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Meador Jehu Wilson1835-
McWilliams William1835-
Shelton Rhoda Ann1835-
Byrne Jane18351859
Fulks Wilson1835-
Jamison Josephine A.1835-
Macon Mary Priscilla1835-
Kirkham Spencer18351912
Rucker Frankabout 1835-
Parker James1835-
Keyes Arvilla A.1835-
Gammon Jim1835-
Harris Sarah Lucinda18351902
Tennisson Jonathan Johnson1835-
Davis John M.1835-
Williams William E.1835-
Brown Sarah A.1835about 1869
Lee Zimuel1835-
Jamison Fanny 'Fannie' J.18351886
Jameson Isabellaabout 1835-
Hargis David1835-
Gregory Polly Ann 'Mary'1835-
Currie Mary Ann1835-
Word David1835-
Lee Lemuel1835-
Word Mark1835-
Collins Elishaabout 1835-
Gregory John Thomas1835-
Russell Lucretia\Lucysea1835about 1862
Agee James Evan1835-
Russell Nancyabout 1835-
Malone Charles Pinckney18351912
Hale Eliza Jane1835-
Ward Raford C.1835-
Cothron David Leslie1835-
Jamison Mary Catherine1835-
Jamison Mary Ann1835-
Jamison Mary Elizabethabout 1835-
Jamison Janeabout 1835-
Beasley Mahale1835-
Cahall Sarah1835-
Bryant Louisa1835after 1870
Jamison Susannah1835-
Perdue V. Susanabout 1835-
Alston Mary Jane1835-
McDaniel William Floyd18351922
Cothron Elvira A.1835-
Gregory Edward B.about 1835-
Butterfield Benjaminabout 1835-
Dixon Sarah Rebecca1835-
Jameson William18351915
Linville William G.1835-
Linville William Crockett1835-
Hackett Elizabeth18351913
Fulks Malinda1835-
Harwood Eliza Sarah1835-
Jetton Samuel B.about 1835-
Daniel John S.about 1835-
Jamison Elizabeth S.1835-
McDuffee Polly1835-
Jameson Sydney1835-
Hartshorn Alfred Fletcher1835-
West Lucy5 January 183518 July 1912
Nupp Susannah8 January 1835-
Dunn George M.11 January 183512 May 1904
Knapp Safronia Clock15 January 183523 July 1912
Winkler Francis J.18 January 18351 February 1917
Carnahan William Howard28 January 1835-
Word Mary Frances10 February 183515 November 1857
Payne Lucretia14 February 1835-
Jameson Burgess H.20 February 18355 September 1870
Jameson B. H.20 February 18355 September 1870
Jamison Amanda2 March 183513 May 1886
Jameson Thomas Emmett5 March 183513 January 1914
Brooks Jane C.6 March 183510 January 1920
Parkhurst Nancey29 March 18351 July 1900
Shoulders Mary A. 'Polly'18 April 183515 May 1911
Crockett Robert Payne29 April 1835-
Collins Mary E.15 May 18356 April 1836
Hudson Susannah C.16 May 18353 July 1913
Jamison George M.17 May 1835-
Trimble James Riley20 May 183521 November 1887
Pryor Benjamin Franklin 'Frank'23 May 183524 November 1889
Goad Mary 'Polly'27 May 183529 October 1899
McDaniel Sarah30 May 183512 January 1895
Musgrave John Thomas22 June 183525 June 1881
Attaway James Cohen6 July 1835-
Wilson Alfred Hart21 July 183512 June 1914
Curry Elizabeth23 July 18359 FEB
Jamison Louisa EllenAugust 18351900
Griffin William M.4 August 1835-
Carnahan Elizabeth Ann2 September 1835about 1919
Ross Robert Lloyd 'Bob'9 September 183519 June 1915
Clawson John L.15 September 183529 December 1913
Ely William J.5 October 1835after 1887
McGehee Mary A. E.13 October 18358 July 1898
Fisher Matthias Hudson3 November 183530 January 1919
Robinson Alfred Jefferson16 November 183522 July 1915
Baird Celia Ann24 November 183511 April 1920
Jamison Angus Boggs25 November 1835-
Jamison Mariah Means Snowden8 December 1835-

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