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Cooke William Daniel10251070
McFinlay MacBethabout 1030about 1093
James Katherine1031-
Unknown 1035-
Monte-Acuto Drogo De10401125
Senecal Guenta10401084
Malloret Goisfrid1040-
de Malore Richard10411092
Dol Alan Senescal1044-
Unknown Margaret10451093
Malcolm III10501093
Griffith Guenta V10501084
Unknown Joan1051-
McBrad Bethocaabout 1060about 1145
Doll Alan Fledaldus10601097
Cooke William Daniel10611106
Monte-Acuto William De1066-
Miles Susannah10661115
Mallory Bertram10671127
Moroch 10691119
Canmore David I Atheling108024 May 1153
de Hesdin Avelina10811126
Flaad Alan fitz1081after 1121
Cooke John10841123
Querueles 1085-
Mattha Winnie10871130
McFinlay Ruariabout 1090about 1152
Mallore\Mallory Richard10931189
Alan William fitz1105-
Alan Walter fitz1106June 1177
Londoniis Eschyna de Molle11071186
Unknown Elizabeth11091131
Dungus 11141164
Canmore Henry111412 June 1152
de Warenne Ada11171178
Mallory Geoffrey11171189
Unknown Elizabeth1121-
Cooke Abraham11291167
De Galloway Margaret Roger11321180
Walter Alan fitz11401204
Unknown Joan1142-
Scotland William I11424 December 1214
Mallory Anketil11421187
McHardy DonaldaHeirest Inverculda Aberdeenshireabout 1145about 1188
MacFinlay Fergusabout 1145about 1210
Scotland Isabelabout 1149-
Mallory Geoffrey1150-
Cooke William11551193
Cuinee 11571207
Auscomb Jane11601201
Monte-Acuto Richard De1161-
Mallory Henry11681199
Unknown Iseult11691199
De Ros Robertabout 1169after 1226
Le Waleys William1170-
Unknown Emma1172-
De Champflour Thomasabout 1175about 1220
Unknown Nicholaabout 1179-
Cooke Albert11791210
Stewart Walter11801241
Hook Annie11821215
de Angus Beatrix11841204
Mallory William11861218
de Ross William11921264
Stewart Alexander11971283

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