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Anthony Robert1838-
Andrews Druscilla18381852
Tennyson Nancy Lee18381920
Bird William T.1838-
Gregory Bettieabout 1838-
Gregory Martha M.about 1838-
Gregory Lucindaabout 1838-
Andrews Simpsonabout 1838-
Andrews William Jesse1838-
Andrews Searaphineabout 1838-
Jamison Eada1838-
Gregory Nancy1838-
Parker Albert T.about 1838-
Fulks Cookes1838-
Pitts Nathan1838-
Gregorie Eleanor Mary18381856
Roberson Louisa Jane18381923
Gregory Hubert Francis1838-
Carthy William1838-
Duff William183818 June 1915
Jamison Henry Clayabout 183828 May 1844
Jamison Nancy Janeabout 1838-
Malone James C.1838about 1863
Shelton Louiza1838-
Rucker Williamabout 1838-
West Martha E.about 1838-
Cothron Elvira1838December 1888
Lee Nancy1838-
Ayers Samuel1838-
Jamison John T.18381878
Vaden Mary "Polly"about 1838-
Jamison O. I.1838-
Crouse John18381886
Andrews Samuelabout 1838-
Martin Amanda1838-
Elam Nancy J.about 1838-
Ely Jesse18381897
Duncan John Douglas18381925
Jamison Robert18381900
Gregory Janeabout 1838-
Jamison Presyvant Augustus 'Gustavus'about 1838-
Winkler Sarah L.1838-
Hargis John Peyton18383 December 1888
Hargis Permelia1838-
Gregory John A.about 1838-
Jemison Cherokee Mims18381903
Miller Elizabeth1838-
Yardley Sarah N.1838-
Graybill Virginia18381865
Saunders Nancyabout 1838-
Gregory Gideon R.1838-
Unknown Elizabeth J.1838-
Gregory Margaret L.1838-
Brandon William ?1838-
Boyd David Wilson1838-
Word Rodger1838-
Andrews Andrew Jackson 'Andy'1838-
Kinnaird Alexander1 January 18385 July 1905
Stinson Wilson McCoin14 January 1838February 1862
Jamison William Alner25 January 18384 February 1879
Holt CalvinFebruary 1838-
Flora Johathan D.1 February 183823 September 1889
Jamison James Henry8 February 1838-
Gregory Sallie7 March 183826 January 1928
Kelly William17 March 183823 February 1916
Hudson William Vaughan8 April 1838-
Jamison Robert David13 April 183812 August 1912
Harlan Charles Valentine15 April 183828 May 1838
Newton EbenezerMay 18384 January 1912
Gregory SolomonMay 1838after 1900
Fox Ferdinand F.22 May 1838-
Jackson Joseph R.25 May 1838-
Armstrong Sara AnnJune 1838after 19 January 1900
Daniel Esther Angeline19 June 183825 September 1880
Wood Mary20 June 183818 July 1925
Pitts Visia Lou Geneva5 August 18385 March 1917
Higgins Elizabeth F.7 August 183817 June 1898
Knapp Almeda29 August 1838-
Unknown Maty16 September 183826 JAN
Carnahan Martha Jane15 October 1838-
Jamison John William19 October 18385 April 1891
Sink Sarah Elizabeth23 October 183813 March 1916
Ramsey Martha Ann23 October 18386 November 1906
Clifton Edney M.November 1838after 1900
Winkler Peyton Herbert11 November 18383 December 1917
Miller John A.24 November 183818 December 1920
Goodwin William Thomas2 December 18387 July 1918
Pitts James J.6 December 1838-
Macon Gideon25 December 1838-

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