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Britton Elizabeth Dupree17411806
She-Nin-Jee Chiefabout 17411763
Gibbs James1741-
Jemison Betsey1741April 1758
Jamison Thomasabout 1741-
Harris Isham Green1741-
Malone Martha 'Pattie'1741-
Daniel Maryabout 1741-
Mosley Sarahabout 1741-
Fisher Tryphena1741-
Jenkins Charity17411790
McCollock Rachel17411823
Sampson Judithbefore 1741-
Jameson Jamesabout 1741about 1810
Ellis Benjamin Bigeman17411801
Gregory Penelopeabout 1741-
Brandon Thomas17415 February 1802
Clifton Sarah20 April 17411797
Dillehay Arthur13 July 17411773
Pettibone Judith7 September 1741-
Jefferson Martha Mary1 October 1741December 1803
Kirkham Robert17421818
Fisher Mary1742-
Dickey Jane17421763
Trigg William174223 October 1817
Brandon Abraham1742-
Stephenson Martha Elizabethabout 1742after 1793
Fischer Elizabeth1742-
Gregory Francis1742-
Neely Johnabout 17421818
Goodwin George Mosesabout 1742-
Hargis Richard Nalley17421800
Brandon Abrahamabout 17421807
Barnes Ephraimabout 1742about 1801
Owens MargaretApril 1742-
Henderson Susanna23 April 1742-
Gooch Sarah27 May 174224 October 1842
Sloan Isabell10 July 1742-
Viets Eunice24 November 17421823
Devilibiss Anna Marie4 December 1742-
Jamison Mary16 December 1742-
Jameson Mary26 December 1742-
Jameson Mary26 December 1742-
Clifton Samuel1743-
Brandon Mary Ann1743-
Lucretia?? 1743-
Jamison John174328 January 1811
Jamison Sarahabout 1743-
Yates Robert17431809
Smith Sylvanus174330 December 1812
Thweatt William1743-
Jameson Sarahabout 1743about 1843
Dillehay Betty1743-
Jameson Thomas17431827
Jemison Georgeabout 1743-
Harris Elizabeth1743-
Jemison Mary174319 September 1833
Calthorpe Anthony1743-
Brandon John1743-
Jefferson Thomas2 April 17434 July 1826
Jamison Thomas Anderson3 May 174314 August 1827
Jamison Martha Gaines13 June 174329 May 1818
Gordy Sarah11 August 1743-
Jemison Mary 'Molly'6 October 174319 September 1833
Pettibone Samuel12 November 1743-

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