Smith Joseph Franklin_ + Faulkner Meggie Law_
Smith James Jasper__
Smith Harold Edwin__

Molder William_ + Campbell Martha Ina_
Molder Margie Ina__
Smith Harold Edwin__

Nowlin Thomas Charles_ + Awbrey Sarah_
Nowland Phillip_
Nowland Charles_
Nowland Gregory_
Nowland Elizabeth_
Nowland Thomas_
Nowland Pierce__
Noland Thomas_Noland Darby_Noland Henry_Noland Philip_Noland William_Noland Pierce__

Andrews Burford Carsley_ + Kemp Nettie Mae_
Andrews Carsley_
Andrews Ira Carsey__
Andrews Pluma Lee__
Andrews Vernon Alexander__
Andrews Peggy Charlene_Andrews Shirley Sue_
Gregory Gary W._Gregory Claudine G._Gregory Rudell Gallen_Gregory Theresa Ann_
Andrews Evelyne 'Elaine'__Andrews Patricia Faye 'Pat'__Andrews Verna Jean__Andrews Larry Veron__Andrews Rondle Key__Andrews Carol Daphine__

Andrews Burford Carsley_ + Langford Lillie Myrtle_
Andrews Lucy Alice__
Andrews Mary Kathleen_
Andrews James Curtis_
Andrews Lillie Mae__
Andrews Bradley Carnell_
Gregory Charlotte Ann__Gregory Robbie Gail_Gregory Shelia Marcia__Gregory Sherry Maria__Gregory Terry David_
Scruggs Sherron Kay_Scruggs Unknown_

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