Compton Logan Lonzo "LL"_ + Owen Betty "Bettie"_
Compton Grover Cleveland__
Compton Marvin_Compton Nadine_Compton Gladys_Compton Ohman_Compton Grover O._Compton Mabel Azalee__Compton Thelma Delores__

Andrews Henry Michell_ + Gregory Velma_
Andrews Lois Dean_
Andrews Elizabeth Ray_

Smith James Jasper_ + Molder Margie Ina_
Smith Harold Edwin__
Smith Nancy Lynn__Smith Donald Marshall_Smith Kerry Harold_

Kelly Robert Francis_ + Lee Lois_
Kelly Thomas Lee__
Kelly Sharon Lois_Kelly Elizabeth Lee_

Kelly David Dwight_ + Holybird Bebe_
Kelly Patricia_
Kelly Kathleen_

Kelly William Joseph_ + Ingels Louis Bay_
Kelly Robert Francis__
Kelly David Dwight__
Kelly Carman_
Kelly Thomas Lee__
Kelly Patricia_Kelly Kathleen_

Jamison Vervie Taylor_ + Andrews Lucy Madeline_
Jamison Glenn Taylor_
Jamison Joe Anthony__
Jamison June Carolyn__
Jamison David Anthony__Jamison Amanda Lynne_
Darnell Elizabeth Jamison_

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