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Unknown 1397-
von Oldenburg Dietrich I13991440
Fisher Robert13994 MAR 1470/71
Remy Amoury Cavalier in Lille1400-
Wynne Elizabeth14001451
Hungerford Robert1400-
Thomas Denise Elisabeth verch14041435
Mallory William140425 April 1475
Beauford Joan27 December 140415 July 1445
de Norton Margaret1405-
Pyke Hugh14061451
Tempest Dionisiaabout 1408about 1452
Norton John14104 October 1489
Barber John Richardabout 14101457
de Trie Mary1412-
Quarles Thomas Betyn141312 July 1462
Morgan Jevan14151449
Ciarbin Leticia Joan Corlisha14151483
Goodwin John14161466
Gyles Alice14171481
Chaworth Agnes Elizabeth14171450
Findlay Thane of Glentilt John14181461
Pigot Jane14201458
Quarles William1421-
Leventhrope Geffrey14211500
Cooke Thomas1422May 1478
MacRae Mary14231463
Barber James142427 July 1489
Fraser Ewen1425-
Malpas Elizabeth14261484
Melaghlin 14271484
Mallory John14271475
Morgan John142826 October 1491
Clifton James1428-
Montague Edward1429-
Unknown 1430-
la Roche Perrine de1430-
Hohenzoll DorotheaApril 143010 November 1495
Stewart James II16 October 14303 August 1460
Hamerton Isabel14311452
Unknown 1432-
Lancaster Alice1432-
Guelders Mary ofabout 14321 December 1463
Fisher Robert143430 June 1470
Butler Margaret1434-
Remy Guallaume Pricet Marolles Vitry en14359 October 1507
Hungerford Catherine14361493
Bird Joan143630 JAN 1478/79
Fycham Howel Ap Ieuan14371468
Griffydd Margaret verch1440-
Goodwin William Mortimer14411486
Mathew Jenet14421495
Clifton Robert14441514
Quarles John14459 October 1509
Gaynsford Margaret14451535
Compton Mary14451510
Thwaites Edmond14461502
Leventhrope Nicholas14461500
St. John Agnes14471489
Quarles Henry1447-
Quarles George1448-
Plumsted Amy14481500
Pike Thomas14501476
Findlay John14501507
Buckler John14501510

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