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Gibson Robert Blair18391906
Bradley Sarah Frances1839-
Andrews Thomas Jefferson18391878
Word Frances Ann1839-
Bourne Girl1839-
Jameson Johnabout 1839-
Christian Samuel M.18391896
Jamison Elizabethabout 1839-
Hall Afredabout 1839-
Clifton Andrew Martin1839-
Westervelt Eliza L18391920
Story William R.18391922
Burckmyer Rosa Cornelia18391915
Butterfield Mary E.about 1839-
Malone Robert McCary1839-
Pitts Marthaabout 1839-
Van Pendergrass Martin1839-
Gregory Jesse1839-
Malone William H. K.1839-
Malone Drury1839-
Hargis Martha1839-
Russell Nancy Annabout 1839-
Fisher Mary Pollyabout 1839-
Word Berry O.18391901
Martin Elzada P.1839-
Sloan Ann Elizabethabout 1839after 1850
Harris Samuel L.18391 September 1919
Ledbetter Elizabeth Batey1839-
Hornbeck Mary A.1839-
Jetton Jamesabout 1839-
Jamison Margaret M.1839-
Beech Jim1839-
McWhirter George R.1839-
Irions Andrew J.about 1839-
Word Mary Ann1839-
Goodwin Susan18391860
Gammon Nancy1839-
Rucker Josephineabout 1839-
Dillehay Joannah Elizabeth 'Ann'about 1839-
Cothron Eloria1839-
Foutch Elizabeth M.1839-
Jamison Lewis W.about 1839-
Floyd David Samuel18391910
Hodges Caharine18391911
Andrews Martha Sarah1839-
Jamison Matthewabout 1839-
Holcombe James1839-
Jetton Sarah1839-
Meador Mary Jane1839-
Bandy Doshia E.18391892
Crook William R.18391917
Savage William Allen1839-
Branham George183927 November 1919
Faulkner Frances1839-
McWilliams Thomas1839-
Jamison Orvalabout 1839-
Agee Thomas Henry1839-
Sullivan Josephus7 January 183919 December 1931
Story Martha Catherine13 January 183912 January 1911
Williams Samuel W.27 January 1839January 1884
Johnson Frederick AdolphusFebruary 18395 August 1921
Smith Mary Jane2 February 1839-
Hargis John Cosby10 February 18392 March 1915
Word J. Harvey23 February 183927 April 1920
Poe Arena9 March 183911 July 1914
Carnahan John William10 March 183916 February 1906
Lay Hannah E.13 March 183923 January 1921
Shoulders Aletha A.7 April 1839-
Violett John F.8 April 1839-
Crossfield William MarionMay 18397 April 1911
Huggins Sarah Elizabeth1 May 183913 May 1913
Van Tuyl Sophia8 May 1839-
Hogg Robert Lachlison22 May 183913 June 1916
Word Ellen Jane23 May 1839-
Dixon Barbara10 June 1839-
Hill Leicester Elizabeth20 June 183924 October 1896
Lockwood Imogen21 June 18395 March 1863
Word Mary Ellen29 June 183929 May 1908
Unknown Jurashie5 July 183913 July 1902
Melton Jerashie5 July 183913 July 1902
Gregory Abel J.10 July 183918 October 1896
Gammon Sarah S.12 July 1839-
Parryman Ruth Ann26 July 1839-
Jennings Andrew W.29 July 18391915
Wilson Sarah Ann12 August 183923 November 1924
Pinson Martha B.18 August 1839-
Winkler Polly Ann28 August 1839-
Ransom Margaret Keziah4 September 1839-
Macon Henry Harrison11 September 18391888
Wiatt Margaret23 September 183916 September 1928
Shelton Barclay M.11 October 1839-
Poorman William Henry23 October 1839-
McHaney Sarah Rebecca29 October 1839-
Yearwood Nancy Elizabeth30 October 183923 September 1913
Watkins Thomas J.3 November 183927 April 1862
Unkow Sallie Jane11 November 18393 January 1893
Ogilvie James Wilson13 November 183911 May 1896
Jamison FrancesDecember 18391925
Jameson Tabitha Rachel4 December 183931 December 1921
Leach Lewis13 December 183916 February 1873
Beasley Brunet17 December 1839-

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