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Kurall Silvia Regina1971-
Burks Jeffery Rose15 January 1971-
Welte Lisa27 February 1971-
Jones Sherri22 March 1971-
Highfield Jennifer3 May 1971-
Richardson Terry Wayne19 May 1971-
Shepherd Jeremy Barret2 July 1971-
Underwood Julie Elizabeth19 July 1971-
Boyd Ellie1 August 1971-
Pecoraro Joseph18 August 1971-
Welch Edward Scottabout 19 August 1971-
Nye Jeaneen Louise19 August 1971-
Jamison Brian Wayne23 August 1971-
Qualls Thomas Wayne29 August 1971-
Garvin Jennifer Fay2 September 1971-
Gregory Jessie Carl5 September 197111 October 2000
Collier Jason Philip7 December 1971-
Compton Brian Ronald1972-
Hayes Jarrod1972-
Sloan Eric Ray19721975
Boyd Sarah Helen1972-
Arney Jerry David23 January 1972-
Parker Emily Ann27 February 1972-
McFarland Keely Susan7 March 1972-
King Amber Dawn11 March 1972-
Prince Ramsey Thomas5 April 1972-
Jr. Tommy Gene Sims8 April 1972-
Taylor E. Shane13 May 1972-
LaCook Richard Allen12 June 1972-
Shelton John Barry14 July 1972-
Free Jason Eric10 August 1972-
Wotruba Joel A.19 August 1972-
Shelton Glenn Edward26 September 1972-
Webb Cindy Coates11 November 1972-
Lynn Fred11 December 1972-
Sain Angela Hope18 February 1973-
Lynn Heather28 February 1973-
Sims Micheal James20 April 1973-
Dickerson Chad Edward27 April 1973-
Welch Amanda Susanabout 10 May 1973-
Jamison Mitchell Shane11 May 1973-
Earles Jason17 May 1973-
Gregory Deborah Susan1 July 19739 April 2008
Watson Tara Kathleen8 August 1973-
Prather Austin Gregory30 August 1973-
Garvin Greta Anne24 September 1973-
Johnson Richard Mark22 October 1973-
Taylor Gabriel Joseph15 December 1973-
Andrews Aaron Michael17 December 1973-
Speck Rachel Michelle18 December 1973-
Williams Sara27 December 1973-
Russell Lonnie Dean1974-
Zoerb Daniel William1974-
Boyd Susan Elizabeth1974-
Whitelaw Benja Park16 January 1974-
McFarland Edward Andrew18 January 1974-
Rhea Lori Ricarda10 April 1974-
Sims Billy Joe11 May 1974-
Anderson Carrie Anne23 May 1974-
Johnson Chad Edward24 August 1974-
Dickerson Bryan30 August 1974-
Meadows Jo Ann7 October 1974-
Brown Mathew Clark9 October 1974-
Brown Ashley9 October 1974-
Shelton Angela Marie23 October 1974-

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