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Hayes Heath1967-
Todd Michael25 January 1967-
Michelle Teree (Missie)25 January 1967-
Dickerson Angela Denis4 February 1967-
Wayne Daniel Harding20 March 1967-
Stancavage Jeffery31 May 1967-
Downing William Binnion 'Binn'11 June 196717 June 2002
Word Mark Alan5 July 196726 March 2009
Dickerson Donald Lawman8 August 19671984
Born BeverlyOctober 1967-
Barton Ross Alllen18 October 1967-
Shaw Timothy Brain28 October 1967-
Chesebro' Stephanie Dawn7 December 1967-
Garvin Dwight David11 December 1967-
Reagan Marlene Gay18 December 1967-
Robine Michael Lee26 December 1967-
Hayes Dove1968-
Boyd Richard Alan1968-
Akers Priscilla Louise1968-
Gregory Gilliam W.9 January 19681 May 1968
Lavin Sylvia24 January 1968-
George Julie Noel George28 February 1968-
Weber Eric21 March 1968-
Andrews Amy Jo31 May 1968-
Jamison Regina Gail23 June 196829 July 2000
Cothran Shawn Dewyane26 June 1968-
Andrews Oline9 August 1968-
Jamison Paul Michael17 August 196817 April 2011
Sheddan Leslie Ann2 September 1968-
O'Neal Dennis8 September 1968-
Jamison Amanda Lynne11 September 1968-
Stratis Ronda Louise20 September 1968-
Rhea Teri Leigh15 October 1968-
Hames Adam MarshallDecember 1968-
Compton Melissa Ann1969-
Harris Lynn Corine1969-
McMaster Mary Jo1969-
Green Jeffery Dugan1969-
Asbury Jeannieabout 1969-
Collum Grady Richard2 March 1969-
Beaumont Christopher Eric3 March 1969-
Bell Leslie Todd26 June 1969-
Welte Mark4 July 1969-
Nasworthy Jack Martin12 July 1969-
McKnight Mark Devin16 July 1969-
Richardson Prentice Eugene1 September 1969-
Chesebro' Scott Bradley28 September 1969-
Jamison Daphne Dawn3 October 1969-
Brumfield Beverly Kay5 October 1969-
Collier Kelly Lynn5 November 1969-
Parker Timothy Shane31 December 1969-
Zoerb Marcella Ann1970-
Hayes Angel1970-
Tomlin Sandra Dennise1970-
Boyd Russell Lane1970-
Thompson Lollia Kay1 January 1970-
Dickerson Lynn Michelle3 January 1970-
Pittard Monica Eve13 January 1970-
Hailey Sheri Lynn15 February 1970-
Hames DonnaMarch 1970-
Andrews Jennifer Lee 'Jenny'1 March 1970-
Gregory Terry Lynn26 March 1970-
Pryor Michael Dale24 April 1970-
Shepherd Elmore James29 April 1970-
Shelton Michelle Leigh30 April 1970-
Shelton Gayle Lynn30 April 1970-
Smith Scott Allan12 May 1970-
Prather Dawn Michele20 June 1970-
Davenport Mary Carlene7 July 1970-
Cothron Harold Dean9 July 19709 November 2001
Brown Cecilly13 July 1970-
Boykin Robert Lee13 July 1970-
Morgan Tony Braint7 August 19709 August 1970
Webb Mark Coates8 August 1970-
England Michele Lee8 September 197022 May 1972
Bakken Kimberly10 October 1970-
Jernigan Susin Machelle30 October 1970-
LaCook Lewis Scott5 November 1970-
Kisseloff Jeffery Alan25 November 1970-
Smith Todd Arron2 December 1970-

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