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Fraser John1451-
Stewart James III10 July 145111 June 1488
Belknap Elizabeth14521517
Mallory William14532 June 1498
Englesfield Joan1454-
Cooke Philip John145417 June 1497
Montague Robert14551520
Denmark Margaret Oldenburg of23 June 145614 July 1486
White RobertDecember 14561549
Henry VII14571509
Norton John14581520
Constable John14591474
Remy Pierre of Liege14601500
Devereux Anne14601549
Owen David14601535
Barber John1460-
Warde Margaret1461-
Roger Joneta14619 MAR 1506/07
Hall Williamabout 1464-
York Elisabeth of14661495
Fisher John146615 April 1523
Mostyn Richard ap Howell14702 FEB 1538/39
Douglas William1470-
Marvin Christian14711523
Leventhrope Joan Margaret St. John14711551
Gostwick John14711551
White Marcus John147227 March 1530
Thomborough Isabell14731522
Stewart James IV13 April 14739 September 1513
Mallory John147423 MAR 1526/27
Pike Robert14751557
Mallory Agnes1475-
Mallory William1476-
Strelly Margaret147627 March 1530
Plumpton Jane1476-
Thwaites Margaret14761501
Quarles George1476-
Fraser Thomas14761539
Quarles William14781507
Mallory Elizabeth1478-
Goodwin Williamabout 147816 May 1528
Androwes Elizabeth147824 December 1558
Stewart JohnDecember 147911 MAR 1502/03
Salisbury Catherine14801551
Carewe Mathilda14801527
Montague William148021 MAR 1549/50
Buckler John14801540
Barber Agnes14801540
Clifton William14811558
Buck Emma14811538
Morgan Thomas14821538
Findlay Andrew148327 April 1547
Swayne Margeryabout 148520 May 1531
Liege\Chauvry Jeanne of14851556
Stanley Thomas14851521
Hastings Anne14851550
Cooke Humphrey14851545
Baptiste\Chauvry Jean14851556
de Aragon Catherine16 December 14857 JAN 1535/36
Vaughan Elizabeth14861528
Arthur Prince14861502
Markham Richard1487-
Hayes Janetabout 14871538
Kellogg Nicholas148817 May 1558
Tudor Margaret14891541
Todor Margaret14891541
Blount Elizabeth14891540
Tudor Margaret28 November 148918 October 1541

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