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Jamison Georgeabout 1841-
Jamison William1841December 1910
Coleman John?about 1841-
McWilliams Samuel1841-
Jameson Gabrielabout 1841-
Driver Elizabeth J.1841-
Saunders Janeabout 1841-
Pitts Amos1841-
Shelton Jessie Jacksonabout 1841-
Shrum Margaret H.18411880
Cosby Son1841-
Bird Robert T.1841-
Jamison Jamesabout 1841-
Andrews Susan 'Susie'1841-
Roberts Amanda1841-
West William R.about 1841-
Foutch Dixon A.1841-
Holcombe David1841-
Gammon John Harris1841-
Faulkner Mary Ann1841-
Clifton Priscillaabout 1841-
West Pomelia F.about 1841-
White Eliza Jane1841-
Parrish N. Roberta1841-
Wilderman Mary1841-
Oldham Lucinda1841-
Pitts William Z.about 1841-
Bourne Son1841-
Crutcher Garrard Dudley18411919
Gregory Joseph W.about 1841-
Word Uriah1841-
Beasley Isaac M.1841-
Gibson Clement1841-
Jameson Fannie L.1841-
Johnson William Gustavusabout 1841-
Johnson Susan Janeabout 1841-
Johnson Mary Elizabeth18411919
Winkler Thomasabout 1841-
Gregory Janeabout 1841-
Jamison Nancyabout 1841-
Word John L.18411887
Savage John J.1841-
Willis Charles J.1841-
Hargis Permelia A.1841-
Jamison Elizabeth1841-
Martin Cicero Columbus1841-
Jamison John F.184114 April 1915
Bradley William Henry Harrison1841-
Gregory George William18411864
Ledbetter Henry Clay1841-
Word Lucy1841-
Dillard William M.18411928
Dillehay Joan Elizabeth1841-
Carnahan Elizabeth1841-
Bell Martha Angelinabout 1841-
Ayers Joseph1841-
King William E.1841-
Gregory Elizabeth B.about 1841-
Gregory Martha E.about 1841-
Jamison William Andrew18411919
Andrews Rebeccaabout 1841-
Boyd Benjamin F.1841-
Anthony Rodney S.1841-
Agee John Dean1841-
Miller Isabella Melville13 January 18415 September 1878
Jamison George Washington18 January 184120 April 1903
Meador Lucinda14 February 184128 July 1917
Roberts William T.20 February 184126 January 1869
Brown Bethenia Anne20 February 184131 January 1909
Harlow Adelia Snelling27 February 184130 May 1901
Creasy Sidney Jane 'Sid'20 March 184117 April 1910
Gammon Harriet13 April 18416 January 1929
Russell Mary Frances27 April 184117 February 1917
Collins Nathan David4 May 184112 August 1908
Jamison James Garner8 May 184117 July 1887
Mcgee Emily11 May 184113 August 1923
Prater Amanda E.17 May 18418 May 1926
Cox Minerva Frances18 May 184131 December 1928
Hargis Thomas J.1 June 1841-
Cox LeeRoy Peyton20 June 184130 November 1932
Beckner Sarah24 June 18411 March 1903
Kelton John Thomas1 July 184110 September 1929
Bunch Frank M.18 July 18418 April 1926
Violett Lucy Ann3 August 1841-
Lathium John James4 August 1841-
Word Benjamin Skelton7 August 184128 March 1872
Carpenter Walter Otis20 August 184118 April 1912
Jameson William Savage21 August 1841-
Jamison William H.30 August 1841-
Jamison John Edmund7 September 184128 December 1921
Sullivan Mary E.27 September 184114 April 1923
Jennings James Williams28 September 1841-
Fulks James Madison1 October 184122 November 1918
Tidwell Mahala 'Mahalie'9 October 184122 May 1928
Jamison William G.10 October 1841-
Hudson Blaney L.11 October 18416 October 1864
Cartwright Sarah Jane15 October 184131 December 1932
Jamison Sophia C.19 October 1841-
Carnahan John30 October 1841-
Golden Felix 'Grundy' George8 November 18413 June 1920
Boyd John Wesley10 November 184127 July 1926
Jamison Samuel Houston3 December 18411924
Jameson Samuel14 December 1841-
Pendergrass William Ensley22 December 1841about 1902
Ogilvie William Harris24 December 184129 February 1920

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