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Jamison Ephraim C.1808-
Gilkison Rosannahabout 1808-
Unknown Nancy Caroline1808-
Warren Mary Polly18081888
Saunders Lydiaabout 1808-
Wasson Esther Cythiaabout 180822 January 1888
Saunders Isaacabout 1808-
Jamison David W.18081879
Gregory John Dallas18081861
Dillehay Johnsonabout 18081870
Uhles Bartley B.about 1808-
Patterson Rebeccaabout 1808-
Harrison Philadelphiaabout 1808-
Brandon Jane18081847
Pittard Williamabout 1808-
Word Elizabeth Harriett1808-
Trimble Harvey M.1808-
McConnell Elizabeth 'Betsy'1808-
Cline Nancy1808-
Cox Martha Mary Ann (Polly)1808-
Burrow William1808-
Jamison Isaac1808-
Rebecca 1808-
Ross Catherine1808-
Winchester Nancy1808after 1840
Stewart William1808-
Gregory Claibornabout 1808-
Jetton Robert1808-
Gammon Robert1808-
Hawkins Margaret1808-
Burton Susanna Elizabeth1808-
Nolen Jeremiahabout 1808-
Willis Sherwood1808-
Jamison William R.180817 June 1882
Wooten Wiley E.18081912
Bowling James Marshallabout 1808about 1868
Embry William1808-
Brawner Elizabeth18081860
Cothron Sarah1808-
Word William1808-
Brawner Elizabeth18081860
Rees Solomon18081884
Beitnott George18081881
Ayers William Burton12 January 1808-
Jennings Rial Cason28 January 18082 April 1894
Fisher Melissa19 February 18086 May 1876
Jamison James1 March 180814 April 1895
Jamison James M.4 March 180819 September 1885
Hogg Thomas16 March 180821 April 1881
Jamison Sarah25 March 1808-
Parker John Miles7 April 1808-
Pinney Emeline Minerva21 April 1808-
King John W.27 April 180812 March 1895
Hogg Mary2 May 1808-
Dickey Jane7 May 1808-
Byrs Reagen7 May 1808-
Tremain Hiram9 May 1808-
Connell Thomas Dixon7 June 1808-
Lee Nancy18 July 1808-
Jamison Nancy30 July 1808-
Norman Margaret 'Peggy'31 July 180821 March 1875
Malone Mary Elizabeth 'Polly'8 August 180817 August 1876
Hogg Thomas9 August 1808-
Word Thomas16 August 1808-
Mary30 August 18088 May 1889
Snyder Mary7 September 1808-
Winkler Cynthia17 October 1808-
Connell William17 October 1808-
Foutch Martin B.19 October 18082 April 1888
Kelton George G.21 October 1808-
Kelton David R.21 October 1808-
Sherly Deborah26 October 18084 April 1886
Jemison Margaret23 November 1808October 1845
Woodcock Wiley H.24 November 180821 September 1891
Fox Mathias24 November 180820 January 1893
Dillehay Thomas R.18 December 18081880

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