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de Remy Raoul1629-
Carr Jane1629-
Brewster Jonathon17 July 1629-
Fisher Cornelius16 August 1629-
Bernard Margaret16301690
White Joanna163011 September 1697
Ellis Johnabout 1630October 1669
Harris Robert16301700
Hutcheoun Marion1630-
Mastro Victor16301670
Remy Pierre1630-
Remy Jacques Jacob16305 December 1721
Reynolds Elizabeth16301690
Unknown Katherine1630-
Remy Jacques Jacob1630-
Carew Ann16301688
Stuart John16301691
Presley Peter16301693
Thompson Elizabeth16301693
Hogg Janeabout 1630-
Beasley Robertabout 1630-
Andrews Davidabout 1630-
Oliver John8 April 16305 MAR 1713/14
Turner Abigail16311693
O'Carroll Bridget16311690
Sands Thomas1631-
Montague Peter16311702
Brewster Ruth3 October 163130 April 1677
Nowland Pierce16321724
Tennison Justinian1632before 1699
Harris Peter1632-
Wyeth Sarah23 October 163221 July 1701
Quarles Zasha1633-
De Macon Charlesabout 1633-
Unknown Elinor16331688
Trigg Samuel16331680
Macon Gideon Gedeonabout 1633-
De Macon Emanuelabout 1633-
Cochrane Isabel1633-
Griswold George19 May 16333 September 1704
Brewster Benjamin17 November 1633-
Cockrell John16341695
Pettit Sarah1634-
Carr Thomas1634-
Harris John Thomas1634-
Powhatan Cockacoeske Psamunkey16341686
Delahay Authur1634-
Batte Thomas16341696
'Sofie' Sophia Eleonore16347 October 1663
Sherwill Williamabout 1635-
Holcombe Mary16354 April 1708
Harris Robert1635-
Jennings Anneabout 1635-
Claibourne Jane1635-
Bledsoe George16351705
Boone George1636May 1696
Claibourne William1636-
Harris Thomasabout 16367 October 1688
Jennings Mary16361698
Claibourne Mary16369 FEB 1709/10
Carr Margaret1636-
Montague Elizabethabout 16361708
Clifton Benjamin Thomas16361683
Andrews Mary1636-
Hoskins Sarah16 August 16361692

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