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Vaden Lodwick Isham1832-
Fulks John D.1832-
Fulks John1832-
Arnett Mary Moriah18321869
Brady Matilda B.1832-
Gregory Levi P.about 1832-
Wilderman Francis A. T.18321917
West Miles Hamiltonabout 1832-
Andrews Francis S.about 1832-
Jamerson George183213 May 1897
Cantrell Rachael1832November 1910
Faulkner Samuel1832-
McDuffee Norman1832about 1863
Jamison Maryabout 1832-
Gregory William D.1832-
Cochran Liza1832-
Meador Joseph N.1832-
Jamison Juliet1832-
Tennisson Rebecca1832-
Morehead Mary Ellen18321890
Jamison Thomas Jefferson1832-
Jamison Eliza J.about 1832-
Word Samuel Doak1832-
Carothers Manerva A.1832-
Gregory Kateabout 1832-
Winkler Elvira Catherine1832-
Winkler Eliza1832-
Miller Franklin Lafayette183218 October 1862
Pitts John Beauregardabout 1832about 1869
Jett James Johnabout 1832-
Masters Amanda Francis1832-
Pitts Jonathanabout 1832-
King Rebecca1832-
Nix Robert Francesabout 1832November 1875
Foutch Rebecca1832-
Rucker Ann E.about 1832-
Parrish Elizabeth A.18321892
Fulks Pinkneyabout 1832-
Peyton Amanda E.18321863
Oldham Nancy1832-
McDonald Elizabeth Lee18321866
Jamison Margaret P.about 18324 October 1910
Jameson Marian Virginiaabout 1832-
Corlley Coleman1832-
Brandon Jonathan J.1832-
Pendergrass Rebecca1832-
Ely Ellen1832-
Cornwell Martha C.1832-
Moulder Catherine18321916
Malone Andrew James18321902
Gregory Clarkey Malinda18321869
Hogg Henryabout 1832-
Malone Jesse J.1832-
Garrett Lewis Livingston1832-
Woodcock Sarah1832-
Word America Wasson18321860
Bradley Susannah T.1832-
Billingsley Anderson W.1832August 1870
Henderson Caroline M.about 1832-
Ayers David1832-
Gregory John Tillery1832-
Gregory John Bentonabout 1832-
Jameson Green Henry Clay1832-
Agee William Tucker1832-
Lockwood Gertrude Ann1 January 1832-
Lee Eli10 February 1832-
Nourse James Ewing11 February 183219 August 1875
Hudson America A.15 February 1832-
Smith Jarvis Leonard26 February 1832-
Jamison George Perkins8 March 18321 March 1911
Jamison Green16 March 183210 May 1924
Jameson William H.5 April 18322 February 1853
Knapp Mary Elizabeth8 April 1832-
Jamison Thomas H.8 April 18326 September 1921
Connell William W.23 April 1832-
Clifton Josiah Wiley2 May 18329 August 1861
Leath Permelia Jane22 May 183215 October 1880
Leath Charles Coleman22 May 1832-
Willis Catherine7 June 1832after 1912
Andrews Drury A.15 June 18326 March 1908
Prewitt Barthena24 June 183212 June 1890
Law Louisa A.30 June 183229 September 1910
Kimbro Joseph Thomas7 July 1832-
Hargis Hannah Bell25 July 1832-
Word Cuthbert Carroll26 July 18321 April 1909
Jamison Celia Ramsey 'Selah'27 July 183222 August 1886
Collins William4 August 18321864
Jameson Robert Cicero5 September 18328 August 1910
Russell John Robert8 September 183215 May 1909
Pryor Philip G.9 September 1832-
Shoulders Celia Jane1 October 1832-
Jamison John8 October 183223 January 1919
Williams Mary M.10 October 18326 October 1856
Perdue James E.November 18321911
Malone William14 November 183221 April 1907
Baird John Lewis24 November 18321 May 1903
Corum Mary L.12 December 183225 September 1907
Gregory Marina "Manna" Ann14 December 18326 March 1909
Fisher James Lafayette15 December 18324 December 1926
Shelton George Allen23 December 18322 April 1900
Russell Louisa Ann27 December 1832-
Russell Elam30 December 1832-

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