha Martela_Winkler Jacob Newton_Winkler George__Winkler John Daniel__Winkler Solomon Thomas__Winkler Elisha_Winkler Mark H._Winkler David Branson_Winkler Lydia__
Winkler William_Winkler Mary_Winkler Sary_

Winkler Elisha_ + Mills Mary_
Winkler Mary_
Winkler John_
Winkler Manda_
Winkler Thomas_
Winkler Martha_
Winkler Landon Carter_

Andrews John Allen_ + Willis Martha 'Patsy'_
Andrews John Allen__
Andrews Landy Carroll_Andrews Minnie F_Andrews Lester__Andrews Martha Ann_Andrews Clarence Denton__Andrews Grover Cleveland__Andrews Bertha__Andrews James "Jim" Henry__Andrews Carsie "Dan" McCurdy__Andrews Hester Winifred__Andrews Charles Cordell_

Winkler Abraham_ + Milikan Nancy_
Winkler William Isaac_
Winkler Mary_
Winkler Martha Martela_
Winkler Jacob Newton_
Winkler George__
Winkler John Daniel__
Winkler Solomon Thomas__
Winkler Elisha_
Winkler Mark H._
Winkler David Branson_
Winkler Lydia__
Winkler Sidney_Winkler Elihu_Winkler Henry R._Winkler Jesse_Winkler Bertha__Winkler Elisha_Winkler Effie__Winkler Nancy_Winkler Mack_Winkler Jacob_Winkler Luther_
Winkler Marcum_Winkler William Abraham_Winkler Nancy Orlena_Winkler Martha Martilda__Winkler James Sampson_Winkler Henley R.__Winkler Mark L._Winkler Dorcus Lydia_Winkler Mary Nervesta_Winkler Magnola Naoma_Winkler Elisha M._Winkler Nellie Victoria_Winkler Landon Hulie__Winkler Verna E._
Winkler Amanda Elidia_Winkler Robert Loneis_Winkler Jacob Loneis_Winkler John Samuel_Winkler Carnnies Abraham_
Ross Mack Henry__

Winkler Thomas_ + Mills Mariah_
Winkler William_
Winkler Mary_
Winkler Sary_

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