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Word Charles18019 October 1858
Kemp Nancyabout 1801-
Gregory Thomas Douglas1801-
Gammon John B.1801-
Jameson Clement F.about 1801-
Goodwin Walker1801December 1881
Jameson Robert18011866
West Robertabout 1801-
Dunn John Pruitt1801-
Jamison Martha1801-
Gregory Thomas D.about 1801-
Yardley Ruth Annabout 1801-
Seat Timothy1801-
Mueller Caroline18011879
Patterson Celahabout 1801-
Winkler Thomasabout 1801-
Skelding Henry Knapp1801-
Violett Harriett B.1801-
Jamison Maria1801-
Viers Sarah18011857
Parrish Fleming T.1801-
Meador Clarissa1801-
Meador Elizabeth18011855
Jameson Presley M.1801-
Owen Lavinia Gates1801-
Cason Margaret18011893
McWhirter Rufus Willey18011869
Jamison Robert180125 July 1838
Hogg Bettyabout 1801-
Gregory Daniel1801-
Gregory Joseph Braxton180110 February 1868
Jackson Jeremiahabout 1801-
McKinney Sarah1801March 1879
Noland Sidney1801-
Millyabout 1801-
Parker Penelope 'Penny'12 February 1801-
Jamison Walter24 February 18011 July 1883
Anthony Martha S.26 February 18018 May 1873
Masters John Simon12 March 180125 February 1866
Wilkerson Nancy S.13 March 18011880
Hogg John12 April 1801-
Kelly Eleanor9 June 1801-
Wilson William Penn1 August 1801-
Hargis Thomas Lea24 September 1801-
Word EdmondOctober 18019 January 1892
Winkler William W.3 October 180119 October 1885
Cleaver Lydia29 October 180123 December 1837
Pickering Hugh 2about November 1801-
Northcutt Sarah24 November 18011843
Brady Charles6 December 180118 October 1854
Ayers Mary14 December 1801-
Tennison Archibald18021883
Word Elizabeth1802-
Doake Samuel1802-
Cothron Charlotte18021862
Jamison John18021872
Simpson Polly1802-
Boyd David R.1802-
Sharp Henry Thomas18021885
Winkler Lydiaabout 18021863
Cothron Mark A.about 1802-
Jones John B.1802-
Baker Anna18021828
Patterson Pollyabout 1802-
Chandler William E. 'Bill'1802-
Cantrell Tilghman Andersonabout 180211 June 1897
Hawkins John F.1802-
Malone Female1802-
Tennyson Archibaldabout 1802-
Jemison Robert (CSA Sen.)18021871
Uhles Elizabethabout 1802-
Griswold George18021829
Jameson Elizabethabout 1802-
Clifton John Robert 'Jack'18021880
Haynie Milton1802-
Cothron Elijah1802-
Jamison Samuel Thomasabout 18021 June 1872
Jamison Jamesabout 180224 December 1818
Strickland Barney B.about 18022 November 1820
Barlow William R.about 1802about 1850
Lee Elizabeth1802-
Boyd Joseph Joelbefore 1802-
Alston Elizabeth Davis1802-
Unknown Elizabeth 'Betsy'1802-
Susan about 1802-
Waters Mary 'Polly'18021873
Ward Martha Daughteryabout 1802-
Hargis Susan1802-
Wasson Avanderabout 1802-
Jamison George Washingtonabout 18021872
Saunders Jesse Beanabout 1802-
Adams Ed Ned1802-
Word Ailey6 February 1802-
Hetty E. Hetta or10 February 180228 February 1880
Buchanan Jane Trindle23 March 18026 May 1837
Boyd David R.30 March 180212 August 1835
Hogg Johnabout April 1802-
Gregory James Dobbins "Dober"5 April 180222 April 1863
Hooper Justiana Dickinson11 April 1802-
Jacson Williams1 May 18029 June 1879
Samuel Catherine Fauntleroy20 May 1802-
Hogg Thomasabout August 1802about August 1810
Boyd Levi Jordan3 September 180230 May 1868
Griswold Epher9 September 180218 September 1802
Jamison James B.12 September 180224 December 1818
Jamison David Shelby27 September 180215 April 1858
Brandon Mary 'Polly' E.16 November 18021844
Hogg Thomasabout December 1802about August 1807
Knight William Montague19 December 180230 October 1853

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