Montgomery _ + Andrews Bertha_
Montgomery Hubert "Hargis"_

Andrews William Jesse_ + Willis Jemima_
Andrews Absillia Matilda_
Andrews Willis E._
Andrews Martha Addiville__
Andrews Tabitha_
Andrews Elijah Allen__
Andrews Nathan Richard__
Woodmore Pierce_Woodmore Willie_Woodmore Belle_Woodmore Arthur_Woodmore Oakley_
Andrews Jack_Andrews Cis_Andrews Susie_Andrews Maggie_Andrews Willard Aubrey__Andrews Bud__Andrews Lona Belle 'Lonnie'_Andrews Lonnie_Andrews Bratton H.__
Andrews _Andrews Lula May_

Andrews Drury A._ + Cartwright Sarah Jane_
Andrews Lige_
Andrews John Frank__
Andrews Martha Ann__
Andrews Gemima Emily 'Jimmima'__
Andrews Susan A. 'Susie'__
Andrews Henry Alvis__
Andrews Charles P. 'Charlie'_
Gammon John Harris_Gammon Margaret S._Andrews Leathie M__Andrews Estelle_Andrews Odell_Andrews Darrell_
Patterson James Franklin__Patterson Eli Richard__Patterson Miles 'Pierce'__Patterson John A._Patterson Washington C. 'Wash'__Patterson Maud Lee__Patterson Clarence W.__Patterson Oscar 'Dayton'__Patterson Charles Alexander 'Charlie'__Patterson Loyd 'Odell'_Patterson Floyd Herschell__
Brown Herman_Brown Lawson_
Dickens _
Andrews Louisa 'Luella'_Andrews Gracie Ailean_Andrews Georgie_Andrews Alice Lelar_Andrews Charlie_Andrews William Mai 'Willie'__

Givens William_ + Travis Margaret_
Givens Merritt__
Givens Solomon Jessie__

Andrews Thomas Jefferson 'Tom'_ + Cothron Susan Catherine 'Susie'_
Andrews Idle_
Andrews John Eli__
Andrews Irdel Levi 'IL'__
Andrews Ilar Gertrude__
Andrews Andrew Jackson 'Ander'__
Andrews Margaret Esther_
Andrews Matilda Isabelle 'Tildie'_
Andrews Louvenia Vangie Alice 'Lou'__
Andrews Hanna Elizabeth_
Andrews Henry Michell__
Andrews Mazie__Andrews Tassie M._Andrews Lassie Mae_Andrews Sallie Merton 'Sallie'_Andrews Grace 'Gracie'__
Andrews Mary Susan__Andrews Vernon Presley_Andrews Willie Clemen_Andrews Lucy Madeline__Andrews Wesley Wiseman__Andrews I. L._
Doss Unknown_Doss Cordell_Marsh Almer_Doss Delster_
Andrews Mae Lillian__
Glover Earl__Glover Floyd_
Andrews Lois Dean_Andrews Elizabeth Ray_

Gregory Major_ + Boston Rebecca Catherine 'Kate'_
Gregory Jane__
Gregory Robert Hawkins__
Gregory John_
Gregory Stephen "Dopher" Calvin__
Gregory Major A._
Bennett Georgia Ann_Bennett John_Bennett Edd_Bennett James Cothron_
Gregory Thomas__Gregory John_Gregory William J._
Gregory Monroe__Gregory William Joseph__Gregory Thomas Morgan "Dopher"__Gregory Cinda_Gregory Luther_

Gregory Major_ + Nash Unknown_
Gregory Louisa Catherine_
Gregory Thomas Morgan__
Gregory William C._Gregory Emily Eliza_Gregory Chesley Bridgewater_Gregory Henrietta Brunette_Gregory Richard A._Gregory Benjamin Hawkins_Gregory Sarah_Gregory Mary_Gregory Bailey_Gregory Thomas Jefferson__Gregory Julia Alice_Gregory John W._Gregory Betty_Gregory Lucind Jane_

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