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Cothron Phebeabout 1795-
Gregory Amanda1795-
Phineas Jamesabout 1795-
Clay Mary Ida17951855
Jamison Allen17951870
Jamison Annaabout 1795-
Jamison Thomasabout 1795-
Jameson Mitchell1795-
Jemison Buffalo Tom17951878
Jameson Mary Polly1795-
Word Ann1795-
Sparks Mary Polly17951876
Coffman Frances17951854
Keown William179522 March 1864
Jamison Robert179515 January 1864
Jeffries Robertabout 1795-
Henry Sareptaabout 179530 May 1874
Henderson Preston17951857
Farrar John Howard17951865
Jamison Isaac17951874
Jamison Sarah "Sallie"17951834
Vaughn Mary17951875
Hargis Mahulda17951869
Meador Joel Joseph1795-
Walker Charlotty1795January 1854
Unknown Dillaabout 1795-
Quarles John A.1795-
Jamison Janeabout 1795-
Inge John W.1795-
McWilliams Anna1795-
Cloran Eliza1795-
Jamison Elizabeth1795-
Jamison Margaretabout 1795-
Parker John Garrisonabout 1795-
Cape Susannah1795-
Forney Sarah 'Sallie'1795-
Jamison John Daniel17951871
Jameson Harveyabout 1795-
Helton James1795-
Kelly Annieabout 1795about 1858
Orr Nancy17951880
Gregory Martha Patsey1795-
Harrison Drusilla179511 April 1861
Gregory Pitts1795after 1850
Richardson Mary Polly1795-
Kelly Josephabout 1795-
Tennison Rebeccaabout 1795-
Davis Delilia 'Dillie'1795-
Rawlins Nancyabout 1795-
Rawlins Judith 'Judah?'about 1795-
Claiborne Susannah1795-
Jamison Hugh Blackabout 179525 December 1837
Winchester Charles17951824
Brown Elizabeth1795-
Hogg Bettyabout January 1795-
Parker Richard20 January 1795-
Ayers David Jameson20 January 1795-
Rhea Seabird Smith12 February 17952 February 1878
Cline Levi17 February 1795-
Todd Jane Jeanette4 March 179521 October 1875
Shelby Lucinda24 March 179510 August 1886
Yates Matthew30 March 179510 December 1846
Jamison Henry Downs12 April 179515 March 1859
Landers Mary26 May 1795-
Doughty Gertrude14 June 17956 June 1875
Dixon John27 June 179516 July 1877
Overall John13 July 1795-
Neely Charles Lynch22 July 17959 October 1853
Davis Thomas4 August 179517 November 1867
Macon Gabriel Long6 August 1795-
Jameson James Berryman25 September 179512 February 1862
Noland Joshua Rufus30 September 179511 April 1854
Turner Martha 'Patsy'2 October 17952 January 1889
Wood John4 November 179525 September 1854
Carothers Robert B.20 December 179517 July 1873

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