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Smith Land Grave Thomas16481697
West Frances16481680
West Cicely1648-
Noland Thomasabout 1648-
Crocketagni Antoine Dessaure Perronette10 July 1648-
Jamison John3 September 1648-
King Matilda16491678
Shelton John16491706
Durden John1649-
Chilton Jane West16491709
Eno Sarah15 June 1649-
Jamison James H.1650about 1740
Jamison James J.about 16501720
Gaines Bernard165017 August 1747
Lewis Zacahry16501719
Pettibone John16501713
Jameson John James1650-
Trigg Daniel165025 FEB 1716/17
Parker Johnabout 16501731
Tribble Peterabout 165023 July 1730
Jameson Jamesabout 1650-
Shelby Philip16501731
Johns Susanna Theodocia165028 March 1687
Noland Darbyabout 1650-
West Susannah16501723
Paxton Aliceabout 1650-
Jennings Margaret1650-
Meador Dinahabout 1650about 1734
Chappell Thomas165022 June 1704
Andrews Robertabout 165016 October 1728
Lee Mary Susanabout 1651-
West Jane1651-
King Ann16511700
Jamison James22 December 1651-
Word John16521710
Noland Henryabout 1652-
Griswold Elizabethabout 1652-
Tennison John16521700
Fiske Sarah1652-
Griswold Matthew16531715
Linville Richard16531682
Hubbard Johnabout 1653-
Fiske John1653-
Tennisson Matthew1653-
Tester William1653-
West Rebecca1653-
Hubbard John1653before 1749
Price Sarah165324 MAR 1689/90
Lane Mary16531681
Ellis Johnabout 1653-
Findlay WilliamJune 1653-
Wilhelmine Christine30 June 165316 May 1722
Hart Mary24 August 16532 July 1731
Blackledge Richard16541731
West Robert1654-
Garlington Sarah16541706
Woodward Marthaabout 1654-
Archer George William165415 October 1729
Hudson Abigail25 March 165410 MAR 1711/12
Jarman John5 October 165414 FEB 1696/97
Stewart Jean1655-
Stewart Thomasabout 1655-
Heflin Charles Padget16551720
Jameson James H.16551719
Faulkner Thomas16551709
Tennison Maryabout 1655-
Jones Elizabeth Ann16551736
Padgett Joan 'Sally'16551740
Cornhill Dennis16551714
Branthwaite Edmund1655-
Fiske John20 November 1655-
Fosdick Capt. Samuel15 December 165527 August 1700

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