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von Hessen Johann1587-
Mountbatten Johann1587-
Powhatan Matachanna Cleopatra15871650
von Hessen Heinrich1587-
Godwin Thomas1587-
Sr. Daniel Hudson25 August 15871646
Wentworth Anne15881630
Harris Alice1588-
Hudson Anna Josselyne1588-
Gostwick Edward15881630
DeGuise Dutchess15881654
Josselyn Anna25 August 158830 September 1653
Todd Geoffreyabout 1589about 1637
Fisher Maria28 November 1589-
Jamison Alexanderabout 159020 June 1659
Mountbatten Heinrich1590-
Godwin John1590-
Hesse-Darmstadt Henry of1590-
Smith Mary15901682
Maddeson Isaac15901624
Tucker Robin Pattanochus15901676
Kemis Blanch1590-
Unknown 1590-
Noel Jeanne1590-
Meeks Annabout 1590-
Faulconer Williamabout 1590-
Huton Janet1590-
Adams Edward1590-
Fisher Anthony21 April 159018 April 1671
Lewis John15911657
Harris Dorothy1591-
Harris William1592-
Godwin Joan1592-
Schmeltz Johannes1592-
Gamer John1592-
West Nathaniel30 November 159224 FEB 1622/23
Brewster Jonathan1 August 15937 August 1659
Gamer Sarah1594-
Unknown Alice15941663
Harris Mary1594-
Doodes Williamabout 1594-
Tucker Mary1594-
Fiske Nathan159421 June 1676
Findlay James159423 May 1637
Boyd Rot.about 1594-
Fisher Amos26 April 1594-
Fiske William1595-
Englefield Mary Dorothy15951678
Page Jane Alice15951625
Fiske Sarah1595-
Seyborne Cecilius Calvert15951638
Quarles Richardabout 1595about 1640
Harris Dora1595-
Bishop Beatrice15951638
Smythes Elizabeth22 July 15951638
Kellogg Martin15 November 159520 September 1661
Holland Gabriel Francis15961665
Gamer Elizabeth1596-
Pinke Mary159623 August 1687
Parker George15961612
Harris Elizabeth1596-
Andrews Elizabeth1596-
Stuart Elizabeth19 August 159613 FEB 1661/62
Fiske Eunice1597-
Gurganey Andria15971626
Evans William159719 May 1651
Fisher John15 September 1597-

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