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Phillips Britney Star1986-
Coulter Heather Ryan1986-
Campbell Nathan1986-
Taylor Ivan David22 May 1986-
Cothron Randy Renee13 June 1986-
Lee Abby17 July 1986-
Pryor Christina Ellen8 September 1986-
Barnes Maghan Louise20 September 1986-
Reed Alicia Marie5 December 1986-
Phillips Joshia Lee1987-
Gregory John Wesley198724 July 2011
Andrews Alexander Roy17 January 1987-
Jamison TylerFebruary 198717 February 1987
Havron Kristin Rose7 April 1987-
Havron Kathryn Faye7 April 1987-
Kelley KlayMay 1987-
Hall Brock Dewayne1 May 1987-
Jones James Warren13 May 1987-
Reed Leslie Nicole5 June 1987-
Darnell Elizabeth Jamison27 August 1987-
McKnight Jeffrey Holmes11 September 1987-
Andrews Tabitha Jean18 May 1988-
Reed Luke William21 May 1988-
Andrews Arriane Kay14 June 1988-
Haddock Hayden Jade7 July 1988-
Heath Patrick Lee4 August 1988-
Andrews Frank Maxwell18 August 1988-
Butler Keith1989-
Rice Austin Clark8 May 1989-
Chesebro' Zachary "Zach" Alexander6 November 1989-
Barnes Payton Bradford8 November 1989-
Burks Brittany Leigh29 November 1989-
Kemp Kaitlin1990-
Coulter Seannie Michelle1990-
Casper Alexander Troy1990-
McDonagh Charles Patrick Alexander1 January 1990-
Jessen Cory Steven7 February 1990-
Andrews William Nelson3 April 1990-
Fulks Rachael NicoleSeptember 1990-
Andrews Candice Jane18 September 1990-
Andrews Rhonda Kay29 September 1990-
Eischeid Lauren Michelle10 November 199028 March 2002
Norton Victoria22 May 1991-
Bass Ryan Hunter7 June 1991-
Bush Daren Ray22 September 1991-
Andrews John Coles3 December 1991-
Shelton Mary Alaina11 February 1992-
Andrews Tabetha15 August 1992-
Andrews Bethony Rose24 August 1992-
Johnson Kara Nicole27 September 1992-
Chesebro' Erin Nicole30 October 1992-
Jamison Kaitlyn Paige25 November 1992-
Harris Christropher1993-
Pryor Glen Jamison4 January 1993-
Taylor Ashley Brooke20 January 1993-
Dato Heather Ashley11 June 1993-
Andrews Bryce Olin23 August 1993-
Raymer Kristy Lynn13 October 1993-
Aylwin Oliver Robert13 October 1993-
Royality Emily Grace1994-
Nehrmeyer Madison Jane1994-
Nearmyer Madison Jane1994-
Kindma Elizabeth Christine13 January 1994-
Sage Samuel Wyn11 March 1994-
Beaumont Joshua8 May 1994-
Fulks Logan TaylorOctober 1994-
Andrews Catherine LaNieve17 October 1994-
Qualls Jessica Marie9 November 1994-

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