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Word Sarah1711-
Skelding Sarah1711-
Gooch William17111763
Daniel Obadiah?about 171115 June 1778
Perdieu Johnabout 1711about 1790
Walters Dorthy17111770
Boyd Jean1711-
Stevens Obadiahabout 1711-
Jamison John1711-
Clifton Benjamin1711-
Bohne Johann Dielabout 1711about 1745
Pettibone Isaac19 June 1711-
Hay Sarah6 November 17111772
Clifton Benjamin6 November 1711about October 1772
Crockett James Edward10 November 1711-
Fisher Ezekiel1712-
Collins James1712about 1779
Oldham Richard William17121785
Rucker Ephraimabout 171224 September 1796
Jameson Adam1712-
Wolcott (Lt.) Gideon17125 June 1761
Word Thomas1712-
Masters Robert Richard1712October 1770
Harris Nathan1712-
Brevard Adamabout 1712-
Tennison Susannaabout 1712-
Brandon John1712-
Jamison Jane Joanabout 1712-
Deloatch Solomon1712-
Boyd James1712-
Gregorie Davidabout 19 September 17121765
Viets "Capt." John3 November 17128 April 1777
Wolcott Sarah10 December 171210 December 1712
McCullogh Jean Jane171324 December 1803
Morgan Hannah Jarman17131773
Smith Leminderabout 17131786
Smith Mildred Washington17131791
Horsley Rowland1713-
Brandon William1713-
Baugh John1713-
Sprague Daniel28 March 17131788
Wood Mary VirginiaApril 1713-
Jamison Mary2 August 1713-
Crockett Jason Spotswood13 December 1713-
Harris Edward Stephen1714-
Jameson Sarah1714-
Noland Stephen17141780
Fisher Timothy1714-
Word John17141790
Jamison Robert17141786
Harris Anne1714-
Faulkner William Joseph17141807
Jamison Robert25 December 17141 May 1786
Bayse Elizabeth17151796
Jamison David1715-
Macon Gibson Huntabout 1715about 1761
Kirkham Rachel1715-
Parker Amos17151800
Sloan Johnbefore 1715-
Peery Thomas17151762
Brevard Johnabout 1715-
Chappell Mary1715-
Brandon John17151774
Boyd John1715-
Chorley Isabel17151783
Sarahabout 1715-
Crockett Elizabeth Lee30 June 1715-
Jamison Alexander3 August 1715-
Harris William Weston 'West'13 August 171514 May 1795
Griswold Samuel12 December 1715-

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