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Note NI14541 :

Individuals : Crook


Note NI14542 :

Individuals : Shipp Nancy Yearwood


Note NI14543 :

Individuals : Helton James Edmond
Pittsburg County, Ok.
It is not proven that James is a part of this family. He may have been abrother to Peter Helt on instead of a son. He married Sarah Tennison whomarried second Andrew Carnahan. William Hel ton was the administrator ofher estate before his death. The will of Abraham Tennison, date d 1826,Rutherford Co., TN, names his daughter, Mrs. James Helton, and gives hera share of hi s estate.
, Mrs. James Helton, and gives
From Kay Martin:
James Edmond HELTON. He was born on 27 April 1874 in Tennessee. He diedon 8 December 1941 in
Pittsburg Co, Oklahoma at age 67


Note NI14544 :

Individuals : Anderson Ella Belle


Note NI14545 :

Individuals : Hayes Dawn


Note NI14546 :

Individuals : Helton Emma
Reported that more info available about Emma.


Note NI14547 :

Individuals : Helton Sallie Elizabeth
Pittsburg Co., OK
Sallie Elizabeth Helton, the grandmother of Kay Martin, told herchildren she was "Black Dutc h".
as "Black Dutc h".
Sallie Elizabeth HELTON was born on 14 September 1899 in Murfreesboro,Rutherford Co, Tennesse e. She married William "Bert" DOUGLAS, son ofJoseph 'Joe' DOUGLASS and Melissa Jane (--?--) o n 27 Septemb er 1914 inPittsburg Co, Oklahoma. She died on 24 June 1968 in Chickasha, Grady C o,Oklahoma at age 68. Burial in Pittsburg Co., OK.


Note NI14548 :

Individuals : Martin Amanda


Note NI14549 :

Individuals : Billingsley Tennie "Tennessee"
Mrs. Martin has extensive records concerning the Billingsley family:http://www/ MARTIN
suni/ MARTIN
From Kay Martin:
Kay Martin:
Tennessee 'Tennie' BILLINGSLEY. Tennie was not on the 1900 census withJoseph. She was born i n 1860 in
Arkansas. She married Joseph Marion 'Joe" HELTON, son of Joshua D. HELTONand Nancy WILLIAMS o n 26
January 1878 in Rutherford Co, Tennessee. She died between 1898 and 1900in Rutherford Co, Ten nessee.


Note NI14550 :

Individuals : Winkler Mary Ann (Polly)


Note NI14551 :

Individuals : Helton Joseph Marion "Joe"
Thanks to Kay and information rom Kay Martin:
Joseph Marion 'Joe' HELTON. He was born in February 1856 in Tennessee. Hemarried Tennessee 'T ennie' BILLINGSLEY, daughter of Anderson W.BILLINGSLEY and Louisa BRYANT on 26 January 1878 i n RutherfordCo,Tennessee. He married Ella NIPPER after 1900 in Tennessee. He died on6 Februar y 1923 in Rutherford Co, Tennessee. On the 1900 census soundex,Joe Helton was living in Ruthe rford County,Tennessee. He was not married.


Note NI14552 :

Individuals : Gregory Marina "Manna" Ann
Fishburn-King Cemetery, Macon Co., TN


Note NI14553 :

Individuals : Tennyson James Henry


Note NI14554 :

Individuals : Douglass William "Bert"


Note NI14555 :

Individuals : Douglass Joseph "Joe"


Note NI14556 :

Individuals : Hayes Steven


Note NI14557 :

Individuals : Reed Ike


Note NI14558 :

Individuals : Melissa Jane


Note NI14559 :

Individuals : Douglass Wilma Imogean


Note NI14560 :

Individuals : Martin James Ival


Note NI14561 :

Individuals : Martin James Rodger


Note NI14562 :

Individuals : Martin Nelwyn Cheryl


Note NI14563 :

Individuals : Douglass Verdie Odell


Note NI14564 :

Individuals : Douglass Virgil Lee


Note NI14565 :

Individuals : Douglass Hazel Juanita


Note NI14566 :

Individuals : Douglass James Ray


Note NI14567 :

Individuals : Hayes James


Note NI14568 :

Individuals : Douglass Alma Mildred


Note NI14569 :

Individuals : Cain Myrtle Veda 'Vegie'
Some records have her name as Myrtle B. Cain.


Note NI14570 :

Individuals : Douglass Stella Fay


Note NI14571 :

Individuals : Helton Henry "Allen"


Note NI14572 :

Individuals : Helton Alene


Note NI14573 :

Individuals : Helton Rosa Alma


Note NI14574 :

Individuals : Helton Raymond


Note NI14575 :

Individuals : Helton Sara Etta (Ellen?)
Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tn.
Death records : Sara Ellen Helton daugh of A. P. Helton & Miss Jamison
Died at age 54.
ed at age 54.
Death Certificate:
Name: Sara Ellen Helton
Event: Death
Event Date: 12 Jan 1920
Event Place: Rutherford County, Tennessee
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Race or Color: White
Age: 54
Estimated Birth Year:
Birth Date: 12 Jan 1866
Birthplace: Tennessee
Father: A.P. Helton
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother: Jamison
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Occupation: Housekeeper
Cemetery: Evergreen
Burial Date: 13 Jan 1920
Digital Folder Number: 4184008
Image Number: 514
Film Number: 1299722
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: v 46 cn 14


Note NI14576 :

Individuals : Helton William Andrew
William never married.


Note NI14577 :

Individuals : Helton Joe Allen


Note NI14578 :

Individuals : Hayes Heath


Note NI14579 :

Individuals : Helton Nancy Caroline "Kallie"
Note from Ron Helton:
My GGGrandgrandfather was Andrew Peter Helton. He and Nancy had adaughter, Nancy Caroline Hel ton, who married George Simeon Like. Theirdaughter Maggie May Like married John Allen Helton . My grandfat her, Johnand Maggie were 3rd cousins.


Note NI14580 :

Individuals : Helton Martha A.
Kittrell, Rutherford County, Tn.
Jamison Cemtery, Rutherford County, Tn.
Jamison Cemetery, Readyville, Rutherford Co., TN
The cemetery marker states: "Martha A. Helton wife of W. F. Hoover Feb27, 1840 April 13, 1919 ". Some records may indicate Martha's birth datedifferently.


Note NI14581 :

Individuals : Helton Mary Angie


Note NI14582 :

Individuals : Helton Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth was the oldest Daughter of William Helton. She wasappointed guardian over he r younger sisters and brother at the death ofher father. He died when he was 41 years old. S he was known as Sis.10256


Note NI14583 :

Individuals : Free John Martin


Note NI14584 :

Individuals : Helton Mary E.


Note NI14585 :

Individuals : Tennyson Lucinda Jane


Note NI14586 :

Individuals : Malone Charles Pinckney


Note NI14587 :

Individuals : Tennyson Nancy Lee


Note NI14588 :

Individuals : Milford George


Note NI14589 :

Individuals : Hayes Dove


Note NI14590 :

Individuals : Tennyson Cynthia Elizabeth


Note NI14591 :

Individuals : Jenigan Marshall Henry


Note NI14592 :

Individuals : Jernigan Authur


Note NI14593 :

Individuals : Leonard Charles Dwain


Note NI14594 :

Individuals : Jernigan


Note NI14595 :

Individuals : Howell Sarah Ann


Note NI14596 :

Individuals : Helton Peter
Jamison Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Peter Helton as an ancestor has not been proven according to familyresearchers. Court record s on March 1850 in Rutherford Co., TNestablishes Sarah Helton as Peter's widow. Peter dies o n August 8, 1849without a will. William Helton was granted administrator of Peter's
ted administrator of Peter's
Peter Helton sold William Helton 160 acres in 1842 which he bought fromArchibald Tennison i n 1834, Rutherford Co., TN. Joshua D. Helton signedthe deed as a witness of the transaction . Josua Helto n married NancyWilliams a few months later in 1843.
n married
This information is from Nyla Potter and Jean Helton Young. ExtensiveHelton family records ar e also available from Faye Moran at: Helton i s suspected
ancestor of Heltons of Rutherford Co. He is believe to have migrated fromFrance with Lafayett e. He bought land in Rutherford Co., TN in 1800. Shefurther reports these details:
rance with Lafayett e. He bought land in Rutherford Co., TN in 1800.
Peter HELTON was born about 1790 in NC. He has reference number 2275.This ancestor is not ye t proven completely. Court record on in March 1850in Rutherford Co., TN establishes Sarah Hel ton as Peter' s widow. PeterHelton dies before 8 Aug 1849, leaves no will. William Helton gra nted
administration of Peter's estate. Peter Helton sold to William Helton in1842 160 acres of th e 180 acres he bough from Archibald Tennison in 1834,Rutherford Co., TN. Joshua D. Helton sig ns deed as wi tness oftransaction. Joshua Helton married Nancy Williams a few months later in 1843. Info from Nyla Potter and Jean Helton Young.
Ron Helton provides the following note:
My GGGrandgrandfather was Andrew Peter Helton. He and Nancy had adaughter, Nancy Caroline Hel ton, who married George Simeon Like. Theirdaughter Maggie May Like married John Allen Helton . My grandfat her, Johnand Maggie were 3rd cousins.


Note NI14597 :

Individuals : Courtney Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah's maiden name has not been proven.


Note NI14598 :

Individuals : Helton Joshua D.
In 1870 Joshua & Nancy were living in Bedford Co., TN near Shelbyville in
the 21st Civil District.
From Kay Martin:
Kay Martin:
Joshua D. HELTON This ancestor not completely proven. In 1870 Joshua andNancy were living i n Bedford
County, Tennessee near Shelbyville (21 ST Civil District). He marriedNancy WILLIAMS on 15 Feb ruary 1843 in
Rutherford Co, Tennessee.


Note NI14599 :

Individuals : Helton James M.


Note NI14600 :

Individuals : Hayes Angel


Note NI14601 :

Individuals : Helton Mary D.


Note NI14602 :

Individuals : Helton Susannah


Note NI14603 :

Individuals : Helton Abraham
Abraham Helton's family taken form 1850 Census Records #19 (Farmer)


Note NI14604 :

Individuals : Jameson Samuel


Note NI14605 :

Individuals : Dickey John


Note NI14606 :

Individuals : Jernigan Mattie


Note NI14607 :

Individuals : McNeely Martha


Note NI14608 :

Individuals : Dillehay Levi Newton


Note NI14610 :

Individuals : Jamison Mariah Means Snowden


Note NI14611 :

Individuals : Shelton Nancy Jane Elizabeth
New Redden Cemetery, Coffee County, Tn.


Note NI14612 :

Individuals : Hayes Jarrod


Note NI14613 :

Individuals : Hubbard Sarah 'Sally\Polly'
Coldwater Cem., Florissant Twp, Saint Louis Co, Missouri


Note NI14614 :

Individuals : Jamison William Marshall
Land Surveyor and Explorer
Died of Cholera


Note NI14615 :

Individuals : Ormes Harry Clifton
Notes in 1892 Family Bible:
Marguerite Nettie Ormes b. October 10, 1908
Nellie Blanch Apple b. Dec 25, 1892
Thelma L. Ormes b. December 30, 1904 d. March 17, 1905
Monroe Thomas Pendergrass April 22, 1907 Monday Evening
1907 Monday Evening
Harry C. Ormes
Rites To Be Today
Rites To Be Today
FRANKLIN, Tenn - Harry Clifton Ormes, 69,
retired barber, died yesterday at his house
on Cummings Ct., here after an illness of five
ness of five
Funeral services will be held today at 2 p.m.
at the home of his sisterm Mrs. Charles
Clifton, 214 Third Ave. M. J. L. Jackson and
Herbert Robinson officiate. Burial will be at
be in Mount Hope Cemetery.
rial will be at
He was the brother of Lonnie B. Ormes of
Franklin U. S. District Court Clerk.
mes of
A native and lifelong resident of Williamson
county, he was a son of the late James and
Sallie Ormes. He was a member of the
Church of Christ.


Note NI14616 :

Individuals : Jamison Thomas
From the Rootsweb Ancesty: Blough, Gish, Jamison, Lackey, Long, Lucore,Malloch,Murdock, Switzer, Wolf & related by Wayne Lucore.
This Thomas was the son of Jane Unknown in a line merged with Thomas father of Hugh Black. This is the nearest reasonable Thomas which could be Thomas Allen but that is not at all clear at this point. Unknown what happened to this Thomas Jamison.

The date of birth is of concern, i.e. abt 1795 and 1811??
date of birth is of concern, i.e. abt 1795 and 1811??
The Smith Co. Jamison Cemetery:
Jamison, Thomas 1750- 1826
Jamison, Jane 1760 - 15 Jan 1835 w/o Thomas Jamison
The above Thomas of 1750 does not match this Thomas (abt. 1795) or his father (1736).
. 1795) or his
Posted by Brenda Gartside in the Jamison Genforum:
Thomas JAMISON, b. c1766 (according to 1850 Robertson Co. TN Census) in Virginia; d. 1857, Robertson Co.,TN. According to his will, (recorded in Robertson Co. TN in 1853 and probated April 1857) his children were William JAMISON, Sarah (JAMISON)CLINARD, Ellen JAMISON (no married name listed), Catherine JAMISON (no married name listed), Rebecca(JAMISON)CLINARD, Jenny (JA MISON)MOORE, and Nancy JAMISON.
rried name listed),
According to records, Thomas seems to have migrated from Virginia toSmith Co., TN and then to Robertson Co., TN.
In 1801,while a resident of Smith Co., TN, he bought land in Robertson Co., TN but still appeared in the 1820 Smith Co. TN Census. The 1830 Robertson Co., TN Census showed him as a head of household as did the 1840 Robertson Co. TN Census. In 1850, he was listed as follows:
on Co., TN Census showed him as a head of household as did the
1850 Robertson Co. TN Census, Dist. 13
Thomas JAMISON 84 Farmer VA
ertson Co. TN Census, Dist. 13
This Nancy must be the daughter mentioned in the will of Thomas JAMISON.
1 CONT This Nancy must be the daughter mentioned in the will of Thomas JAMISON.
1850 Robertson Co. TN shows William, son of Thomas, also in District 13 as follows:
William JAMISON 43 Farmer VA
Elizabeth 46 TN
Thomas FELTS 11 TN
Martha CHAUDOIN (hard to read) 34 TN
Ellen Jane 8 TN
Caroline F. 5 TN
34 TN
From an online site, William JAMISON, Randal FELTS, and N. M. FELTS were buried at Battle Creek Church Cemetery in Robertson Co. TN.
I believe it`s possible that the daughter of Thomas JAMISON, Sarah JAMISON CLINARD, may be my ggg grandmother, b.c 1797 VA and wife of my ggggrandfather, Joseph CLINARD -- residents of Robertson Co., TN. Sarah died between 1860 and 1870 and Joseph died after 1880.
----End of Brenda's comments


Note NI14617 :

Individuals : Jamison Sarah


Note NI14618 :

Individuals : Hoover William Frances
Jamison Cemtery, Rutherford County, Tn.
William Frances Hoover served as a private in the Confederate States ArmyCompany C 45th Tenne ssee Infantry and his grave is marked with a CSAmemorial in the Jamison Cemetery.


Note NI14619 :

Individuals : Jernigan Myrtte


Note NI14620 :

Individuals : Williams Rebecca L.


Note NI14621 :

Individuals : Dunn George M.


Note NI14622 :

Individuals : Helton William N.


Note NI14623 :

Individuals : Parker Lemuel
Information provided by Kathy Jo Bryant.


Note NI14624 :

Individuals : Helton Samuel


Note NI14625 :

Individuals : Helton John


Note NI14626 :

Individuals : Helton Saphronia


Note NI14627 :

Individuals : Jamison William Earl 'Windy'
Roselawn Memorial Gardens 68755810, Rutherford Co., TN
Obituary from Tennessean:
W.E. (Windy) JAMISON, Age 77, Murfreesboro, TN
November 2, 2000, at Middle Tennessee Medical Center. He was the son ofthe late William Rober t and Hattie Shipp Jamison. Survived by wife, MaryHelen Fleming Jamison of Murfreesboro; tw o sons, Jamie Jamison of OldHickory and Barry Jamison of Hermitage; one daughter, Connie Jami son ofDonelson; two sisters, Emogene Adams of the Kittrell community and LoraYork of Murfrees boro; three grandchildren ; and two great-grandchildren.A native and life long resident of Ru therford County. A member ofDonelson Church of Christ. He served in the U.S. Marines in WWI I andretired from Bell South Telephone Company. Visitation with the familywill be Friday 4 t o 7 p.m. at the funeral home, and graveside serviceswill be Saturday 1:30 p.m. at Roselawn Me morial Gardens with CharlesMullins officiating. JEN NINGS & AYERS, 820 S. Church St., Murfree sboro,TN, 615-893-2422.


Note NI14628 :

Individuals : Irions Federick Augustus
Augustus was a machinist in NC.


Note NI14629 :

Individuals : Helton Elizabeth Belefield
The family called her Eliza Belle. Some reports indicate born December09, 1844.10362


Note NI14630 :

Individuals : Williams Nancy L.


Note NI14631 :

Individuals : Pitts Matthew Owen
Aunt Lell, grand daughter of Matthew, Jr. in a letter written to MarthaPearl, dated Sept. 197 3, recalls that "Grandpa Pitts (Matthew) hadseveral brothers: 1. John, 2. Theophilus, 3. And erson and si ster, 4.Nancy, who married Mr. Doughtery." We have assumed that John wasJonatha n, Anderson was Andrew and it is not clear if Nancy was the secondname of one of the girls o r another girl not given in the census.
e of the girls o r another girl not given in the census.
Mathew Pitts father is believed to also be Matthew. Rutherford Co.records for Tennessee in 18 10 shows: Ezekial Pitts: male 16-20 withfemale16-20 in household w/o children. Theophilus , Matthew's b rother,was born in 1820 and Matthew in 1825. In any case, this area requires a lot more research and additional family records is they can be found.Some related facts as th e result of census and co unty marriage recordsare given below: Matthew Pitts appears as Sure ty for the marriage ofKinchen Pitts to Betsey Elder issued Jan 21, 1824 in Rutherford Co., TN .This must be Matthew Pitts Sr. sig ning for his son Kinchen.
24 in Rutherford Co., TN .This must be
Research provided by a cousin (Sanner) indicates that:
Matthew & Martha had children:
1. Ezekial b. 1817 2. Anderson b. 1820
3. Mathew b. 1821 4. Benjamin b. 1824
5. Theofilas b. 1825 6. Peyton b. 1829
7. Jonoathan b. 1828 8. Mary b. 1835
9. William b. 1837 10. Martha b. 1839
7. Jonoathan b. 1828 8. Mary b. 1835
This is fairly consistent with the 1850 census listing:
Matthew Pitts, 54, born in NC (Abt. 1796) & Martha 44, born in NC(abt. 1806) (wife)
Peyton 19, b. TN (Abt. 1831)
Jno. 18, b. TN (Abt. 1832) - Jno. is probably the short name forJonathan
Mary 15, b. TN (Abt. 1835)
Wm 13, b. TN (Abt. 1837)
Martha 11, b. TN (Abt. 1839)
CONT Mary 15, b. TN (Abt. 1835)
The Census of 1850 includes two Matthew Pitts. Some of the familybelieve that "our" Matthew' s father was also Matthew (in the 21st CivilDistrict, Sulphur Springs District) and if so thi s perhaps fi ts thedescription. At 1850 the older Matthew Pitts was 54 years old whichindic ates his birth was about 1796. The family is described as:
Matthew Pitts, 54, born in NC (Abt. 1796)
Martha 44, born in NC (Abt. 1806) (wife)
Peyton 19, b. TN (Abt. 1831)
John 18, b. TN (Abt. 1832)
Mary 15, b. TN (Abt. 1835)
William 13, b. TN (Abt. 1837)
Martha 11, b. TN (Abt. 1839)
b. TN (Abt. 1831)
A later census: Matthew Pitts 59, b. Abt. 1820, married to Martha ( b.Abt. 1828). In this c ensus, their children mentioned were Moses 16,Martha J. 14, and Fountain 11.
1 CONT A later census: Matthew Pitts 59, b. Abt. 1820, married to Martha (
Brown Mill District:
Mathew Pitts 29, b. TN (Abt. 1820)
Martha 21, b. TN (Abt. 1829) (wife)
William 6, b. TN (Abt. 1844)
Anderson 4, b. TN (Abt. 1846)
Benjamin 2, b. TN (Abt. 1847)
Susan 1/12, b. TN (Abt. 1850)
CONT William 6, b. TN (Abt. 1844)
Other Pitts apparently grown children of Matthew Sr. & Matthew Jr.siblings:
Benja. F. Pitts 26, b. TN
Mary 17, b. TN
1 CONT Other Pitts apparently grown children of Matthew Sr. & Matthew
Ezecheal Pitts 33, b. TN
Mary A. 33, b. VA (wife)
children: Robert, Wm. Z., Susan A., Sarah J., James K., Mary,Martha.
Mary A. 33, b. VA (wife)
Flemings District:
Andrews Pitts 30, Martha 25 (wife), child: Louisa,
Theopilas 24. (apparently a brother of Andrew who is apparentlyAnderson). This sets Theop hilus birth date to be approximately 1825 forthe census of 1850.
er of Andrew who is
Youree's District:
William Pitts 40, Amanda 19 (wife?)
Matilda 1
Nancy 23
Alfred Hall 11 TN
CONT Youree's District:
Charles Pitts 23, Nancy P. 21, Critty 3, Destuberen 1.
Matilda 1
Harriett Pitts married James H. Short Mar 27, 1840 in Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI14632 :

Individuals : Helton Alexander P.


Note NI14633 :

Individuals : Helton Newton J.


Note NI14634 :

Individuals : Schnur Joyce Ann Cecilia


Note NI14635 :

Individuals : Helton Sarah


Note NI14636 :

Individuals : Helton Jane


Note NI14637 :

Individuals : Helton Nancy


Note NI14638 :

Individuals : Helton Tennie


Note NI14639 :

Individuals : Helton Robert


Note NI14640 :

Individuals : Jamison Alloy
The information concerning Alloy is taken from RootsWeb WorldConnectrecords of the Clark an d Allied Families from LCBell.
Census: 1900 Rutherford Co., Tennessee page 276


Note NI14641 :

Individuals : Winkler Frances B.

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