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Martyn Margaret15481612
Gatland John154812 MAR 1627/28
Unknown 1548-
Fiske Mary Ann15481640
Dunning William154815 August 1638
De Macon Louisabout 1548-
Billingsley Thomas1548-
Godwyn Elizabeth1549-
Hodgson Thomas15491586
Andrews Thomasabout 1549-
Hawker George1549-
Godwyn James1550-
Fiske Williamabout 155017 May 1623
Parker Johnabout 1550-
Stream Japasaw15501622
Godwyn Edmond1550-
Drake William15501 November 1616
Morgan William1550-
Bletsoe Williamabout 1550-
Hawker Richard1551-
Tester Alse1551-
West Nicholas155121 October 1601
Sempill Grizel15511609
Anna Countess of Lippe1551-
Parrish Mary1552-
Heymann Catharina155224 December 1621
Anstye Anna155313 FEB 1599/00
Lippe Simon zur1554-
Fiske Richard1554-
Carey Annabout 1554-
Stewart Charles Lennox1555-
Benedict Anne15555 June 1595
West Thomas 2nd Lord De La Warre9 July 155524 MAR 1601/02
Knollys Anne19 July 155530 August 1608
Futter Thomasabout 15561619
Jenkins David15561 May 1618
Fiske Eleazar1556-
Hawker Phillipa1556May 1620
Cleyborne Dorothy1556-
Bernard Frances155621 November 1630
Harris William21 September 1556November 1616
Billingsley Henry1557-
Bernhard Count of Lippe1557-
Cleyborne Joaneabout 1558-
Phillpot Alice15581634
Todd William Gulielmusabout 1558October 1616
Cleyborne Saraabout 1558-
Cleyborne Elenorabout 1558-
Molyneux Mary155926 October 1628
Gaines John15591608
Fiske Elizabeth1559-
De Barron Margaretabout 1559-
Clifton Richardabout 15601613
Calcott Dorthy15601638
Driver Gilesbefore 1560-
Peter "the Great" Tucker Nansemond Warrior1560-
Unknown Thomasineabout 1560-
Hudson William B.15601630
O'Nowlan John15601600
Woodhouse Maryabout 1560-
Horsey Ralphabout 15601612
Horsey Martinabout 1560-
Cleyborne Katherine1560-
Cleyborne Johan1560-
Tucker Joan15601606
Bowyer Williamabout 156012 November 1627
Kellogg Phillippe15 September 156024 October 1583

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