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Eocha 592652
MacLaignach Eochaid Bicne Caech610716
Ronan 640700
Fearcorbda Princes of Albaabout 640733
Colman King of Ossory Mor679751
Mor Fedelm ingenabout 700-
mac Colman Maelaithgen of Ossory720771
Feargna Princess of Leinsterabout 720about 782
Gerard Alseabout 733-
Maonach 736791
Ossory Sabd770804
Egbert King of the West Saxons775839
Fergus 783838
Dane Oslac786847
Franks Judith of Flanders West790850
Saxons Aethelwulf King of the West79513 JAN 857/58
MacAlphin Kenneth810858
mac Cineda Constantin830877
Unknown Eadburh831900
Quintus Congal832887
Ealhswith Queen Consort of Wessexabout 850-
O'Chennselaig Cellach Ceallach MacCinaedaabout 860about 945
Elder Edward theabout 87417 July 924
Unknown Aelfgifu 'Elgiva'879961
Dungus 880935
Cheinnselaig Domnall of Uiabout 885-
MacCellaig Unknownabout 890-
Cooke Norman902968
Kent Eadgifu of903966
Smith Catherineabout 905-
Scotland Donald II of920-
Magnificent' Edmund 'Theabout 922946
Ruadri Roderickabout 925about 989
'Dunan' Dunon928983
Mallory DeMalloreabout 930about 990
Unknown 940-
Malcolm I943954
Edgar King of England943975
Kenneth II954995
Malcolm II9601034
Mallory DeMallore965-
Ethelred II9661016
Black Catherine974-
Cooke Robert975989
Cooke Robert975-
Dunkeld Crinan of9761045
'Faelan' Faelon9761026
Gunnarsson Thored979992
Moray Finlaech Mormaer9821021
Unknown Bethoc9841045
York Alfgifu of9851002
Unknown Eldgyth9861016
Unknown Donaldaabout 986-
Edmund II98830 November 1016
Marrin Josephine995-
Cooke William9981041
de Mallore Durand1000-
Duncan I100114 August 1040
mac Findlaich Mac Bethad100515 August 1057
Unknown Suthen10091070
Northumbria Aelfaed Sybil10141040
Montagu 1014-
Edward Prince of England10161057
Boite Gruoch ingen10191058
'Nualan' Nuallain10241074

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