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Lebanon - Wilson Co, TN

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Dice Vesta Pearl
 Birth?Massey Walter Joseph



Lebanon - Wilson Co. Memorial Park, TN

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Holland Ruth Leatrice Gregory-Vant 'Lea'
 Burial?Vantrease Robert Elroy 'Bob'



Lebanon - Wilson Co. TN

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth4 November 1925Massey Nerma Frances
 Death23 December 1990Jamison Ralph Homer
 Death14 January 1995Massey Nerma Frances



Lebanon - Wilson Co., Tennessee

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Marriage7 May 1825Clifton Thomas with Seat Nancy
 Birth9 October 1888Williams Howard Homer
20 century
 Marriage24 August 1963Jamison Joe Anthony with Winkler Patricia Lynnette
 Death30 March 1988Word Ollie Lee
21 century
 Death2 May 2009Hayes Irene Frances



Lebanon - Wilson Co., TN Ridgewood Cem., Smith Co. TN

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death6 December 1948Baker Lemuel Silas



Lebanon - Wilson Co., TN.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 BirthDecember 1877Orand Maggie O.
20 century
 Death14 January 1960Jamison Robert Taylor 'Bob'



Lebanon - Wilson Co., TN

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Dies Gwendolyn
19 century
 Birth10 March 1828Phipps Mary Pauline
 Marriage12 January 1835Word William Moss with Phipps Mary Pauline
 Birth12 February 1847Word Elvira Elizabeth
 Birth13 February 1869Word James Harvey 'Jim'
 Death7 April 1875Phipps Mary Pauline
20 century
 Death27 March 1930Bransford Lue Ora
 Death22 December 1944White Julia Anne
 Birth29 August 1949Jamison Jerry Daniel
 Death20 January 1950Toney William Alvis
 Death2 March 1950Fisher Peggy Ann
 Birth20 May 1950Norton William Larry
 Death4 March 1955Andrews Robert Leland
 Death26 February 1958Crook Matilda 'Tilda'
 Death27 December 1961Driver Lon
 Death19 May 1963Sloan Isaac Newton 'Newt'
 Death10 August 1963Gregory James Elston 'Junior'
 Birth7 November 1963Driver Rondall Allen
 Death14 January 1965Gregory James Elston 'JE'
 Death28 September 1966Jamison Jerry Daniel
 Marriage24 November 1974Norton William Larry with Winkler Sherrie Eileen
 Death29 March 1975Beasley Gardner Agnes
 Death15 March 1977McDonald Synthia Arlie
 Birth26 July 1979Hunt Snowi Dawn
 Death3 March 1981Bransford Marlin Mitchell
 Death21 May 1981Andrews Estelle
 Birth13 June 1986Cothron Randy Renee
 Death13 September 1986Doss Lizzie Ruth
 Death23 August 1987Gregory Burvie Galen
 Death3 March 1988Porter Garrett Brockett
 Death22 May 1994Andrews Vernon Alexander
 Death4 August 1995Jamison Kathleen Viola
 Death11 September 1995Rodgers James Hobert
 Death2 October 1995Gregory Jewel L.
 Death9 January 1999Bransford Edgie Eldon
21 century
 Death21 July 2000Sloan Marjorie Faye
 Death17 October 2003Searcey Charles Phillip
 Death6 February 2004Gammon Betty Lou
 Death30 September 2004Driver Jessie Laverne
 Death1 October 2005Sandlin Minnie Belle
 Death31 December 2005Vantrease Robert Elroy 'Bob'
 Death4 May 2010Driver James Calson
 Death20 July 2010Gregory Frankie
 Death21 January 2015Morgan Delcie Opal



Lebanon - Wilson, TN

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death2 March 1947Beal Cora




Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth7 November 1944Thayer Fred Ralph



Mexico - Carlsbad, Eddy Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth21 October 1957Dority Larry Howard



Mexico - Miami Co., IN

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death12 May 1863Jameson Alexander



Mexico - Texico

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death17 January 1924Fulks Calvin




Event TypeDateIndividual
1 century
 Birth5 MAR 1584/85von Hessen Landgraf Friedrich



Morocco - 1873

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth13 January 1822Cothron James Caroll



Morocco - Mar. 16, 1937

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth30 March 1928Gregory Grace Angeline




Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Myre Elida H.
16 century
 Birthabout 1594Doodes William
17 century
 Birthabout 1618Johnson Mary Guerat
 Birthabout 1628Tennison John
18 century
 Birth1 May 1745Anthony Jacob



Netherlands - Amsterdam

Event TypeDateIndividual
17 century
 Death1613Clifton Richard



Netherlands - Rotherdam

Event TypeDateIndividual
17 century
 Birth1610Minor Mairedort



Netherlands - Springfield Township Cemetery, Lucas Co., OH

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Moore Anna Josephine
 Burial?Searcey Charles Lee



Netherlands - NB Noord-Brabant - Grave

Event TypeDateIndividual
15 century
 Birthabout 1432Guelders Mary of



New Zealand - Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Marriage?Jaques Thomas with Jameson Sarah Ann



Norway - England, Sogn og Fjordane

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Death?Smith Catherine



Pakistan - Pind Dadan Khan

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Noah Ham ben



Panama - FL

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth16 January 1996Mitchell Lindsey




Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Dato Zenaida
20 century
 Birth4 June 1960Dato Marilou Banaria




Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 BirthJanuary 1862Fuchs John
 BirthDecember 1864Lautenschlager Anna
 Birth4 July 1884Fox (Fuchs) Mary Elizabeth
 Birth19 August 1886Fuchs Conrad
 Birth31 October 1888Fuchs George
 BirthMarch 1890Fuchs Phillip



Russia - Schwab Village, Volga River

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth15 April 1884Ehrhart Henry




Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Marriage?MacMils Hermon 'Eermon' of the Horses Erimon with Lugdach Tea ingen



Spain - GLC Galicia - 1739 BC

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Death?Brian Breogan 'Brigus'



Spain - MDR Madrid - Alcala de Henares

Event TypeDateIndividual
15 century
 Birth16 December 1485de Aragon Catherine



Sudan - Lamb Co., Texas

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth1 February 1944Wallace Drucilla Vickie



Sudan - Lamb Co.. Texas

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Marriage20 February 1970Hargrove Hilous Alford with Sharp Sarah "Lulu"




Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birthabout 1886 Edith S.



Switzerland - Zell, Zurick Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
18 century
 Birth5 June 1739Winkler Conradt



Switzerland - ZH Zurich - probable Zell

Event TypeDateIndividual
18 century
 Birthabout 1737Winkler Hans Domas 'Thomas'



Switzerland - ZH Zurich - Zell

Event TypeDateIndividual
1 century
 Birth30 JAN 1733/34Winkler Hans Jacob



Ukraine - abt 2003 BC, Scythia

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date



United Kingdom

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Death?Nunwich Catherine
 Birth?Key Sara
 Death?Gatland Fortune
 Birth?Unknown Joane
 Birth?Brickcombe Joan
 Death?Black Catherine
 Marriage?Billingsley Henry with Bourne Elizabeth
 Birth?Bradford John
 Birth?Smith Thomas
 Birth?Wolcott Christopher
 Death?de Quarles Ralph
 Birth?Unknown Elizabeth
 Marriage?Martyn Anthony with White Alice
 Birth?Jenkins Richard
 Death?Cooke Robert
 Birth?Beer Samuel J
 Death?Parker John
 Death?de Bidum Egaline
 Birth?Rucker Thomas
 Death6 JAN 1567/68Saunders Dorthy
 Death3 MAR 1574/75Cooke John Carewe
6 century
 Death544King Wihtgar
10 century
 Birthabout 905Smith Catherine
 Birth974Black Catherine
 Birth988Edmund II
 Birth995Marrin Josephine
11 century
 Death1041Cooke William
12 century
 Birth1107Londoniis Eschyna de Molle
 Birth1117de Warenne Ada
 Death1127Mallory Bertram
 Birth1142Unknown Joan
 Birthabout 1179Unknown Nichola
13 century
 Marriageabout 1204De Champflour Thomas with Unknown Nichola
 Marriageabout 1224Le Waleys Ralph with de Champflour Joan
 Birth1244Kilpie Stacie
 Death1290Kilpie Stacie
15 century
 Birth1417Gyles Alice
 Marriage1430Pyke Hugh with Wynne Elizabeth
 Birth1434Butler Margaret
 Birth1444Clifton Robert
 Death1466Goodwin John
 Marriage1472Buckler John with Compton Mary
 Death1481Gyles Alice
 Birth1485Cooke Humphrey
 Birth1487Markham Richard
16 century
 Death1510Compton Mary
 Marriage1511Bishop Thomas with Gray F.
 Death1514Clifton Robert
 Birth1515Clifton Thomas
 Marriageabout 1518Dawe Phillip with Unknown
 Birth1520Driver Robert
 Birth1521Hemingham Anne
 Marriage1530Brewster William with Man Maude
 Birth1530Saunders Dorthy
 Death1538Buck Emma
 Birthabout 1540Driver Thomas
 Birth1540Godwyn William
 Birth7 December 1545Stewart Henry
 Birth1549 Margery
 Birthabout 1550Parker John
 Birth1551Tester Alse
 Birth1556Jenkins David
 Birthabout 1558Todd William Gulielmus
 Birthabout 1560Unknown Thomasine
 Birthabout 1562Gatland Fortune
 Birthabout 1564Jordan Samuel
 Birth1581Johns John
 BirthNovember 1584Linville Edward
 Death1586Hodgson Thomas
 Birth1586Jenkins David
 Birth1595Bishop Beatrice
17 century
 Death1601Clifton Thomas
 Birth1 October 1607Wolcott John
 Marriage1614Linville Edward with Page Jane Alice
 Birthabout 1619Joanes Elizabeth
 Death1625Page Jane Alice
 Birthabout 1627Hubbard Matthew
 Birthabout 1630Ellis John
 Birthabout 1630Beasley Robert
 Birth1630White Joanna
 Birth1635Bledsoe George
 Death1638Bishop Beatrice
 Birthabout 1640Upright Margery
 Birthabout 1645Goodwin Robert
 Birth1650Gaines Bernard
 Birth1650Pettibone John
 Birth1655Faulkner Thomas
 Birth1662Blankenship Ralph
 Birth1662Brandon John
 Birth1664Fielding Elizabeth
 Birthabout 1685Perdieu John
18 century
 Birthabout 1700Jamison John
 Birth1731Von Wettin Charlotte Sophie
 Birth1 July 1769Boyd John
19 century
 BirthJune 1828Beattie John W.
21 century
 Death1 March 2009Park Lorna Helen

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