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Fraser Thomas153111 FEB 1586/87
Cleyborne Thomas15317 December 1581
Stewart Robert1532-
Reveley Katherine15321580
Jarman Richard29 April 153215 JAN 1594/95
Strelley Millicentabout 1533-
Kirkham Thomas15331612
Woodhouse Anthony1533-
Stewart Jean15337 JAN 1587/88
Griffith Alex 'Alice'1533-
Le Strange Elizabeth Vaux15341579
Morgan Thomas15341603
Martyn Anthonyabout 1534about 1569
Brewster William1534-
Griffith Gwen26 May 153416 July 1591
Judde Alice15351593
Driver Alice1535-
Hilder John15351489
Horsey George15351587
Annis153525 October 1587
Montague William153620 MAR 1593/94
Wickersham Richard153617 MAR 1613/14
Anstye Walter1536before 1636
René Marquis of Elbeuf14 August 1536-
Griffith Piers1537-
Stewart Robert Howard1537-
Driver Joanna1537-
Tudor Edward VI12 October 15376 July 1553
Godwyn Thomas1538-
Stewart Jean15381588
Findlay William15381570
Billingsley Henryabout 15381606
Gordon Margaret15391603
White Alice153917 July 1620
Bucklar Breda153912 July 1613
Stewart Arthur 'Robert'1540-
Greenway Agnes1540-
Gaymer Richard15404 April 1571
Gostwick John15401582
Streatfield Sarah15401600
Sadler Anne15401565
Driver Thomasabout 154017 April 1576
Godwyn William1540-
Unknown 1540-
Staples John Cooke15401597
Godwyn John1540-
Burgess Christineabout 15401564
Godwyn Sisley1541-
Douglas William154125 September 1572
Bourne Elizabeth154129 July 1577
Cooke Katherynabout 15411598
Bishop William15411621
Stewart Margaret of Methven1542-
Godwyn Cecily1542-
Stuart Mary8 December 15428 FEB 1586/87
Billingsley William1543-
Tankard Ralph15441600
Godwyn Ozeas1544-
Unknown Joanabout 1545-
Powhatan Wahunsonacock17 June 15451 April 1618
Stewart Henry7 December 154510 FEB 1566/67
Dobbes Alice Hobbes15462 July 1602
Godwyn Myles1546-
Billingsley Richard1546-
Hawker Hugh1547-
Lawson Ann1547-
Spencer Mary Magdalene15471646
Blair John154711 November 1609
Von Hessen Georg10 September 15477 FEB 1595/96

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