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Johnson Mary Gueratabout 16189 JAN 1677/78
Godwin Elizabeth1618-
Fisher Daniel4 June 1618-
Harris Alice1619-
Joanes Elizabethabout 16191669
Fiske John161928 October 1684
Lymburner Agnes1619-
Walden Mary1619-
Boyd John1619-
Todd Thomas (Capt.)12 September 161930 May 1675
Harris Peter1620-
Wolcott Anna1620about 1700
Holland Mary Elizabeth16201659
Ifernain\Heflin John16201690
Harris Nickolas1620-
West Elizabeth1620-
Griswold Matthew162027 September 1698
Godwin Anna1620-
Evans William1621-
Bird Prudence22 October 1621-
Jenkins John162217 December 1681
Harris William1622-
Godwin Joan1622-
West Nathaniel1622-
Adams Jane16221657
Shaw Marian1623-
Gregory John S.16231676
Blair Helen16231693
Linville Thomas16231697
Close Johnabout 1623-
Gaines Danielabout 1623about 1683
Fiske Esther1623-
Ashton John16231677
Elizabethabout 1623-
Fisher Anthony7 August 162313 FEB 1669/70
Jamison Alexanderabout 1624-
Paxton Michael1624-
Calthorp Elizabeth16241664
Johns Robert16251670
Stogsdill\Stodgill John16251705
Jarman Arthur16251662
Quarles James1625-
Gault John Edmund16251665
Maddison Johnabout 1625-
Tribble Williamabout 1625-
Wolcott Simon162511 September 1687
Shepherd Margeryabout 162520 November 1660
Bishop Mary Elizabeth16251676
Anderson Marianabout 1625-
Landgrave Wilhelm Christof13 November 16257 December 1681
Gregorie David20 December 16251720
Unknown Sarah162625 March 1696
Fisher Nathaniel22 October 1626-
Hubbard Matthewabout 1627about 1667
Brewster Mary16 April 1627-
Curtis Sarah5 August 162729 November 1676
Lewis Edward16281698
Findlay John1628-
Jamison Allen1628-
Fraser Jeane16281690
Fiske Sarah1628-
Harris Edward1628-
Jamison James16281662
Faukner John16281729
Holland John16281710
Tennison Johnabout 16281683
Cade Florence1628-
Faxon Johanna19 May 162816 October 1694
Wickersham Elizabeth6 July 162816 FEB 1657/58

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