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Cooke Alexander12001230
'Ely' Eile12021252
Cornellous Lettice12031245
Brecknock Lucia 'Lucy' fitz Piers of120729 September 1266
Montacute William1210-
MacFinlay Unknownabout 1210about 1305
Mallory Richard12181248
Macrory Jean12181250
Ros Robert122317 May 1285
Cooke Garry Larnie12301275
DeAubigny Isabel123315 June 1301
Peck John12351230
MacDonachadh about 1240about 1252
Stewart James124316 July 1309
Kilpie Stacie12441290
Stewart John1245-
Stewart Andrewabout 1245-
Mallory William1247-
Dunlong 12471301
Stewart Elizabethabout 1248-
Stewart Hawiseabout 1248-
de Qarueles Nicolas1248-
Finley Archibald12491338
Montacute Simon12501316
de Ros William27 June 125515 August 1316
Carrick Margaret Of12561292
le Barbour Robertabout 1260-
Unknown 1261-
Devaux Maud Matilda1262before 1316
de Quarles John12661332
McDonnachadh Margaret Robertson12701317
Montacute William12711320
de Conyers Egbertus1274-
Bruce Robert the11 July 12747 June 1329
Bruce Robert the11 July 12747 June 1329
Leventhrope John1275-
Cooke Jonathan12751310
Mallory Roger12771319
Mar Isabella of127712 December 1296
Le Waleys Ingelram1277-
Unknown Hawise1279-
de Norton Richard1280-
Mallory Thomas12801320
Hunsberger Jessica1280-
Ifor Llewelyn ap12821333
Fleming Carrie Deol12831368
Mallory Richard1284-
Findlay William12901356
la Zouche Maude129131 May 1349
Fionn Eocha12921346
Mallory Eglantine1294-
Stewart Walterabout 12969 April 1327
Bruce MarjoryDecember 12962 MAR 1315/16
Bruce Marjorie12972 MAR 1315/16
de Ville Margaret Ros129817 October 1357
Cooke Harold OxwellApril 13001350
Mallory Ralph1301-
Leventhrope Adam1301-
Montacute William130130 JAN 1343/44
Le Waleys John1301-
de Walton Isabel1302-
de Quarles Ralph1302-
Dempster Isabel13021349
Wolfenbüttel Magnus Brunswickabout 1304July 1369
de Norton Margaret1305-

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