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Findlay William15381570
White Alice153917 July 1620
Gordon Margaret15391603
Bucklar Breda153912 July 1613
Gostwick John15401582
Driver Thomasabout 154017 April 1576
Douglas William154125 September 1572
Bishop William15411621
Unknown Joanabout 1545-
Martyn Margaret15481612
De Macon Louisabout 1548-
Fiske Mary Ann15481640
Dunning William154815 August 1638
Andrews Thomasabout 1549-
Parker Johnabout 1550-
Bletsoe Williamabout 1550-
Parrish Mary1552-
Futter Thomasabout 15561619
Bernard Frances155621 November 1630
Todd William Gulielmusabout 1558October 1616
Gaines John15591608
De Barron Margaretabout 1559-
Woodhouse Maryabout 1560-
Unknown Thomasineabout 1560-
O'Nowlan John15601600
Driver Gilesbefore 1560-
Kellogg Phillippe15 September 156024 October 1583
Fraser James Alexander15611620
Douglas Margaret15621624
Jordan Samuelabout 1564-
Edmundstone Isabellaabout 1565-
Gostwick William15661615
Chrystie Thomas1566-
Brewster William15661644
Wentworth Mary156917 April 1627
Owen Jane15691666
Dunning Alice Granville157015 August 1635
Bishop William13 May 157028 August 1638
Andrews Mary23 October 1570-
Andrews Sarah30 December 1571-
Montague Peter157316 MAR 1637/38
Nowlin Daniel15741688
Stuart Davidabout 1575-
Driver Giles1575-
Andrews Roger12 December 1575-
Futter Mary15771617
O'Brien Anastase15781626
Brunden Symmoabout 1579-
Wolcott, Sr. Henry6 December 157930 May 1655
Fraser Alexander15801669
Bletsoe Richard1580-
De Macon Jeanabout 1580-
Bayley Dorothy15801646
Johns John15811630
Mac Kenzie Katherine Og15827 MAR 1676/77
Clarke Margaret1582-
Saunders Elizabeth15845 July 1655
Gaines Thomas15841686
Robyns Agnes22 July 1584-
Padgett Richard Sinclair1585-
Kellogg Dennisabout 1585-
Bacaine Madelineabout 1586-
Wentworth Anne15881630
Gostwick Edward15881630

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