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Dycus Catherine1830-
Linville Lewis H.1830-
Gregory William Henry1830-
Haynie Louisa Otheldra1830-
Gregory Mary Jane1830-
Noland George W.1830-
Grissom Matilda18301865
Inge Elizabeth1830-
Worthington Miltonabout 1830-
Arnett Henry1830-
Jamison Hiram D.about 1830-
Cooper Louisaabout 1830-
Carthy Granville1830-
Jamison J. B.1830-
Jamison Minerva1830-
Fulks Joel B.about 1830-
Cantrell Rachelabout 1830November 1910
Jamison Nancyabout 1830-
Word Elizabeth1830-
Word Emeline1830-
Jamison Sarah18301912
Shoulders Lincoln 'Link'1830-
Russell Luther1830-
Rucker Sarahabout 1830-
Jamison Marthaabout 1830-
Gregory Minerva1830-
Jameson Berjerome 'Birjy'1830-
McKee Robert Rankin18301893
Gammon Catherine1830-
Meador Joel N.1830-
Russell Polly1830-
Rucker Joyceabout 1830-
Pitts James1830-
Lee Jesse Monroe1830-
Merritt Sarah (Sally)about 1830-
Tennisson Jones1830-
Tennisson Daughter1830-
Gregory Susanabout 1830-
McWilliams Sarah18301891
Meador Wilson Ephraim1830-
Lee Eli (Elye)1830-
Gannon Dillard L.about 1830-
Lawson Elizabeth18301900
Gregory William A.1830-
Mills Mariahabout 1830-
Ludewell Rachel Ann Jane18301890
Jamison Irvine1830-
Jamison Coleman1830-
Lowe Harriet1830-
Helton Anderson P.about 1830-
Hollingsworth Priscilla Ann18301851
Perdue Elizabethabout 1830-
Gregory Lucindaabout 18304 May 1864
Malone Mary Jane1830-
Gregory Malindaabout 1830-
Winkler Jacob S. 'Jake'about 1830-
Espey Margarett J.1830-
Jamison Elizabeth1830-
Jameson Mildred Clarke1830-
Woodcock Aley C.about 1830-
Bolton Amanda Jane1830-
Winkler John Devine1830-
Kelton Benjamine F.18301841
Kelley Susan Adelineabout 183025 December 1851
Covington Lucinda E.183021 November 1899
Griswold George18301842
Faulkner Justian1830-
Jamison Amandaabout 1830-
Litton Fulton R.about 1830-
Winkler Marthaabout 1830-
Clifton Cydnaabout 1830-
Hargis Nancy "Nan"1830-
Gregory Alexander L.about 1830-
Ayers Nathaniel1830-
Winkler Mary E.1830-
Andrews John Allenabout 1830after October 1856
Ellis Lucinda ElizabethJanuary 18306 June 1900
Bradley Leonard KeelingJanuary 1830-
Word Thomas Anderson5 January 183027 November 1862
Smith William Byron6 January 1830-
Jamison Rebecca Clementine11 January 18305 February 1900
Fisher Enoch23 January 18302 December 1910
Allen Thomas H.12 February 183023 February 1852
Hudson F. Caroline13 February 1830-
Woodcock Mary Frances7 March 183018 December 1919
Roark Iredell Linville14 March 18306 November 1914
Pettibone Albert Tracy15 March 18304 January 1912
Beasley Jesse HoustonApril 1830-
Brown Sarah Jane1 April 1830-
Crowley William Grundy2 April 183011 September 1909
Keown Hugh8 April 1830-
Gregory Nancy Susan9 April 183011 October 1908
Tuttle Augustin Henry11 April 183017 July 1910
Shrum Pleasant Franklin2 May 183014 June 1884
Boyd James Thomas18 May 1830-
Fisher Joseph John28 May 18304 February 1862
Robine Jacob31 May 183014 October 1833
Unknown ElizabethJune 1830UNKNOWN
McFadden Thompson7 June 183021 November 1906
Jamison Martha Elizabeth4 July 1830-
Jamison Harrison Powers31 July 18301 January 1903
Waggoner Eliza JaneSeptember 18301925
Lee Mary AnneSeptember 1830-
Andrews Creed H.September 1830-
Yardley Benjamin Franklin6 September 18301841
Price Rachel2 October 183016 March 1912
Sharber Randolph Noah3 October 1830-
Ormes James Evan10 October 18304 March 1898
Shelton Mary Ann18 October 1830-
Knapp Clarissa Agatha20 October 183023 January 1909
Sando Sarah Elizabeth2 November 183030 June 1920
Word Sophronia4 November 183031 August 1879
Hargis William Abner6 November 18302 December 1911
Boitnott Eliza Ann17 November 183024 April 1897
Brown Girtrude Ann L. (Eunice?)20 November 183028 July 1918
Roberts William Riley27 November 183013 February 1901
Noland George W.5 December 18302 May 1904
Null Mary Caroline15 December 183023 December 1856
Rodgers Francis Smith25 December 183029 November 1854
Weir Samuel Jackson27 December 1830-

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