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Russell Jason Boyd1980-
Glerum Joanathan1980-
Foster Kimberly Ann Foster1980-
Hubbard Alison12 January 1980-
Shelton Steven Wesley19 January 1980-
Gregory Jimmy Layne7 February 198011 May 2011
Fulks Ashley Brian9 March 198024 September 2004
Begor David Steven4 April 1980-
Jamison Jo Ann4 May 1980-
Jones Brooke Leigh23 May 1980-
Pitts Emily Christine26 July 1980-
Shockley Matthew Aldon4 August 1980-
Shockley Gregory Odis4 August 1980-
Derby Cassie Ellen9 August 1980-
Claffey Charles Dennis20 November 1980-
Shepherd Joaquin16 December 1980-
Dement Justin Brence21 December 1980-
Johnson Adam David23 December 1980-
Williams April1 January 1981-
Taylor Derek Justin13 January 1981-
Jamison James Franklin Isaac13 May 1981-
Rhea Melissa Reigh30 May 1981-
Phelps Brandy Michell5 June 1981-
Fisher RalphAugust 1981-
Begor Scott Andrew14 September 1981-
Hunt Danny Lee19 September 1981-
Roddy Miriam Elizabeth5 October 1981-
Foster Trisha Marge1982-
Campbell Lindy1982-
Butler Christen1982-
Hall Serena Monica18 February 1982-
Prince Rachel Emily5 April 1982-
Taylor Sarah Beth17 April 1982-
Shoulders Flo B.19 April 1982about 1900
Taylor Kayla Diane22 April 1982-
Hubbard Angela24 May 1982-
Andrews Christopher Neal29 July 1982-
Dickerson Matthew31 July 1982-
Powers Joseph Benjamin22 August 1982-
Pitts Jennifer Michelle30 September 1982-
Hunt Alicia Marie30 September 1982-
Shelton Major Jason12 November 1982-
Butler Adam1983-
Hunt Jennifer LynnMarch 1983-
Rhea Michael Thomas18 June 1983-
Jessen Andrea Jean14 December 1983-
Taylor Andrea Fawn15 December 1983-
Glerum Simon1984-
Campbell Nick1984-
Havron Alyssa Renee'3 February 1984-
Jones Asley Paige14 February 1984-
Taylor Kandi Diane24 March 1984-
Hunt Jeffrey18 May 1984-
Campbell ChristopherJuly 1984-
McKnight Mary Chrisinie3 July 1984-
Williams Kristen17 July 1984-
Sneed James Russell30 July 1984-
Boyd Nathanael5 August 1984-
Taylor Natashia Nicole10 August 1984-
Ingle John Michael9 September 1984-
Pitts Jessica Marie25 October 1984-
Rice Stephanie Lee27 October 1984-
Taylor Clint Michael27 November 1984-
Foster Keith Justin1985-
Coene Peter Joel13 January 1985-
Sullivan Michael Jay17 January 1985-
McLaughlin Brandi Nicole24 January 1985-
Dickerson Micheal Donald20 June 1985-
Haddock Joel Ryan14 July 1985-
Winkler Tiffanie Leigh1 December 1985-

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