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United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co. Memorial Gardens, Lafayette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Evetts Barbara
 Burial?Gregory R. C.
 Burial?Gregory Ernest
 Burial?Unknown Alllene



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co. Memorial Gardens, Lafayette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?\\ Jewel A.
 Burial?Morgan Susan Jeanette
 Burial?Woodcock Vinola Bell
 Burial?Driver Vester 'Skeeter'
 Burial?Driver Carthell B.
 Burial?Driver Jimmy Kirk
 Burial?Blankenship Herman Haskel
 Burial?Driver Terry 'Jackhammer'
 Burial?Morgan Herman Buck
 Burial?\\ Gladys I.
 Burial?Sewell Charles Allen
 Burial?Driver Leona B.
 Burial?Morgan Raymon F.
 Burial?Driver Odis C.
 Burial?Driver Darrel



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co. Memorial Gardens, Lafayette

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Unknown Mary Alice
 Burial?Uhles Charles Herlon
 Burial?Uhles Ezra Florence
 Burial?Gregory Thurman Othel
 Burial?Robinson Gerald D.
20 century
 Birth10 June 1900Patterson Charles Alexander 'Charlie'
 Death3 July 1947Andrews James Peyton



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co. Memorial, Lafayette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Gregory Kathryn Lucille



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co., buried in Charlie Cothron Cemetery in Cedar Bluff

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death5 May 1885Linville Iredell Hiram 'Idell'



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co., Lafayette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Seagraves Larinda Elizabeth
 Burial?Woodcock Sydney Greene
19 century
 Birth5 March 1847Eller Joseph A.
 Birth4 September 1849Gifford Diadama
 Death17 May 1881Gifford Diadama
 Death10 January 1896Eller Joseph A.
 Death8 October 1899Eller Jacob
20 century
 Death14 February 1903Perdue Robert Hale
 Birth14 October 1906Blankenship Donnie E.
 Death13 January 1910Perdue Robert J.
 Death29 September 1910Perdue Granville Henderson
 Death1911Perdue James E.
 Birth28 August 1913Perdue Gracie
 Birth22 May 1915Perdue Tilmon
 Birth5 March 1920Berdene Jewell
 Birth15 August 1920Gregory Oshal Carmon
 Birth16 June 1921Brawner Merline Ukis
 Birth2 November 1928Dallas Earlene
 Birth14 February 1929Carver Louise
 Birth20 September 1939Perdue Charles Edward
 Death3 August 1940Perdue Jessie M.
 Birth10 April 1952Cothron Joseph F.
 Birth2 September 1957Gregory Michael William
 Death30 September 1966Gregory Joe Bennett
 Death2 January 1975Roberts Amy Bell
 Death19 May 1981Gregory Cleon
21 century
 Death30 August 2007Perdue Tilmon
 Death12 January 2014Brawner Merline Ukis
 Death3 November 2014Perdue Mildred Catherine



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co., Lafayette

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Marriage?Cothron Kendall A. with Ellis Louisa Jane
 Marriage?Shrum Pleasant Franklin with Ellis Louisa Jane
19 century
 Marriage31 August 1843McDonald William Turner with Dotson Cenia Ann
 Marriage17 January 1844Eller Jacob with Wood Nancy M.
 Marriage3 January 1887McDonald William Henry 'Bill' with Chandler Julia Ann
20 century
 Marriage31 May 1903Gregory Alvis Irvin with Day Frances Ann 'Fannie'
 Marriage17 September 1908Sloan James Gray with Cothron Hannah Frances
 Marriage1912Reagan William with Andrews Cosie
 Marriage17 January 1915Morgan Artie M. with Blankenship Callie Luther
 Marriage27 February 1916Andrews Bratton H. with Smith Eunice Tranie
 Marriage17 March 1917Hargis Wiseman with Bransford Letha A.
 Marriage3 August 1919McCall Robert Henry with Brawner Versie Lou
 Marriage18 September 1921Reid Joe with Andrews Tassie M.
 Marriage20 September 1924McClard Oakley Lum with Kemp Mamie Estelle
 Marriage23 December 1924Andrews Omie L. with Swindle Lamon R.
 Marriage23 May 1925Brawner James Earl with Smith Alma Buford
 Marriage20 February 1934Driver Willie Clyde with Hale Lillie Ruth
 Marriage7 April 1934Tuck Raymond Rudolph with Gregory Laura Agnes
 Marriage15 December 1934Andrews Ira Carsey with Roberts Reba A.
 Marriage5 January 1941Ellis William Odell with Andrews Martha Myrtle
 Marriage31 October 1943Gregory W. P. with Andrews Lucy Alice
 Marriage6 June 1959Cothron Bobby Gene with Brawner Mary Dee
 Marriage29 February 1964Cothran Wayne Johnson with Dickens Georgia Mae
 Marriage28 January 1969Cothron Jimmy Ray with Harper Ova Olene



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co., Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth22 March 1868Tuck Wilson Wilder
 Death19 June 1875Frances Mary
20 century
 Death22 July 1910Wright Mary A.
 Death25 January 1928Kemp James William 'Willie'
 Death15 July 1940Tuck Wilson Wilder



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co., Memorial Gardens, Lafayette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?King Kathleen
 Burial?Gammon Neftie Alexander
 Burial?Woodcock Floyd Allen
20 century
 Birth17 November 1907Woodcock Gladys



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co., TN or Smith Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birthabout 1806Andrews William Cullen
 Birthabout 1806Wilmore Nancy



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Death?Gregory Alice Hasseltine
 Birth?Van Brawner Nelie
 Birth?Patterson Jessie Ray
 Birth?Goad E. C.
 Birth?Colter Helen
 Death?Uhles Bartley B.
 Birth?Woodcock Joe
 Death?Gregory Elias Enoch 'Tint'
 Birth?\\ Gertrude
 Burial?Andrews Henry Michell
 Death?Simmons Susannah
 Marriage?Cothron Ranson Peyton with Linville Margaret Alice
 Death?Hargis Juno Gammelia
19 century
 Birthabout 1804Andrews Andrew Jackson 'Jack'



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon CO.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Marriage1814Andrews Drury\Drewry with Gammon Elizabeth 'Betsy'



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth1 May 1816Gregory Curtis
 Birth6 January 1817McDuffee Eli Burton
 Birth16 November 1821Johnson Catherine Armstrong
 Birth1821Gregory Amanda
 Birth1821Gregory Ambrose
 Birth1821Gregory Gion Themdotte
 Birth6 June 1822Gregory John Galen
 Birth13 April 1823Burrow Nancy Susan
 BirthDecember 1825Willis Eliza Louisa
 Birth10 January 1826Cothron Benton
 Birth7 September 1829Andrews Thomas A.
 Birth7 March 1830Woodcock Mary Frances
 BirthNovember 1832Perdue James E.
 Birth23 March 1833Andrews James Albert
 Birth18 April 1833Cothron Emily F.
 Death7 April 1834Meador Joel Joseph
 Birth25 September 1834Linville Margaret Alice
 Birth24 February 1837Cothron James Wesley
 Birth1837Gregory Sarah P. 'Sally'
 Birth6 November 1838Cothron Hannah A.
 Death1839Meador Joel W.
 Birth11 April 1842Andrews Henry H.
 Birth27 October 1842Cothron William Robert
 Death10 October 1843Simmons Thomas
 Death27 October 1843Burrow Celia 'Sealy'
 Death19 July 1844Howell Hannah
 Birth18 November 1845Meador Jeptha Jesephus 'Seph'
 Birth1845Andrews Sarah E.
 Deathabout 1845Claiborne George R.
 Deathabout 1845Willis Vincent
 Birth22 February 1846Bandy Elizabeth Jane 'Betty' Meador
 Birth24 July 1846Hargis Sarah Drucilla
 Birth9 August 1846Gregory Matilda Susan 'Tilda'
 Birth7 October 1846Merryman Robert Brothers
 Death16 October 1846Ellis Grace
 Birth20 December 1846Gregory Jesse A.
 Birth22 August 1847Walrond Agnes E.
 Birth29 August 1847Cothron William R.
 Birth29 August 1847Cothron William R. 'Bumpus'
 Birth28 December 1847Gregory Angeline Euphemia 'Cis' Beatrice
 Birth14 February 1849Andrews Harrison Alexander
 Birth29 October 1849Parker John
 Birth22 November 1849Gregory Jemima Frances Beatrice
 Marriage21 February 1850Hargis William Abner with McDonald Elizabeth Lee
 Birth5 March 1850Cothron Charles Franklin 'Charlie'
 Birth14 September 1850McDuffee Rachel Elizabeth
 Birth27 September 1850Hargis John Thomas
 Birth1850Gregory Nelson Roland
 Birth7 April 1851Gregory Henry Byron
 Birth17 January 1852Gregory Martha Susan
 Birth3 November 1852McDuffee Margaret E.
 Birth21 January 1853Gregory Ibby Adaville
 Birth6 February 1853Meador William Debow 'Dock'
 Birth19 June 1853Hargis William Lee
 Birth25 November 1854Cothron Susie Winifred
 Birth27 December 1854McDonald Mary Ann
 Birthabout 1854Gregory Elias Enoch 'Tint'
 Birth3 January 1855Gregory Harvey Smith
 Marriage11 February 1855Cothron Benton with Burrow Nancy Susan
 Birth22 March 1855McDuffee John Ansil
 Birth12 May 1855Cornwell Francis Marion
 Death1855McDonald John
 Deathabout 1855Willis Vincent
 Death13 September 1856Hargis Howell Henry
 Birth19 October 1856Cothron Sarah
 Birth4 January 1857McDuffee Nancy Susan
 Birth10 January 1857Hargis James Wyatt
 Birth6 February 1857Gregory Elizabeth
 Birth11 May 1857Gregory Sarah Jane
 Birth22 June 1857Cothron Iredell Napolean
 Birth11 July 1857Gregory Thomas Idle
 Birth15 July 1857Bratton Mahala F.
 Birth20 October 1857Parker Sarah F.
 Birth2 April 1858Leath Sarah Ann
 Birth3 April 1858Cothron Hannah Frances
 Birth24 August 1858Perdue Lydia Jane 'Sis'
 Birth29 November 1858Gregory James Henry 'Jimmy'
 Birth6 February 1859Cothron Lambert Wilson
 Birth9 March 1859Cothron Louisa "Lou" Gamila
 Birth11 May 1859Cothron Mary Elizabeth 'Eliza'
 Birth25 May 1859Gregory Julia F.
 Birth20 August 1859Parker Liza Elizabeth
 Deathabout 1859Cothron Kendall A.
 Birth3 February 1860Hargis Elias Francis
 Birth5 April 1860Sloan Mary Louise 'Mollie'
 Birth17 June 1860Brawner George R.
 Birth20 July 1860Haley Charley A.
 Birth29 August 1860Cothron Isaac Alexander
 Birth30 August 1860Perdue Missouri Emaline
 Birth29 September 1860Cothron Susan Catherine 'Susie'
 Birth29 September 1860Cothron Susan Catherine 'Susie'
 Birth12 October 1860Gregory Lucy E.
 Birth30 October 1860Cothron Martha Ann Hesselatine
 Birth24 December 1860Satterfield Marion Fernando
 Deathbefore 1860Hargis John Thomas
 Death1860Meador Emily 'Millie'
 Birth15 January 1861Andrews Martha Ann
 Birth22 January 1861Gregory Nancy A.
 Death2 May 1861Meador Ambrose C.
 Death2 May 1861Meador Ambrose C.
 Birth28 January 1862Cothron William Ransom
 Birth30 May 1862Perrigo Sarah Elizabeth 'Betty'
 Birth12 June 1862Gregory James M. 'Jim'
 Birth26 May 1863Cothron John Harrison 'Big Eyed'
 Birth13 August 1863Hargis John Franklin
 Birth8 September 1863Gregory Wiley Clemons 'Dock'
 Birth2 November 1863Gregory Joel Lee
 Birth12 November 1863Cothron James Franklin
 BirthFebruary 1864Andrews Thomas William 'Bud'
 Birth22 March 1864Gregory Rebecca Evaline 'Evie'
 Death4 May 1864Gregory Lucinda
 Birth5 June 1864Hargis Wiseman C.
 Birth17 June 1864Cothron Issac Marion
 Birth5 July 1864Dixon Mary Frances
 Death12 November 1864Uhles Charles
 Birth6 December 1864Tuck Thomas G.
 Birth30 March 1865Brawner Hannah Ada
 Birth31 March 1865Cothron Mary Abam
 Birth12 June 1865Shrum Simpson A.
 Birth21 September 1865Law James Woodford
 Birth22 November 1865Shrum William C.
 Birth6 January 1866Gregory George Abel
 Birth10 February 1866Dixon Lavina Belle 'Dale'
 Birth9 August 1866McDonald William Adolphus
 Birth2 November 1866Gregory Ukley Porter 'Up'
 Birth2 November 1866Gregory Ukley Porter 'Up'
 Birth26 November 1866Russell Erastus Rufus "Ras"
 Marriage29 December 1866Hargis William Abner with Hargis Sarah Drucilla
 Death1866McDonald Elizabeth Lee
 Birth19 April 1867Doss Weldon Marshall
 Birth5 August 1867Allen Emma
 Birth28 August 1867Bransford Richard C.
 Birth30 August 1867Brawner John Lee 'Short'
 Birth27 December 1867Hargis Eason Howell
 Birthabout 1867Cothron Rebecky E.
 Marriage16 January 1868Andrews Henry H. with Gregory Angeline Euphemia 'Cis' Beatrice
 Birth6 February 1868Gregory Margaret E.
 Birth17 February 1868Trammell Walter B.
 Birth3 March 1868Taylor Jinnie
 BirthMarch 1868Smith William Allen
 Marriage4 April 1868Cothron Lambert Moore with Johnson Catherine Armstrong
 Birth27 March 1869Gregory Ludora
 Birth17 June 1869Dixon Lucinda Jane
 Birth25 August 1869Woodcock Sydney Greene
 Birth25 August 1869Woodcock Sydney Greene
 Birth11 September 1869Gregory Jemima Epperson Elisha
 BirthOctober 1869Andrews Luverna Susan
 Death1869Hargis Mahulda
 Birth4 January 1870Carter Amma 'Amie' Lee
 Birth8 January 1870Gregory Martha J.
 Birth20 February 1870Gammon Thomas Duncan
 Birth19 April 1870Hargis Nancy C.
 Birth12 October 1870Hargis Mahala Jane 'Mahaley'
 Birth21 November 1870Cothron Drury Biance
 Birth1870Gregory Sarah Ann
 Deathbefore 1870Hesson Mary Jane
 Birth26 January 1871Andrews Eliza Jane
 Birth26 January 1871Unknown Eliza Jane
 Birth1 March 1871Gregory Dough B.
 Birth8 July 1871Merryman William Taylor
 Birth23 October 1871Cothron John Wesley
 Birth27 October 1871Kemp Elizabeth Eveline 'Bettie'
 Death1871Ellis Willis Pressmill
 Birth14 June 1872Cothron James Monroe 'Jim'
 Birth26 June 1872Cothron Allie M.
 Birth26 June 1872Cothron Nonie T.
 Birth17 November 1872Cothron Iredale Linville 'Idle'
 Birth17 November 1872Gregory Alice Hasseltine
 Birth18 November 1872Andrews John Richard 'Johnnie'
 Birth30 December 1872Hargis Clancy A. "Tena"
 Birth12 March 1873Dixon John
 Birth20 March 1873Russell Isaac B.
 Death30 March 1873Ellis James
 Birth28 November 1873Driver Sarah Edna
 Birth9 January 1874Seagraves Hannah E.
 Death28 April 1874Parker Mary
 BirthOctober 1874Gregory Isham Jefferson 'Isom'
 Birth1 December 1874Dixon Marinda Ellen
 Birth6 February 1875Kemp Marlin Murphy
 Birth27 February 1875Gregory William Henry
 Birth19 April 1875Oliver Louisa Susan 'Susie'
 Birth27 May 1875Robinson Cornelia A. 'Nelia'
 Birth26 July 1875Cothron Claudy F.
 Birth28 August 1875Gregory Marlin Jefferson
 Birth16 September 1875Russell Nancy
 Birth16 September 1875Russell Nancy Ann
 Birth22 September 1875Gilliam Mallie Gertrude
 Birth4 October 1875Gregory Thomas B.
 Marriage24 October 1875Cartwright Unknown with Gregory Sarah Jane
 Deathabout 1875Clifton Edney M.
 Birth7 January 1876Russell Ida Amanda
 Birth22 January 1876Gregory George Allen
 Death17 February 1876Cothron Hannah A.
 Birth20 February 1876Andrews Lucy Frances
 Marriage23 March 1876Andrews Thomas Jefferson 'Tom' with Cothron Susan Catherine 'Susie'
 Birth3 May 1876Gregory Mary Frances 'Mollie'
 Birth24 June 1876Hargis Robert A.
 Birth30 June 1876Gregory Gertie Caroline
 Death7 December 1876Cothron Hannah A.
 Birth9 January 1877Andrews John Eli
 Birth13 April 1877Kemp Flora S.
 Marriage13 May 1877Gregory Thomas Idle with Gann Mary Elizabeth
 Birth1 November 1877Cothron Hurley W.
 Birth24 December 1877Gregory Harvey Luster
 Birth16 March 1878Gregory Clarence
 Birth26 March 1878Gregory Mattie
 Birth27 March 1878Law Mary Flora Emaline
 Birth30 March 1878Chandler George William Monroe
 Birth18 April 1878Russell William Elijah
 BirthJune 1878Andrews George Washington
 Birth18 September 1878Hargis George William
 Death15 November 1878Meador Daniel J.
 Birth5 February 1879Brooks Judy Ann
 Birth25 May 1879Gregory Binyard
 Birth17 June 1879Dillard Robert H.
 Birth22 June 1879Gregory Wiseman Campbell
 Birth16 September 1879Patterson James Franklin
 Birth24 September 1879West Taylor Clay
 Birth2 October 1879Gammon Ida M
 Birth6 October 1879Cothron Walter Eugene
 Birth30 October 1879Gregory James Clinton
 Birth12 December 1879Gregory Ida
 Birth1879Gregory Franklin Pearson
 Birth12 January 1880Russell Noah Wilson
 Birth11 February 1880Gregory James Harlin
 Birth7 March 1880Driver Nelia Alice 'Nellie'
 Birth17 April 1880Gregory Viola Frances
 Birth9 August 1880Roark Lela Myrtle
 BirthSeptember 1880Kemp Harvey Murphy
 Death5 December 1880Gregory Joseph R. 'Joe Red'
 BirthDecember 1880Gregory Adolphus Martin
 Death1880Gammon Mary Ann
 Deathabout 1880Meador William Anderson
 Deathafter 1880Owen Sarah M. "Sallie"
 Death1880Shrum Margaret H.
 Death1880Andrews Albert James
 Death1880Wilkerson Nancy S.
 Birth10 January 1881Cothron Horance
 Birth12 January 1881Russell Robert Leroy
 Birth9 February 1881Hargis Mary Jane
 Birth29 August 1881Cartwright Aldoria
 BirthAugust 1881Cartwright Aldora
 Birth15 September 1881Halliburton Alice Josephine
 Birth1 October 1881Gregory Daniel Jackson
 Death10 October 1881Cothron Horance
 Birth17 October 1881Shrum Artie M.
 Birth21 October 1881Brawner William Oscar
 Death11 November 1881Cothron Hurley W.
 Death15 December 1881Cothron Claudy F.
 BirthDecember 1881Andrews Thomas Jefferson
 Birth1881Cartwright Aldoria
 Birth1881Meador Effie Adelyn
 Birth9 February 1882Willis James Seaaborn 'Jim'
 Death24 February 1882Leath Manerva D.
 BirthMarch 1882Gregory Willie Milford
 Birth24 May 1882Green Charlie Franklin
 Death26 May 1882Meador William Anderson
 Birth12 July 1882Gregory Flora
 Birth13 November 1882Gregory Joseph Red
 Birth1 January 1883Cothron William Dailey
 Birth30 January 1883Kemp Wiley Woodford
 Birth3 February 1883Patterson Eli Richard
 Birth11 April 1883McDuffee Eli Curtis
 Birth29 June 1883Carr Elizabeth 'Lizzie'
 Death23 July 1883Hargis Nancy C.
 BirthOctober 1883Climer Cora Elizabeth
 Birth1883Andrews Julia
 Birth12 March 1884Patterson Miles 'Pierce'
 Birth24 March 1884Driver Allie L.
 Birth8 April 1884Sloan Isaac Newton 'Newt'
 Death14 June 1884Shrum Pleasant Franklin
 Death2 July 1884Gammon Nancy
 Birth2 August 1884Gregory Johnnie Myrtle
 Birth3 August 1884Andrews Druey Allen 'Druey'
 Birth9 August 1884Gregory Anna Ola
 Birth16 December 1884Gregory Ada
 Birth12 February 1885Kemp Julia Myrtle 'Mittie'
 Death4 April 1885Parker Tabitha
 Birth1 May 1885Russell Armintie
 Death5 May 1885Linville Iredell Hiram 'Idell'
 Birth19 July 1885Hargis Minnie Lee
 Birth26 July 1885McDuffee Nomie Obera
 Birth26 August 1885Cassetty Bailey Peyton
 Birth24 November 1885Hargis Fannie Gabelle
 Birth20 December 1885Andrews Ercie Hannah Adeline
 Birth19 January 1886Tuck Bertha Trude
 BirthFebruary 1886Cothron Horton Wilson
 Birth3 July 1886Cothron William Bailey 'Will'
 Marriage11 July 1886Hargis Eason Howell with Carter Amma 'Amie' Lee
 Birth23 July 1886Satterfield Mattie Ligon
 Birth14 September 1886Gregory Orthey Lillard
 Birth6 October 1886Carman Fannie Hill
 Birth19 October 1886Kemp Dora Lee
 Birth28 November 1886Gregory Edgar Lee
 Birth28 December 1886Haley Samanthia E. 'Mamie'
 Birthabout 1886Gregory Ethella
 Birth1886Shoulders Palestine
 Birth4 March 1887Andrews Daisy Cleora 'Ora'
 Birth3 June 1887Patterson John A.

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