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Ellis Thomas1694-
Harris Mary1694-
Cornwell Barbary1694-
Kirkham Robert169414 December 1748
Morgan John16941746
Malone Drury16941747
Bott Jane Elizabeth16941756
Harris Richard1694-
Jones Martha16941774
Boone Mary1694-
Von Mecklenburg-Schwerin Gustave Karoline12 July 169413 April 1748
Ashley Mary12 November 16948 April 1728
Clifton Samuel25 November 169421 September 1700
Ellis Benjamin1695-
Masters Grace1695-
Newsham Grace16951750
Fiske Baby1695-
Linton Elizabeth16951751
Harris Daniel Webster1695-
Quarles Roger169517 October 1790
Wolcott Samuel1695-
Veatch Mary Elizabeth1695before 1770
Riske Bettie Elizabethabout 1695-
Gregory Richard16951742
Garnett Avisabout 1695-
Woodson Maryabout 1695-
Alibis Anna Sybillaabout 1695-
Macon John17 December 1695about 1762
Harris Thomas1696-
Tunstall Jane16961751
Harris Thomas1696-
Gaines Daniel169615 August 1782
Jamison John14 August 1696-
Fosdick Deacon Thomas29 August 169617 July 1774
Boone Squire Maugridge25 November 16962 January 1765
Smith Barbara16971735
Cox\Cock David169710 April 1765
Sloan Archibaldbefore 1697before March 1764
Cornwell Charles16971781
Fiske David1697-
Jameson William1697March 1753
Blankenship John1697-
Sherrill Adam1697May 1773
Collins Sarahabout 1697about 1770
Hunt Anneabout 16978 FEB 1723/24
Quarles Williams1697-
Andrews Richard16971752
Cleaver Peter28 October 16978 April 1772
Mills Clemenceabout 1698-
Macon 1698-
Walker Alice169812 JAN 1749/50
Jamison Robert1698-
Jamison Robert169813 July 1771
Harris Frank1698-
Knapp Caleb11 November 1698before 12 July 1763
Risley Margaretabout 1699-
Young John1699-
Fisher Eleazer1699-
Fiske Hannah1699-
Ellis Jane1699-
Fosdick Mary7 July 16991757
Clifton Barbara13 August 1699-
Cockrell Thomas22 October 16999 January 1778
Miller Williamabout 17001787
Doyle Maryabout 1700-
Jamison Annabout 1700-
Brandon Jamesabout 1700-
Pierce Jamesabout 1700-
Oliverson Christopher17001773
Yardley Samuel1700-
Yates William17001775
Tennison Johnabout 1700before 1760
Tennison Absolomabout 1700before 1768
Remy Elizabeth Ann1700-
Lane Mary Mollyabout 1700-
Cowden Jamesabout 1700-
Unknown Agnesabout 1700about 3 February 31
Davis? Susannaabout 1700-
Remey Elizabeth Anne1700about 1771
Jenkins Charles Hansford17001773
Jamison Johnabout 17001777
Stewart Maryabout 1700-
Garrett Elizabethabout 1700-
Ewing Esther1700-
Grier Johnabout 1700-
Andrews John1700-
Meador Jonas17005 May 1768
King Susanna17001769
Andrews Johnabout 17001773
Morgan Sarah Jarman23 September 17001 January 1777

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