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Jamison Gary Wayne19613 November 1998
Jones Jeffrey Andrew26 January 1961-
Ray DeborahFebruary 1961-
Furlough Ronny LeeFebruary 1961-
LaCook Reba Jean19 March 1961-
Clark James Vaughn21 March 1961-
Kelly David Harrison1 April 196120 May 2002
Andrews Billy Wayne21 April 1961-
Davenport Mark Anthony24 April 1961-
Davidson Scott27 May 1961-
Summers A. Burks30 May 1961-
Clark Donna Marie13 June 1961-
Nabors Jeffery Dennis3 July 1961-
Smith Braxton Secoy3 August 1961-
Rhea David Michael1 September 1961-
Hunt Ricky Dean2 October 1961-
Bennett Judy Lell4 October 1961-
Pitts William Steven15 October 1961-
Cothron Brenda Lee2 November 1961-
Cochron Brenda Lee2 November 1961-
Pitts Freida Joy18 November 1961-
Arney Terry16 December 1961-
Hennebry John1962-
Hayes Steven1962-
Piper Randy1962-
Piper Sandy1962-
Meador Sabrina1962-
Halbrok Rickyabout 1962-
Bass Terry Joe5 January 1962-
Adams Melanie Lynn23 January 1962-
Boyd James Kirk30 January 19628 February 2015
Skiffington Korrin Marshelle21 February 19628 July 2009
Eischeid Mark11 March 1962-
McCartney Leah Grace24 May 1962-
Gregorie Timothy Harwood1 June 1962-
Jones Phillip Daniel11 June 1962-
Miller Karoline Ann26 July 1962-
Richardson Steven Keith6 August 1962-
Taylor Brian Gregory15 August 1962-
Underwood Shannon Jayne16 August 1962-
Pryor Suzetta Lynn2 October 1962-
Hurst Steven Charles8 October 1962-
McKinney Dean Lawrence24 October 1962-
Chesebro' Lawrence "Larry" Edmund25 October 1962-
Jamison Stephen Edward 'Smiley'2 November 196230 July 1996
Morgan Bobby J.15 November 196218 December 1962
Robine David Charles21 November 1962-
Jamison John H.5 December 196230 September 2014
Beesley Teresa Sue12 December 1962-
Ray Sharon1963-
Perdue Michael Edward1963-
Meador Hershel1963-
Hobbs Jay Lynn1963-
Coulter Elizabeth Anne1963-
Furlough Sharon Rene'9 March 1963-
Sheddan Kelly Lynn17 April 1963-
Harris Renee6 May 19631 July 2015
Turley Harry Ellis9 May 196321 September 1993
Richardson Bill Joe2 July 1963-
Andrews Lonnie26 July 1963-
Moorer Emmett Lewis 'Reb'27 July 1963-
Clark David Michael9 August 1963-
Andrews Frank Maxwell16 August 1963-
Richey Donald Glenn20 August 1963-
Coles Carol31 August 1963-
Patterson Raeland Mike8 September 196325 December 1996
Misener Cecelia "Cece" Diane10 September 1963-
Young Faith Renee7 October 1963-
Mackie Debra Anne17 October 19634 July 1996
Driver Rondall Allen7 November 196329 December 2012

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