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Beasley Mary Ann "Alcy"1822-
Gregory Lemuel Baker1822-
Uhles Charles182212 November 1864
Carothers Martha Ann1822-
Foster Charles Van Renselar18221880
Jamison Elizabeth Mary1822-
Jamison Samuel Hillabout 182210 May 1906
Trimble Aaron Duff1822-
Brandon Levisa (Levicy)1822-
Word Cynthia Fanetta1822-
Fisher Martin1822August 1907
Puller Eliza Ann18221883
Mills Mary1822-
Embry Hannah1822-
Towns William Carroll18225 September 1895
Jamison Mary1822-
Hooten James Henry18221903
Malone Rebecca1822-
Sluder James Franklin1822-
Jamison William H.1822-
Russell Thomas J.1822-
Andrews Nicholas L.about 1822-
Locke Martha A.1822-
Crockett Dandridge "Dange"about 1822-
Cline Jane1822-
Perkins Beersheba L.182217 January 1881
Willis Virginia M.18221897
Neely Eliza Susanna18223 August 1898
Rodgers Arie Ersulaabout 1822-
Chaffin Susan1822-
Gregory William J.about 1822-
Gregory William Jesse 'Jabe'18221889
Humphreys Thomas Dabney1822-
Kinnaird William C.about 1822-
Kinnaird Mariah1822-
Gregory Jacob T.1822-
Patterson Samuel J.1822-
Meador Agnes Winfred1822-
Clayborn James Thompson18221900
Jamison David Doil1822-
Jamison Jacob1822-
Jameson Thomas Mahan1822-
Andrews Keziah1822-
Brubaker Henry9 January 182214 September 1910
Eller Jacob13 January 18228 October 1899
Cothron James Caroll13 January 1822-
Yardley Margaret Ann15 January 1822-
Kelton Margaret Ann17 January 1822-
Gooch Martha Jane17 January 1822-
McDonald William Turner21 January 18222 December 1916
Heiner Nancy4 February 18221862
Goodnight Sarah B.13 February 1822-
Griffin Nancy14 February 1822-
Gregory Lucretia14 February 182231 July 1900
Driver Abraham 'Abe'23 February 182214 March 1916
Maxwell Charles16 March 1822-
Harlan Aley18 March 1822-
Winkler Sally S.22 March 1822-
Milikan Nancy28 March 182210 February 1890
Douglas James Milton14 April 1822-
Powell William Alexander17 April 182214 October 1863
Word James O. R.18 April 18221 September 1897
Mayes Thomas19 April 18226 April 1903
Unknown Rachel22 April 182230 April 1899
Gregory Rachel22 April 1822-
Dedman Mary Jane24 April 182229 April 1885
Russell Judie E.4 May 18224 January 1905
Gregory John Galen6 June 182223 November 1895
Jamison Joseph20 June 18221822
Prigmore Amanda22 June 1822-
Boyd John W.July 1822-
Byrs Mary Ann11 July 1822-
Collins Virginia America13 July 1822-
Hall James J.26 July 182215 January 1904
Jamison Elizabeth Jane6 August 182226 April 1906
Gray Eliza Tabitha8 August 182220 March 1860
Jameson Clement Read28 August 18225 May 1842
Camp J. Abner9 September 182229 October 1859
Kemp Larkin16 September 182224 August 1909
Hartzell Christina C.22 September 18221 May 1881
De Wolfe Algernon SidneyOctober 182225 October 1879
Woodcock Nathan4 October 1822-
Gregory Marshall Hooks12 October 18225 January 1896
Yelser Jacob20 October 1822-
Jameson William Caldwell26 October 1822-
Gregory Joseph Newton28 October 1822-
Word Margaret Ellen28 November 1822-
Tyng Anna Elizabeth2 December 1822-
Waters Minerva Jane9 December 182219 February 1905
Jamison William Marshall9 December 18224 May 1894
Shelton Wiley Preston10 December 1822-
Hamilton William Henry24 December 182213 April 1885
Winkler Margaret27 December 1822-
Keown Martha Jane30 December 1822-

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