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Brandon Christopher Columbus18121904
Jamison Sarahabout 1812-
Beasley Frankie1812-
Hawkins Washington1812-
Gregory Margaret Annabout 1812-
Baker Richard Beverlyabout 1812-
Bransford Mary Elvira1812-
Donnell Jane Hannah1812-
Gregory Andrew Jackson1812after 1867
Jameson Robertabout 1812-
Burton John H.1812-
Gregory Betsy1812-
Coffelt Wyatt1812-
Embry Hugh18121844
Johnson Sarah "Sally"1812-
Kelly Faithey A.1812-
Fulks Archibaldabout 1812-
Hall Mary Jane18121894
Woodcock Elizabeth1812-
Kelton Robert J.about 1812-
Hargis Polly1812-
Jamison Ira1812-
Jemison Shadrack Mimsabout 1812-
Ball Doric (Dr.)about 1812-
Quarles Mary1812-
Krigbaum David K.1812-
Boyd Robert Alexander1812-
Nickson Jane1812-
Sullivan Nancy Ann1812-
Stribling Thomas Farr18121873
Winkler Elizabethabout 1812-
Claiborne Daniel1812-
Brubaker Nancy18121894
Gregory Jane Adelaideabout 1812-
Holt John1812-
Shoulders Julia Annabout 1812-
Carnahan James1812-
Kirkham James T.1812after 4 December 1866
Jameson Sarah1812-
Cothron Drury1812-
Clark Johnabout 1812-
Higgins Saphrona18121896
Elliot Lucilla Stanley18121853
Pitts Blaney1812-
Seeds Isabella1812-
2nd. Samuel Fulks1812-
Pitts John6 January 18128 February 1891
Word Thomas Jefferson6 February 1812-
Word James Madison6 February 1812-
Knapp Chandler Stevens8 February 18121852
Connell John12 February 1812-
Vance Joseph22 February 1812-
Johnson Jacob Spencer25 February 18121844
Dunlap Sarah12 March 1812-
Word John William16 March 181226 November 1881
Maxwell Margaret27 March 1812-
Hughes Mary10 April 1812-
Clifton Berry12 April 181231 October 1885
Taylor Priscilla Cherokee16 April 181230 May 1886
Godwin William Cornelius11 May 18122 September 1905
Jamison George21 May 1812about 1888
Patterson David17 June 18127 March 1818
Powell Nancy M.26 June 181228 March 1886
Jamison James C.13 July 181228 October 1892
Breckenridge Elvira3 August 181224 May 1896
Gregory Burrell17 August 181214 February 1865
Hunt Judson9 September 18121 February 1884
McElory Adam4 October 181213 September 1889
Corum Tilman Dixion5 October 181231 May 1903
Samuel Fielding Eason11 October 1812-
DeMoss Lewis12 October 18123 April 1886
Clifton Joseph19 October 181218 February 1887
Jemison John-Steel10 November 18121843
Boyd William M.24 November 1812-
Connell George W.11 December 1812-
Jamison Daniel17 December 181214 October 1900
Branham Randal J.25 December 181212 September 1888

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