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Mallory John1308-
le Barbour Johnabout 1310-
Wittlelsbach Stephan II22 December 131313 May 1375
Mallory Kirkby1314-
Wemborne Alice13181374
Mallory Christopher13181379
Mure Elizabeth1320May 1354
Peck John13201370
Morgan Angharad verch13201335
Llewelyn Morgan ap13201383
Totty Thomas1325-
Montacute John13271396
le Barbour Roger1330-
Finlay Andrew13311379
Pyke Richard Peck13321412
Bernburg Katharineabout 133230 JAN 1389/90
de Quarles William13331390
McDonald Marjorie13351379
Stewart John 'Robert III'about 13374 April 1406
Eocha Oge13371392
Rhun Mallt verchabout 13381384
de Norton Adam1338-
Brunning Mary A.13411411
de Nunwycke Alesabout 1345-
Cooke Harold13451420
Leventhrope Robert1346-
de Ross Ena13471407
Drummond Annabella1347October 1401
Mallory William13481412
de Waleys John13501375
Totty Isabel1350-
Morgan Llewelyn ap13501387
Nunwich Catherine1353-
Montacute John13571400
Savill Seville1358-
le Barbour Thomas1360-
Lane Jane13601420
Stewart Eleanorabout 1361about 1430
von Holstein Gerhard VI13701404
Findlay Johnabout 13701445
White John13711464
Pyke Richard13721470
Upton Myrtle Inu13721425
Wittlelsbach Elisabeth13722 April 1420
Leventhrope Robert13721423
Lynhorne Alice Alecia13741469
de Norton Rychard137520 December 1420
Cooke Norman13751401
Mallory William Anketil13761445
de Tempest Elizabeth1380-
Remy Jean1380-
Eocha 13821438
Quarles William13851420
Waleys Joan13861423
Goodwin Asila13881434
le Barbier Rogerabout 1390-
Ufford Catharine13901444
la Roche Vincent de13906 December 1433
Pyke Thomas13901441
Andreses Sarah Fannyabout 1390-
Unknown Elizabeth1392-
Cooke Robert13921423
Stewart James I25 July 139421 FEB 1436/37
Schauenburg Helwig ofabout 139511 November 1436
Malpas Katherine Walfrey13961424

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