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Gregorie George1731-
Von Wettin Charlotte Sophie17311810
Tennison Christianabout 1731-
Fisher Gideon1731-
Gordon Barbaraabout 1731-
Jamison Thomasabout 1731-
Tribble Peterabout 17311 October 1792
Gregory Richard West17311817
Montague Latane17311813
Unknown Maryabout 1731-
Dickson Estherabout 1731-
Sloan Elizabethbefore 1731-
Jamison William1731-
Jamison Mary17317 October 1791
Rucker Peter1731-
Spencer Joseph17316 January 1837
Carty Honoraabout 1731-
Andrews Luciene 'Lucy'9 September 1731after 12 March 1810
Griswold Elisha25 October 173113 March 1803
Brandon Johnabout 1732-
Burton Sarah1732-
Smith Mildred173211 December 1778
Jamison David173222 July 1793
Burton Marthaabout 1732-
Hollis John173227 August 1832
McCullouch Eleanor17321819
Shelby David17321799
Fisher Stephen1732-
Boone Elizabeth 'Betsy'1732-
Morris Margaret1 October 1732-
Jamison Thomas7 November 17326 April 1830
Calthorpe Mary1733-
Fisher Elizabeth1733-
Hudson Cuthbert173320 April 1801
Tennison Sarahabout 1733-
Benton Susannah Elizabeth 'Susan'17331767
Knapp Charity5 December 1733-
Krigbaum Johannes Conrad7 December 173331 March 1821
Fisher Nathaniel1734-
Unknown Elizabeth Ann1734-
Peeler Anthonyabout 1734-
Sloan Williamabout 1734-
Crockett Walter Leake1734about 1768
Burton Rachell1734-
Meacham Barnabus3 April 1734-
Kellogg Sarah25 July 1734-
Boone Daniel2 November 173426 September 1820
Fisher Louis1735-
Tennison Sabraabout 1735-
Richie Maryabout 1735before 1768
Clifton John1735-
Rizor Jacobabout 1735-
Hackley Lucy1735-
Linville Thomas II1735-
Claiborne John17351783
Rucker Ambroseabout 1735-
Claibourne John1735-
Linville Richard1735-
Morgan Nancy Ann1735-
Harris Mary173520 June 1807
Wootten Thomas17351791
Claiborne Susannah1735-
Perdue William1735-
Calthorpe Sarah1735-
Fisher Daniel1735-
Clifton Thomas1735-
Tennison Thomasabout 1735-
Ellis James1735-
Boone Jacob1735-
Shelby Mary15 August 1735-
Crews DavidSeptember 17353 March 1821
Jamison Thomas7 November 17356 September 1823

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