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Note NI00132 :

Individuals : Andrews Barbara Jean


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Individuals : Morgan James William


Note NI00134 :

Individuals : McClard James
Moved to Kentucky after married.


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Individuals : Kinnaird Jeffrey J.


Note NI00136 :

Individuals : Kinnaird Larry G.


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Individuals : Cook Walter


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Individuals : Kinnaird Paul H.


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Individuals : Turns


Note NI00140 :

Individuals : Andrews Ephraim
This transcription is provided by Ed Driskill for Ephraim Andrews -
ANDREWS and related lines of Virginia Tennessee Pennsylvania Ohio
The Last Will and Testament of Ephraim Andrews
aim Andrews
Note: This document comes from a handwritten instrument, found in thefiles
of the Williamson County TN courthouse Archives. I believe it tobe
the Last Will and Testament of Ephraim Andrews, son of WilliamAndrews
(b. 1696 Henrico VA, d. 1771 Dinwiddie VA), son of Thomas Andrews
(b. 1663 England, d. 1731 Henrico VA. Came to VA on ship Richardand
Elizabeth ). Subsequent lawsuits stemming from the execution ofthis
will also are on file in Williamson Co TN archives.
CONC ofthis
In the name of God, amen. I, Ephraim Andrews of Williamson County doappoint
and ordain this to be my last will and testament.
drews of Williamson County
Item. I lend to my beloved wife, Ann Andrews, the whole of my estate,both
real and personal during her life or widowhood.
ews, the whole of my estate,both
Item. And all the rest of my estate both real and personal after mywife's
decease or widowhood, I desire should be equally divided amongst my
six children, to wit; George, Knacy H., Ephraim, Stacy, Elizabethand
Nancy, with the following exceptions to wit;
H., Ephraim, Stacy,
Item; I give and bequeath to my beloved wife the sum of six hundred and
eighty two dollars, to be disposed of as she may think proper.
sum of six hundred and
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Knacy Andrews a tract of landcontaining
one hundred acres joining Benjamin Buggs line, running on his ownline for (compliment? ).
Item. I give to son Ephraim Andrews the one half of the tract of land Inow
live on.
ompliment? ).
Item. I lend to my daughter, Elizabeth YOUNG, the other half of the landthat
I now live on, joining 73 acres and (Beggers?) line.
NT Item. I lend to my daughter, Elizabeth YOUNG, the other half of the
Item My will and desire is that (Pat, Vine & Nelson?) with theirincrease
and whatsoever part of my estate or the produce of it as may fallto
the share of my daughter Elizabeth, then to remain in the hands ofmy
Executors, hereafter named, as long as her present husband shalllive,
and at his death, her part of my estate is to be delivered by themto
her, or in case of her dying before him, my executors are hereby
required and empowered to divide her part of my estate equallyamong
such children as she may leave, except Rebeckah Kyle, to which my
desire is that she may have but one dollar.
red to divide her part of my estate equallyamong
Item. I give and bequeath to my Grandson Howard YOUNG the sum of tenpounds
cash to be laid out for him at the descretion of my executors,after
my wife's decease.
my Grandson Howard YOUNG the sum of
Item. My will and desire is that the price with the hire of one negrofellow
named Tom that is now in the possession of George Andrews andWilliam
Drumwright, shall be taken out of their part of the estate, andthe two
hundred dollars that George Andrews paid the said Drumwright forTom is
to be subtracted out of the said Drumwright's part of said negro.
t of the estate, andthe
Lastly, I appoint my beloved wife Ann, my son Knacy, and Benjamin Bugg to
execute this, my last will and testament. In witness, whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of July, one thousand,
eight hundred and seven. Signed and sealed and pronounced by thetestator as
his last will and testament, in presence of each other have subscribed our
seal this eighteenth day of July, one thousand,
Miles MaloneEphraim Andrews
William Baringhis mark X
Which foregoing recited will and testament was duly proven in open court
January session, 1809, by the oaths of miles Malone and William Baring,the
subscribing witnesses thereto, to be the act and deed of Ephraim Andrewsfor
the use and purposes therein expressed. At which session Benjamin Bugg
qualified as executor, and at April session 1809 Ann Andrews and KnacyAndrews
came into court and qualified likewise and received letters Testamentory.
CONC Andrewsfor
Information related to Ephraim Andrews' estate after his death.
r, and at April session 1809 Ann Andrews and
Note: After the death of Ephraim Andrews Sr. in 1808, the will wasapparently
not probated until after the death of his wife, Ann, in 1811.Benjamin
Bugg also died, leaving Knacy Andrews as the sole survivingexecutor.
Apparently, he did not satisfy the terms of the will, and after the
death of his sister Elizabeth Young (in 1818), her children filedin
circuit court to have Knacy Andrews provide an accounting of the
proceeds of the estate of Ephraim Andrews, and to 'come up' withthe
share of the proceeds which rightfully belonged to ElizabethYoung, or
her estate. The handwriting of this document is almostunreadable,
so some words may not be correct, and many are just left out(......).
I believe, however, that what is here speaks for itself.
CONT share of the proceeds which rightfully belonged to ElizabethYoung,
To the Honorable Judge of the Fourth District Court of the State ofTennessee.
CONC almostunreadable,
This bill of complaint of William Young, administrator of the estate of
Elizabeth Young, dec'd, and Francis Young, Thomas Young, Ephraim Young,
Michael Young, Howard Young by his guardian William Young, Joseph Youngand
Elizabeth his wife, George Ridley and Martha his wife, Obadiah Driskilland
Nancy his wife, and William Kyle and Rebecca his wife, heirs of Elizabeth
Young, deceased, complainants against Knacy Andrews, surviving executor of
the last will and testament of Ephraim Andrews dec'd., defendant.
Humbly complaining, showeth unto your honor, your orators and oratrixes,that
many years ago, this ancestor and grandfather, Ephraim Andrews departedthis
life having a last will and testament duly executed, a copy of which saidwill
is hereto attached (marked A, and prayed to be made a part of this file)which
said will was afterwards in due time and form found and recorded in thecounty
in which said testator died, and Knacy Andrews and Benjamin Bugg theexecutors
named in said will therefore complied with the requirements of the law insuch
cases, and took upon themselves the execution of the said will and sincethat
time Benjamin Bugg, one of the said executors died, leaving the said Knacy
Andrews sole surviving executor of said last will and testament. And your
orator and oratrixes further show unto your honor that the said Knacy took
possession of, and yet maintains possession of a ? part of the property
belonging to the estate of the said testator and the proceeds of the same
which was bequeathed
and ordained by the said testator to his daughter, Elizabeth Young and toher
children upon the contingency happening, which is mentioned in said will,that
your orators and oratrixes mother, Elizabeth Young is dead, and yourorator
Wm. Young ash been duly appointed administrator of her estate at the timeof
her death, and according to the provisions of the said will all theproperty
designated therein and all that might have descended to her and diddescend
to her upon the death of her, the said Elizabeth's mother, Ann Andrews,with
all the proceeds and property thereof rightfully and lawfully belongs toyour
said orator and oratrixes in equal portions except the portion of WilliamKyle
and Rebecca, his wife, who are entitled to a specified sum of money. Andyour
orator and oratrixes further show unto your honor that a considerable sumof
money remains in the hands of the said defendant, unaccounted for andwhich
your orator and oratrixes are rightfully entitled to receive, and yourorator
and oratrixes have several
times applied themselves to the said defendant for a settlement and
satisfaction of these claims, but the said Knacy knowlingly, and withduress
offers persons at present unknown to your orator and oratrixes, whosenames
when discovered they pray may be liable parties to this bill, with aptwords
to charge them, how to wrong and injure your orator and oratrixes; he
sometimes gives out that he has claims upon the estate of the saidElizabeth
Young, by means of which they are delayed and prevented from receivingtheir
just division all which things and doings of the defendant; and his
confederates are contrary to equity and good conscience and, true to
the ...and .....of your orators and oratrixes, who are only properly..... in
a court of equity. To......that the said Knacy Andrews may ....andperfect
answer make to all and each of the items charged in this, your orators and
oratrixes bill of complaint, as fully and positively as if the same were
herein adjoined.... That he may set forth and describe what amount, kindand
description of money, property or other and every kind of stock have come
into his hands as to his having possession, or of others and at what time
the same will award and how he has managed or disposed of the or any partof
the monies and property with the proceeds and ....thereof which of right
belongs as a ..... to your said orators and oratrixes under the said last
will and testament of the said Ephraim Andrews, deceased, and that thesaid
Knacy may set forth, and a full and perfect account of the said monies,
property, and profits of the said estate so belonging to your orators and
oratrixes, and that he, the said Knacy ma be compelled under orders of the
honorable court to pay ....and disburse to your orators and oratrixes,
whatever amount of monies and property may be found to be due and comingto
them, and that your orators and oratrixes may have such other and further
relief, as all and singular the premises aforesaid, as the ....and
circumstances of this case may .....and as to your honor shall deem most
of the or any
May it please your honor to grant the gracious writ of subpoena to answer,
and your orators and oratrixes as in duty bound will we pray.
and oratrixes under the said last
Filed February session, 1820.
id Ephraim Andrews, deceased, and that thesaid
CONT Knacy may set forth, and a full and perfect account of the said monies,
Note: I also have, among many court documents, the answer to this lawsuit
filed by Knacy Andrews. It is even more difficult to read than theprevious
documents, and my eyes just won't do it. However, the document does, on
several occasions, mention John Young, and that John and Elizaabeth Young
were the parents of the complainants. The names of their children, and
later, Nancy and Obadiah Driskill's children, are names common to thefamily
of Michael Cadet YOUNG, of Brunswick County VA. Although no connectionhas
yet been found (on paper) it would be appropriate to assume that JohnYoung
descends from this heralded family. There is also no mention of whereJohn
Young was, but it seems that he was not present at the time of Elizabeth
Andrews Young's death in 1818.

In the April session of 1820, William Young also sued Ephraim Andrews Jr.,
for $1350 purportedly for properties from the estate of Ephraim AndrewsSr.
which he had sold, and had not disbursed the proceeds. Other lawsuits
followed, with the final disposition of the estate in 1826.


Note NI00141 :

Individuals : Andrews Abraham
Abraham Andrews
Lunenburg Co., VA.
Will Book 4, Page 258-A
In the name of God, Amen. This Sixteenth day of July anno Domini One
thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine. I, Abraham Andrews of LmenburgCo.,
being now sick and weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, for which I
return my most hearty thanks to Almighty God, and knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to die and I do now make and this my last Will
and Testament, revoking and disannulling all other wills or bequests ( ?? )
heretofore made, ratifying this to my last Will and Testament in manner
and form following.
Item: I give or lend unto my kind, loving wife Ann Andrews, my land and
plantation whereon I now live during her natural life, and after herdeath I
give my (lands?) unto my son, Abraham Andrews, the above mentioned land
whereon I now live containing one hunded and ( ? )-three acres, to him and
his heirs forever.
Item: I also lend unto my kind, beloved wife, Ann Andrews, all myhousehold,
kitchen furniture, except two feather beds and furniture, all my stock of
every kind together with all my plantation utensils and seven Virginiaborn
Negroes namely Silvy, (Nat, Bud?), Rachel Saly, Nelly, and Ely, during her
natural fife, and after her death to be equally divided between all my
beloved children, namely Thomas Andrews, Sally Allen, Stacy Cooper,Benjamin
Andrews, Peter Andrews, Lucretia ( W?), Alexander Andrews, (Kaly?Andrews?),
Rainey Cooper, Lowry Andews, and Abraham Andrews, to them and their
heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my son, Lowry Andrews one feather bed and
furniture, to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham Andrews, a Negro boy named
Reubin, to him and his heirs forever. I also (leave?) my said son Abraham
Andrews a feather bed and furniture to him and his heirs forever.
And lastly, I appoint my sons Thomas Andrews, Benjamin Andrews, Peter
Andrews, and Alexander Andrews Executors to this my last Will andTestament.
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of-
Jesse Andrews Abraham Andrews (mark)
Drury Andrews (mark)
Peter Andrews (mark)
At a Court held for Lunenburg County this (13?) day of September 1799.
This last Will and Testament of Abraham Andrews, deceased, was exhibitedin
Court and proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto subscribed, and
ordered to be recorded.
Lunenburg Co., VA. Will Book 8, page 82. Inventory and Appraisal of Estate
of Abraham Andrews. Slaves: Reuben, Silvy, and David. (Reuben and Silvy
both mentioned in the will). This was in 1820, certainly a long time after
Abraham died. Does this mean that his wife, Ann, lived until approximately
this time?
*I have no proof regarding a date of birth, but have seen it "about 1734."
This is the approximate same date of birth as our Peter Andrews, so thereis
no way they could be father and son.
>From Lunenburg Co. VA. Marriage Records by Vogt:
Peter Andrews m. Amy Cooper 12 Nov. 1794
*The only thing I can use regarding a date of birth for this Peter is the
marriage record. Is his estimated date of birth about 1770? (If so, refer
to the information following the will of the other Peter Andrews, who
appears as the son of John Andrews in Chesterfield Co. in 1756 Tithelist).
Lunenburg Co. Deed Book 17, page 208. Indenture made 9 April 1796. Between
Abraham Andrews and Peter Andrews, Jr. both of Lunenburg Co. Abraham sold
to Peter, 133 acres. Recorded: 14 April 1796.
*The Jr. indicates that there was another, older Peter Andrews. Remember,
Jr. was not always the son of Sr. Which is true in this case. I think
Abraham was selling some land to his son, who had been married a littleover
a year, and he was the younger Peter Andrews in the county.
Lunenburg Co. Deed Bk. 27, page 105. Written 28 March 1826. Lowry Andrews
of Lunenburg Co., for love of his father, Peter Andrews of same Co., andto
his mother, Onie Andrews, gave them all his property (stock and goods)
together with his interest in the Estate of Abraham Andrews, deceased,which
I have now in possession or may hereafter be in possession of. Signed:
Lowry Andrews
Witnesses: Jesse K. Andrews, L?.R. Andrews, Webster Gill.
Recorded: 10 April 1826.
*This seems to link Abraham, whose estate hadn't been settled too many
years, with Peter, and Peter's son, Lowry. This proves this Peter was
alive in 1826. The other Peter Andrews died in 1810.
Lunenburg Co. Will Book 11, page 157. Will of Peter Andrews:
Wife: Oney
Two sons: William A. Andrews and Lanxton C. Andrews.
Witnesses: Charles N? Gee, Francis Gill, Dennis Gee.
Recorded: 8 Aug. 1836
Page 173 seemed to be the same will. The wife's name (Oney above) "might"
be Amy or Emy.
Lunenburg Co. Deed Book 33, page 191-A. Elizabeth Thompson (formerly
Elizabeth Andrews, daughter of Peter Andrews, deceased) and husband
Spotswood Thompson sold to William A. Andrews, their portion of theestate.
Recorded September 1843?
Lunenburg Co. Will Book 14, page 17. Will of (Omey?) Andrews.
sons: William A. Andrews, George W. Andrews, and Langston C. Andrews.
>From the above sources, I think children of Peter Andrews and Amy(Cooper)
are: William A. Andrews, Langston Andrews, Lowry Andrews,
Elizabeth Andrews (m. Spotswood Thompson), and George W. Andrews.


Note NI00142 :

Individuals : Bush Donald Ray


Note NI00143 :

Individuals : Jamison William


Note NI00144 :

Individuals : Stewart Mary


Note NI00145 :

Individuals : Miller William


Note NI00146 :

Individuals : Fuller Joel Murphy
Wilson Co. Memorial Garden
Joe Murphy Fuller was a native of Rutherford Co., lived in Lebanon since1934 and a member o f the Highland Heights Church of Christ.
Church of Christ.
The OB refers to a his brother Deward Compton, half-brothers Joe HeltonFuller, Bob Fuller, Eu gene Fuller, half-sisters: Beatrice Hayes, LoreneHopkins, Dot Givens and Llaura Agnes Hays. H is Step Moth er Mrs. JoelFuller.


Note NI00147 :

Individuals : Miller Jane


Note NI00148 :

Individuals : Herrington Linda


Note NI00149 :

Individuals : Kerr Adam


Note NI00150 :

Individuals : Kerr Adam


Note NI00151 :

Individuals : Jamison Frances


Note NI00152 :

Individuals : Jamison John


Note NI00153 :

Individuals : Grier Martha


Note NI00154 :

Individuals : Grier John


Note NI00155 :

Individuals : Caldwell Agnes


Note NI00157 :

Individuals : Bogart John


Note NI00158 :

Individuals : Gomer John
John was a railroad man. He married Absilla and then moved to Texas.


Note NI00159 :

Individuals : Gibbs Julia Frances


Note NI00160 :

Individuals : Bogart Mary


Note NI00161 :

Individuals : Bogart Frances


Note NI00162 :

Individuals : Bogart Sarah


Note NI00163 :

Individuals : Grier James


Note NI00164 :

Individuals : Shaw John


Note NI00165 :

Individuals : Jamison William Caldwell


Note NI00166 :

Individuals : Shelby Evan


Note NI00167 :

Individuals : Unknown Catherine


Note NI00168 :

Individuals : Shelby Priscilla


Note NI00169 :

Individuals : Shelby Isaac


Note NI00170 :

Individuals : Herrington Josephine


Note NI00171 :

Individuals : O'Neal Abbi Lou


Note NI00172 :

Individuals : Shelby Thomas


Note NI00173 :

Individuals : Shelby Evan


Note NI00174 :

Individuals : Cock\Cox Letitia


Note NI00175 :

Individuals : Cox\Cock David


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Individuals : Davis? Susanna


Note NI00177 :

Individuals : Shelby Gov. Isaac


Note NI00178 :

Individuals : Shelby Susannah


Note NI00179 :

Individuals : Shelby John


Note NI00180 :

Individuals : Shelby James


Note NI00181 :

Individuals : Herrington Carolyn


Note NI00182 :

Individuals : Shelby Catherine


Note NI00183 :

Individuals : Hauskins Dolly Elizabeth
5051301Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Macon Co., TN


Note NI00184 :

Individuals : Shelby Moses


Note NI00185 :

Individuals : Hart Susannah


Note NI00186 :

Individuals : Pile Elizabeth


Note NI00187 :

Individuals : Thompson James


Note NI00188 :

Individuals : Shelby Evan


Note NI00189 :

Individuals : Morgan Cathrine


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Individuals : Elliot Isabella


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Individuals : Shelby James


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Individuals : Herrington Howard


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Individuals : Shelby Letitia


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Individuals : Shelby Eleanor


Note NI00196 :

Individuals : Shelby Thomas


Note NI00197 :

Individuals : Shelby Rees


Note NI00198 :

Individuals : Shelby Rachel


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Individuals : Shelby Capt. John


Note NI00200 :

Individuals : Shelby Moses


Note NI00201 :

Individuals : Shelby Elinora


Note NI00202 :

Individuals : Shelby David


Note NI00203 :

Individuals : Mary F.


Note NI00204 :

Individuals : Shelby Mary


Note NI00205 :

Individuals : Davis Sarah


Note NI00206 :

Individuals : Shelby Catherine


Note NI00208 :

Individuals : Shelby David


Note NI00209 :

Individuals : Shelby John


Note NI00210 :

Individuals : Bledsoe Sarah


Note NI00211 :

Individuals : Shelby Dr. John


Note NI00212 :

Individuals : Shelby Anthony Bledsoe


Note NI00213 :

Individuals : Shelby Orville


Note NI00214 :

Individuals : Nabors\Neighbors Richard


Note NI00215 :

Individuals : Shelby Albert


Note NI00216 :

Individuals : Shelby Lucinda


Note NI00217 :

Individuals : Shelby Eleanor


Note NI00218 :

Individuals : Shelby Sally


Note NI00219 :

Individuals : Jamison Barry


Note NI00220 :

Individuals : Henderson Bennett H.


Note NI00221 :

Individuals : Desha Robert


Note NI00222 :

Individuals : Bingham Elizabeth


Note NI00223 :

Individuals : Blair? Mary

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