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United States of America - TN Tennessee - Rutherford CO.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth11 November 1848Bowling Hannah Jane



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Rutherford Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death28 November 1848Yardley Thomas Newton
 Marriage16 January 1849Word John C. with Wade Caroline M.
 Marriage7 April 1849Pitts Benjamin E. with McGinnis Mary
 Death8 August 1849Helton Peter
 Birth1 July 1850Pitts Martha Elizabeth
 BirthAugust 1850Yardley Sarah N.
 Marriage22 December 1850Saunders John Philip with Wasson Sophia W.
 Death1850Brandon Sarah 'Sallie'
 Deathafter 1850Sloan Ann Elizabeth
 Deathbefore 1850Willey Rachel
 Deathafter 1850Sloan John P.
 Deathafter 1850Jetton Margaret W.
 Birth1850Sloan Mary W.
 Birth1850Jameson Edmond Peter
 Deathbefore 1850Jameson William
 BirthFebruary 1851Jamison Edmund Howard 'Ed'
 Marriage11 October 1851Anthony Casper with Pitts Mary F.
 Marriage11 October 1851Anthony Jasper N. with Pitts Mary Elizabeth
 Marriage22 October 1851Burnette Thomas Jefferson with Cantrell Rachael
 Marriage29 November 1851Brandon George Americus with Gregory Eliza A.
 Birth18 December 1851Brandon Easter Sidney
 Marriage23 December 1851Towns William Carroll with Covington Lucinda E.
 Birth12 April 1852Traylor Thomas Andrew Jackson
 Birth26 September 1852Towns William Hardy
 Birth27 September 1852Jones William Matthew
 Birth22 November 1853Jamison Dorsey Albert
 Marriage28 November 1854Ward Raford C. with Bone Margaret Melissa
 Birth23 December 1854Tennison Bettie
 Death15 October 1855Yardley John Washington
 Marriage9 December 1855Macon John with Ramsey Martha Ann
 Birth2 April 1856Towns Sophronia J.
 Death18 December 1856Yardley Benjamin
 Birth9 February 1857Compton Logan Lonzo "LL"
 Marriage21 February 1857Doughtery John with Pitts Nancy
 Birth22 February 1857Lawrence Fannie Matilda
 Birth19 June 1857Arnett Thomas William
 Marriageabout 1858Crockett Robert Payne with Watkins Mary Elizabeth
 Marriage7 September 1859Prater Philip Jackson with Fulks Mary Ann
 Birth16 November 1859Sloan James Mathias
 Marriage8 February 1860Jameson Burgess H. with Bennett Martha J. Cox
 Birth12 February 1860Shelton Emily Tennessee
 Birth13 October 1860Jamison Sam J.
 Marriage26 December 1860Carter John F. with Jamison Sallie Gannaway
 Marriage26 December 1860Henry John L. with Jamison Susan Cornelia
 Marriage26 December 1860Jamison Robert David with Patterson Camilla
 Death7 October 1861Sloan Isaac N.
 Marriage21 November 1861Jamison William Robert 'Bud' with Shelton Mary Jane
 Birthabout 1861Brandon Martha
 Birth1861Brandon Matilda Daniel
 Birth15 January 1862Walkup Andrew Jackson
 Birth19 January 1862Brandon Sallie Angeline
 Birth9 September 1862Jamison Martha Lavina
 Birth3 November 1862Helton Benjamin Franklin
 Birth17 January 1863Sloan Newton Yaniel
 Birth19 June 1863Brandon Sally Angeline
 Birth15 July 1863Jameson Sarah Thomas
 Death23 December 1863Scott Nancy Wyatt
 Birth6 January 1864Young Maggie
 Birth6 January 1864Young Sally
 Marriage1 March 1864Pitts Anderson L. with North Elizabeth
 DeathApril 1865Briggs Elizabeth
 Death1 August 1865Daniel Thurston
 Marriage24 August 1865Fulks John Washington with Fox Margaret Jane 'Maggie'
 Birth15 September 1865Jamison Elizabeth 'Lizzie'
 Death20 August 1866Kelton Molly
 Birth3 October 1866Pitts Martha Josephine
 Deathabout 1866Sloan Archibald G.
 Birth10 August 1867Kelton William T.
 Marriage29 October 1867Boyd John Wesley 'Tex' with Pitts Susan Anna 'Annie'
 Birth21 August 1868Benson James W. 'Jess'
 Death17 October 1868Kirkham Nancy
 Birth25 October 1868Boyd Mary Ann
 Deathabout 1868Bowling James Marshall
 Marriage19 January 1869Pitts Marshall Ezekial with Helton Elizabeth Belefield
 Birth28 February 1869McDaniel Julia Ann
 Birth4 May 1869Nolen William Henry 'Will'
 Birth2 September 1870Arnette Mattie 'Matt\Nattie' Goacher
 Marriage25 October 1870Bowling Jessie Stokes with Peyton Mary Jane
 Birth28 October 1870Jamison Samual Allen 'Allie'
 Deathafter 1870Sloan Mary W.
 Death1870Brandon William Graham
 Deathabout 1870Brandon Thomas McGuire
 Birth17 September 1872Jamison Andrew Martin
 Birth21 September 1872Spain Marguerite
 Birth27 September 1872Riddle Sophia T.
 Death2 November 1872Parker Susan Donnelson
 Birth1872Pittard Benjamin Franklin
 Marriage2 January 1873Miller Thomas with Jamison Mattie
 Marriage14 January 1873Pitts John with Freeman Susan
 Birth23 February 1873Free John Martin
 Death6 March 1873Jamison Thomas Allen
 Marriage19 April 1873Fletcher Thomas with Jamison Flora
 Birth17 October 1873Jamison Caroline Emily
 Marriage20 October 1873Carpenter Jesse with Jamison Rebecca
 Birth16 December 1873Jamison Thomas Allen 'Tom'
 Birth15 January 1874Jamison John C. 'Johnnie'
 Marriage1 April 1874Parker James Isaac with Jamison Sarah Eastwood
 Marriage1 April 1874Parker I. S. with Jamison Sarah Eastwood
 Birth20 June 1874Boyd Sarah Ellen
 Marriage24 December 1874Jamison James William with Bowling Hannah Jane
 Birth12 March 1875Pittard Robert Houston
 Birth30 March 1875Lee George Wesley
 Birth24 August 1875Pittard John Peyton
 Marriage21 December 1875Jamison James H. with Ivie P. J.
 Marriage22 March 1877Jamison Milton F. with Brown Labanna
 DeathMarch 1877Jamison Nancy Eliza
 Marriage17 October 1877Jamison Calvin Allen with Sanford Margaret L.
 Birth14 February 1878Jamison Mary 'Zettie'
 Marriage19 May 1878Arnett Thomas William with Sneed Virginia Alice
 Marriage29 October 1878Pitts J. R. with Owen Ana
 Marriage3 November 1878Jarman A. Frank with Pitts Maggie M.
 Death1878Shelton Samuel
 Marriage1878Batey William with Brandon Mary E.
 Marriage4 January 1879Jameson Robert Scott with Elder Fanny "Fannie"
 Marriage23 January 1879Miller C. H. with Jamison Tennie
 Marriage4 February 1879Jamison Abe with Carter Susan
 Marriage4 May 1879Towns William Hardy with Young Sally
 Birth16 September 1879Jamison Andrew Jackson
 Marriage22 October 1879Gannon Andrew Jackson with Lawrence Fannie Matilda
 Marriage24 October 1879Walkup Andrew Jackson with Brandon Sally Angeline
 Birth28 November 1879Traylor Charles Allen 'Charley'
 Marriage23 December 1879Sloan James Mathias with Jamison Martha Lavina
 Death28 February 1880Hetty E. Hetta or
 Marriage5 May 1880Dickens Quitman Prater with Pitts Emma
 Marriage5 May 1880Pitts B. M. with Zumbro Katie
 Marriage5 May 1880Pitts Benjamin M. with Zumbro Katherine Catiolonia "Katie"
 Marriage27 July 1880Pitts Marshall Ezekial with Sanford Tennessee 'Tennie' Elmira
 Birth21 August 1880Sloan William Isaac 'Willie'
 BirthAugust 1880Towns Sarah Elizabeth 'Lizzie'
 Marriage20 November 1880Pitts Anderson with Lance Martha J.
 Death1880Brandon George Americus
 Birth1880Jameson Thomas Edmund Welbourne
 Birth25 March 1881Boyd John Wesley
 Birth21 May 1881Gannon Joseph Jackson
 Birth13 December 1881Hoover Ammor
 Marriage4 March 1882Boyd Anderson with Miles Mary Jane
 Birth25 June 1882Sloan Nannie
 Birth10 July 1882Bowling John William
 Marriage26 August 1882Jamison Jack with Voss Lizzie Watkins
 Marriage27 August 1882Fulks James Madison with Frizzell Pamelia
 Marriage29 November 1882McKnight James L. with Pitts Susie
 Birth13 October 1883Boyd Robert Murray
 Birth26 February 1884Compton Grover Cleveland
 Birth2 March 1884Gannon Leroy Columbus
 Birth16 March 1884Jameson Elizabeth
 Birth24 July 1884Bowling Ella
 Marriage30 July 1884Ogilvie William Harris with Ogilvie Annie Lou
 Birth11 February 1885Sloan Mary Margaret
 Birth13 March 1885Helton Joe David 'Doc'
 Death19 December 1885Pitts Matthew
 Birth28 December 1885Reed Annie Jane
 Birth30 July 1886Gannon Assarah Homer
 Birth1 August 1887Pitts Pierce Willis
 Birth7 September 1887Sloan Nettie
 Death9 November 1887Coleman Sarah Ann
 Birth7 March 1888Boyd Ida Dora
 Death1888Brandon Nancy
 BirthJune 1889Jameson Margaret 'Maggie'
 Death23 October 1889Young Sally
 Marriage8 December 1889Jamison Samual Allen 'Allie' with Arnette Mattie 'Matt\Nattie' Goacher
 Birth12 September 1890Jamison Tennie
 Marriage23 November 1890Towns William Hardy with Young Maggie
 Birth22 February 1891Brandon Margaret Frances
 Birth8 July 1891Hoover Ella
 Birth21 July 1891Helton Jessie
 DeathJuly 1891Nolen Martha Anna 'Annie'
 Birth22 September 1891Sloan Sally
 Birth4 January 1892Gannon Dallas Edward
 Birth13 February 1892Jamison Joseph Wesley
 Birth13 February 1893Boyd Thomas Aaron
 Birth3 November 1893Hall John Preston
 Birth1 December 1893Sloan Flora
 Marriage1893Wiggs John E. with Jameson Sarah Thomas
 Birth3 May 1894Gannon James Walter
 Birth18 August 1894Alford Joe
 Birth7 October 1894Hall Robert Boyd
 Death31 March 1895Jamison Carrie A.
 Death5 September 1895Towns William Carroll
 Birth18 September 1895Wiggs Mary Catherine
 Birth22 January 1896Hall Benjamin Gilbert 'Bennie'
 Birth19 October 1896Gannon Andrew Dotsy
 Death24 October 1896Gannon James Walter
 Death1896Brandon Abraham
 Marriage10 February 1897Jamison William Bergan with Smith Betty 'Berdie'
 Birth29 June 1897Sloan Robert 'Bob' S.
 Birth16 July 1897Zumbro Laura Mable
 Marriage9 March 1898Richardson John L. with Pittard Ruth Elizabath
 Birth17 August 1898Nolen Annie Voras
 Birth17 August 1898Nolen Vestal Nannie
 Birth26 December 1898Gannon Fred Mitchel
 Deathabout 1898Pittard John Peyton
 Birth17 April 1899Hall George Washington
 Marriage7 October 1899Macon David Harrison "Uncle Dave" with Richardson Mary Matilda
 Death21 November 1899Covington Lucinda E.
 Death3 December 1899Lawrence Joseph Paul
20 century
 Birth28 February 1900Sloan James Wesley 'Jim'
 Marriage18 July 1900Sloan William Isaac 'Willie' with Shaw Minnie Bell
 Marriage25 July 1900Walkup Andrew Jackson with Brandon Sallie Angeline
 Marriage25 July 1900Helton Thomas Franklin with Walkup Eva Elizabeth
 Death1900Zumbro Carrie Melba
 Death1900Zumbro Katherine Catiolonia "Katie"
 Deathafter 1900Fulks Caroline
 Birth19 May 1901Macon Archie Emory Jessie
 Deathabout 7 June 1901Sloan Nannie
 Birth11 October 1901Helton Clarence Lee
 Marriage20 October 1901Bowling Jim with McCrary Retter Louvinia
 Birth31 October 1901Hall Joseph Frank 'Joe'
 Death1901Daniel George Anderson 'Jesse'
 Birth23 February 1903Weeks Melissa Irene
 Birth20 March 1903Hall Henry James
 Birth8 May 1903Free James William
 Birth10 June 1903Macon John Henry David
 Birth12 June 1903Jamison Jesse L.
 Birth13 September 1903Helton Andrew Thurmon
 DeathNovember 1903Helton Susannah
 Birthabout 1903Sloan Eugenia
 Birthabout 1903Sloan John F.
 Birth5 May 1905Parker Lottie White
 Birth5 May 1905Towns Eva C.
 Birth28 July 1905Pittard Ernest Holmes
 Birth15 September 1905Helton Nellie Mae
 Marriage24 April 1906Pitts Murrell Mathew with Zumbro Lola Pearl
 Birth16 September 1906Macon Harry Harrison
 Marriage27 October 1906Helton Joe David 'Doc' with Reed Annie Jane
 Marriage22 December 1906Jamison James Robert with Helton Zettie Rosetta
 Birthabout 1906Sloan Myrtle
 Death18 March 1907Brandon George Thurston
 Death28 May 1907Jamison John C. 'Johnnie'
 Death17 June 1907Bone Margaret Melissa
 Birth26 October 1907Hall Andrew Jackson
 Marriage30 November 1907Besher Shirley C. with Helton Ida
 Birth22 June 1908Macon Glenn Samuel
 Marriage10 December 1908Sanders John Clayton with Jarman Ersie
 Birthabout 1908Sloan James E.
 Deathabout 1908Sloan Nettie
 Birth22 July 1910Macon Dorris Robert Vanderbilt
 Death14 August 1910Jamison Edman D.
 Birth22 August 1910Pittard James Edward
 Death13 September 1910Shelton Mary Jane
 Marriage25 December 1910Helton Paul M. with Jamison Ella
 Marriageabout 1910Pittard John Peyton with Sneed Ida
 Marriage8 January 1911Boyd Moses Clayton with Jamison Caroline Emily
 Birth13 January 1911Hall Maudie Irene
 Birth21 July 1911Henderson Ceacy Ruth
 Death20 October 1911Ogilvie William Franklin 'Frank'
 Birth21 December 1911Pittard Homer P. 'Nick'
 Marriage28 December 1911Ridley Knox with Crockett Sarah Elizabeth Sally
 Birth1911Jamison James Robert
 Death27 April 1912Jamison James Robert
 Birth17 May 1912Jamison Homer Kelsor
 Birth1 July 1912Bogle Nannie Elizabeth
 Death2 September 1912Sneed Ida
 Birth1912A. Bessie
 Birth6 February 1913Macon Esten Gray
 Death13 July 1913Benson James W. 'Jess'
 Death19 October 1913Young Maggie
 Birth15 August 1914Helton Rosie Ella
 Marriage26 November 1914Gannon Assarah Homer with Sloan Flora
 Birth25 May 1915Jaco Gladys Mae
 Marriage20 June 1915Jamison Joseph Wesley with Campbell Ida 'Birdie'
 Marriage29 August 1915Jamison Eddie Lee with Putman Martha 'Patty'
 Marriage19 July 1916Jones James Jonathan with Jamison Ella Ann 'Ellie\Anna'
 Birth30 October 1916Brandon John Anderson
 Birth13 March 1917Gannon Homer Jackson
 Death23 April 1917Helton Infant Boy
 Death15 May 1917Jamison Infant Boy
 Death20 April 1918Brandon John Anderson
 Birth19 August 1918Alsup Walter Freeman
 Death1 November 1918Bowling Jessie Stokes
 Death3 November 1918Jamison Mary Caroline
 Death14 December 1918Jamison Elizabeth 'Lizzie'
 Death1918Zumbro Thomas Washington
 Marriage27 April 1919Jamison William Robert 'Willie' with Shipp Hattie Mae
 Birth12 May 1919Macon Paul Franklin
 Death12 January 1920Helton Sara Etta (Ellen?)
 Birth18 May 1920Pitts Emory Dale
 Marriage5 July 1921Helton Willie M. with Jamison Hannah Novella
 Death9 December 1922Jamison Mary Alleen
 Birth15 December 1922Gannon William Lawrence
 Birth18 July 1923Jernigan Mary Evelyn
 Death15 August 1923Jamison Mary 'Zettie'
 Death16 August 1923Jamison Eliza
 Marriage27 February 1924Goodwin John Abraham with Pirtle Goldie
 Marriage24 December 1924Tennpenny Ernest Lemuel with Pittard Bessie Octavia
 Death28 December 1924Benson George Washington
 Marriage11 April 1925Jamison William Sheriff with Covington Flora
 Birth17 September 1925Jamison Ralph Homer
 Birth16 November 1925Boyd Georgie Belle
 Death10 January 1926Jamison Joseph Andrew
 Death8 May 1926Prater Amanda E.
 Birth13 September 1926Alford Robert Ley Chester
 Death1926Adams Walter M.
 Birth25 March 1927Pittard Nellie Lee
 Death16 February 1928Gannon Joseph Jackson
 Death24 February 1928Gannon John William
 Death9 May 1928Pitts Benjamin M.
 Death29 June 1928Alford Robert Ley Chester
 Death18 August 1928Sloan Newton Yaniel
 Death15 December 1928Traylor Thomas Andrew Jackson
 Marriage25 January 1929Pittard Samuel Ray with Bogle Nannie Elizabeth
 Death12 April 1929Boyd Sarah Ellen
 Marriage27 December 1930Pittard James Edward with Taylor Hassie

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