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Williams Elizabeth167211 October 1748
Boucher Mary1672-
Dixon Alice16721712
Fiske Nathan1672-
Harris Dorothy1672-
Beafort Maryabout 16721733
Wolcott Christopher4 July 16723 April 1693
Pettibone Samuel2 September 1672-
Boone John Uppey1673-
Darden Johnathan1673-
Harris Robert1673-
Smith Sarah1673-
Bledsoe Abraham16731753
Gregorie Margaret25 March 1673-
White Robert29 March 1673-
Mallory Thomas1674-
Ragsdale Rachell16741758
Wolcott Mary16741676
Avery Mary16741749
Gregorie John23 June 1674-
Remy Jacob16751726
Remy Jacob1675-
Fiske Abigail1675-
Doyle Maryabout 1675-
Harris George1675-
Keen Jane Janet1675about 1745
Tennison Johnabout 1675-
Keen Jane Janet16751745
Conway Anne1675-
Jamison Henry1675after 1734
Sanford Anne16751763
Boone Percis1675-
Gregorie Infant Daughter7 October 1675-
Gregorie Jean1676-
Lewis Joanna16761730
Tennison Abrahambefore 1676-
Mallory Charles1676-
Harris Martin1676-
Doughty Edwardabout 1676-
Gillentine Nicholas1676-
Shelton William16761734
Bassett Francesabout 1676about 1721
Henderson William20 April 1676-
Jamison Esther19 July 1676-
Wolcott William6 November 167626 JAN 1748/49
Harris William1677-
Harris Nathan1677-
Linville John24 May 16771733
Knapp CalebJune 1677before January 50
Fisher Stephen Melton16781766
Gregorie Alexander1678-
Irvine Jane1678-
Skelding Thomasabout 1678-
Tennison Justinianabout 1678-
Erwin Matthew16781759
Faulkner John1678about 1727
Deloatch William16781747
Jamison Hannahabout 1678-
Winchell Marthaabout 16788 September 1722
Curle Mary16781738
Richards Edward10 April 167822 September 1755
Boyd William12 May 16788 JAN 1717/18
Shepard Judith24 November 1678-
Gregorie John1679-
Finlay Mary Thomas167919 JAN 1718/19
Sampson Francoiseabout 1679after 1738
Jenkins Henry16791719
Rundle Sarahabout 1679-
Armistead Hannah16791748
Giles Mary25 March 1679-

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