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Hodgson Margaret1576-
Wilhelm Philipp1576-
Chrystie Thomas15761613
Mountbatten Philipp Wilhelm1576-
Bartell Richard1576-
Louis 157727 July 1626
Remy Nicolas1577-
Hovel Alice Abria1577-
Futter Mary15771617
Mountbatten Christina1578-
Hodgson Thomas1578-
O'Brien Anastase15781626
von Hessen Christine1578-
Mountbatten Elisabeth1579-
Selby Isabellabout 15791608
Drake Isabella157910 October 1639
Fiske Eleazer1579-
Brunden Symmoabout 1579about 1635
Wolcott, Sr. Henry6 December 157930 May 1655
Clifton Richardabout 1580-
Brewe Blanch1580-
Hedwig Marie1580-
von Hessen Elizabeth1580-
Dowy Margery15801650
Jackson Gracia15801640
Fraser Alexander15801669
Mountbatten Marie Hedwig1580-
De Macon Jeanabout 1580-
Bletsoe Richard1580-
Bayley Dorothy15801646
Johns John15811630
Bouyer Katherineabout 1581-
Landgrave Philipp III1582-
Mac Kenzie Katherine Og15827 MAR 1676/77
Godwin William1582-
Fiske Hannah Anne1582-
Clarke Margaret1582-
Jarman Thomas6 June 158223 August 1667
Mountbatten Anna1583-
von Hessen Anna1583-
Godwin Christine1583-
Staples Maudlin Magdaline Cook25 May 158323 August 1641
Blair Andrew18 November 1583July 1641
Harris Arthur1584-
Stanley Dorthy1584-
Horsey Anna15841637
Stokes Ann1584-
Saunders Elizabeth15845 July 1655
Godwin Alice1584-
Gaines Thomas15841686
Fiske Hester1584-
Robyns Agnes22 July 1584-
Linville EdwardNovember 15841625
Hyde Richard15851664
Wickersham William158530 August 1613
Kellogg Dennisabout 1585-
Horsey Dorthy15851655
Harris Thomas John1585-
Padgett Richard Sinclair1585-
Godwin Robertabout 15851664
von Hessen Magdalene1586-
Jenkins David15866 December 1667
Remy Pierre Rame Remy1586-
Battenberg Magdalena1586-
Bacaine Madelineabout 1586-
Harris John Sargent10 June 158614 October 1638

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