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Mallory Roger163722 December 1694
Kirkham Williamabout 16371686
Andrews Samuel1637-
Brewster Elizabeth1 May 1637-
Unknown Mary21 May 163728 July 1726
Carr Susan1638-
Harris Edwardabout 1638-
Sprague Johnabout 163826 October 1683
Meador Thomas 'Orphan'1638April 1662
Meador John1638-
Harris Annabout 1638-
Andrews Margery1638-
Quarles John16391680
Smallwood James1639before 1714
Elliott Dorthyabout 16391684
Brewster Grace1 November 1639-
Hopton Alice16401734
Upright Margeryabout 1640-
Claibourne Elizabeth1640-
Durden Jacob1640-
Meador Marybefore 1640-
Remy Bernard1640-
Gault Sophia16401717
Porter Jennie1640-
Meador Susannabefore 1640-
Carr Elizabeth1640-
Harris Maryabout 1640-
Jenkins Henry16401698
Andrews Unknownabout 1640-
Andrews Thomasabout 16401693
Gore Saraabout 1641after 1699
Brewster Hannah3 November 1641-
Claibourne Leonard1642-
Holbrook Elizabethabout 1642-
Meador Margaret1642-
Andrews Thomasabout 1642-
Andrews James1642-
Morgan James164330 April 1718
Close Hannaabout 1643-
Eggleston Sarah28 March 1643-
Fisher Elias1644-
Griffith Williamabout 1644-
Meador Joyce1644-
Martin Ann16441688
Evans Hester164410 MAR 1692/93
Minor Doodes1644-
Durden Stephen164410 April 1710
Lymburner John14 November 1644-
Goodwin Robertabout 1645before 1687
Lutton Rachel1645-
Durden Richard1645-
Sands George1645-
Mottram Francis1645-
Claibourne John1645-
Jamison Williamabout 1645-
Busby Frances16451699
Meador Ann1646-
Unknown Sarah Mary16461726
Irvine David16461678
Andrews Annabout 1646-
Durden William1647-
Hargis Thomas Leebefore 16471716
Woodcock Sarah164729 November 1726
Dessaix Louiseabout 1647-
Clairborn Thomas16471683
Ashton Hannah16471704
Jamison Maria5 November 1647-

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