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Note NI15400 :

Individuals : Bell Amy Elizabeth
This limb of the Bell family is taken from Anscestors and Allied Familiesof Matthew T. Bell p ublished in the WorldConnect Project of


Note NI15401 :

Individuals : Bell Susanna


Note NI15402 :

Individuals : Bell James
The James Bell Family infomation is from Jan Peterson, per Genforum. Shestates that most of t he family moved to Barry and Newton Counties inMissouri.


Note NI15403 :

Individuals : Lewis Susannah


Note NI15404 :

Individuals : Lewis Abraham


Note NI15405 :

Individuals : Sloan Lela Maggie


Note NI15406 :

Individuals : Todd Esther


Note NI15407 :

Individuals : Bell Samuel
The Bell Ancestry received from Bill Cook who obtain additionalinformation from Tom Bell of C annon Co., TN. See Elisha Bell for contactinfo. Additional information from RootsWeb filed b y Thomas Bell .


Note NI15408 :

Individuals : Sarah


Note NI15409 :

Individuals : Walker Robert L.
Thanks to Lee Ann Gerhart for additional information concerning theWalker family.


Note NI15410 :

Individuals : Holland?England Tennisons of


Note NI15411 :

Individuals : Saunders Elizie C


Note NI15413 :

Individuals : Saunders Angeline


Note NI15414 :

Individuals : Saunders Ruamah Elizabeth
Thanks to Cindy Marcell for the following:
Ruamah Elizabeth Sanders
eth Sanders
1900 Garland, Benton, Arkansas Federal Census, transcribed by CindyMarcell
Rema E. Rogers 66 Sep 1833 wid 13 11 TN TN TN farmer
James I. Rogers 24 son Apr 1876 m2 AR KY TN farmer
Bessie Rogers 20 wife June 1879 AR TN TN
Minnie Rogers 26 dau ? 1873 S AR KY TN
Note Rema is living near her adult children Sarah & Oliver. CM


Note NI15415 :

Individuals : Saunders John Philip


Note NI15416 :

Individuals : Saunders Nancy


Note NI15417 :

Individuals : Andrews Andrew Jackson 'Jack'
Cal Gregory Column - The Andrews Family write of the Family
CAL'S COLUMN - The Andrews Family
By Calvin Gregory
July 13, 1950
(Continued from previous week)
Squire Bill, as he was called, was a brother of Bry Gregory, the editor'sgreat-great-grandfat her. Bry and Bill were both soldiers of the AmericanRevolution as was their father, Thomas Gr egory. They enlisted in theContinental Army from Chatham County, North Carolina. One of Bry' s sons,Ambrose Gregory, married Miss Jemima Willis, for whom the Mima Gregoryhill at the extr eme upper end of Peyton' s Creek is named. Jemima WillisGregory was the daughter of Vincent a nd Christine Crumb Willis. Vincentwas an older half-brother of John Willis, above referred to . ChristineCrumb was from North Carolina.
Vincentwas an older half-brother of John Willis, above referred to .
Jack Andrews' children were: Jesse Andrews, married another JemimaWillis; John Andrews, marri ed Patsy Willis, a sister of the Jemima justreferred to; Drury Andrews, Jr. married Jane Cart wright; Andy Andrews,married Ann Cartwright, a sister of Jane; Henry Andrews, married Euphemi a(Cis) Gregory, daughter of Joe Red Gregory, son of the Ambrose abovementioned; Tom Andrews m arried Susie Cothron: Curtis Andrews, marriedVictoria Cothron, a sister to Susie Cothron; Emm aline Andrews, marriedTapley McDuffee: Susie Andrews, married Ruff Brown; Mary Andrews, marri edCharlie Coker; and Alie Andrews, married John Hargis. Just how many ofthese sons and daught ers were by the first wife is not known.
Jesse Andrews and Jemima Willis Andrews were the parents of: ElijahAndrews, married Vina Wood s; Addiville Andrews, married James Woodmore;Tabitha Andrews, married James McClard and move d to Kentucky ; andAbsilla Andrews, married John Gomer a railroad man and removed to Texas.
Next we will try to give the grandchildren of Jesse and Jemima WillisAndrews. Their son, Elij ah, and his wife, Vina Woods, were the parents ofBud Andrews, married a Hauskins; Aubrey Andr ews, a Baptist minister ofSumner County, who married Maudie Hauskins; Willie Andrews marrie d anAdcock; Maggie Andrews, married Ed Sanders; Jack Andrews married EttaHolman; Lona Andrews , married Joe Higdon; and Cis Andrews, who marriedHiram Hudson.
Addiville Andrews, daughter of Jesse and Jemima Andrews, married JamesWoodmore and was the mo ther of: Pierce, Willie, Belle, Arthur and OakleyWoodmore.
1 CONC married EttaHolman; Lona Andrews , married Joe Higdon; and Cis Andrews,
Tabitha Andrews, daughter of Jesse and Jemima, married but we have norecord of offspring. Th e same is also true of Absillia, who married aGomer. (John Gomer)*
John Andrews, son of Jack, married Patsy Willis, and became the father ofone son, John Andrew s, who married Fannie Robinson.
Drury Andrews Jr., married Jane Cartwright and was the father of: FrankAndrews, Martha, Emily , Susie, Lige, Alvis and Charlie, who died as ayoung man and without issue. Frank Andrews mar ried Finie G ammon, and wasthe father of Leathie, married W. D. McDonald; Estelle, married aD ickens; Odell, married Ollie West; and Darrell Andrews.
Martha Andrews, daughter of Drury, Jr., married George Patterson andbecame the mother of: Jam es, Eli, Pierce, John, Wash, Clarence, Maude,Dayton, Charlie and the twins Floyd and Lloyd Pa tterson. Emi ly Andrews,daughter of Drury, Jr., married Lee Brown and became the mother of:He rman and Lawson Brown. Susie Andrews, daughter of Drury, Jr., marriedMoses Dickens and was th e mother of Cammie and others. Cammie marriedBillie Wilburn nearly 40 years ago.
Tom Andrews, son of Jack married Susie Cothron, and was the father of:Eli, married Nancy Russ ell; Idle, married Ellie Wood; Islar, married JoeDoss; Esther, married Wiseman Oliver; Tild a married H. Dillard; AndrewJ., married Cammie Jones, Vangie, married Hewlet Glover; and Lizz ie andMitchell, of whom we have no record.
Curtis Andrews, son of Jack, married Victoria Cothron, a sister of Susie,and became the fathe r of: Horace, married Mary Hargis; Allen married aSmalling and a Jones; Ransom, married a Gri ssom; Burford, married a Kempand a Langford; Vassie, married Lurlie Kemp; Ora, married a Kemp ; Bessie,twin to Ora, died in infancy and Hatton Andrews, who married a Robinson.
arried Hewlet Glover; and Lizz
Transcriber Note:
"John Gomer added by transcriber.
urtis Andrews, son of Jack, married Victoria Cothron, a sister of
Transcribed by Dora L. Tomes
r of: Horace, married Mary Hargis; Allen
========================================================================== =======
This Article Appeared In The Times
But Was Not Actually In Cal's Column
July 20, 1950
This article will perhaps finish our incomplete record of the Andrewsfamily. Two previous ins tallments have been given, the last of theseclosing out with the offspring of Curtis Andrews , who married VictoriaCothron.
Next in line is Emmaline Andrews, who married Tapley McDuffee, son ofNeal and Thenie Gregor y McDuffee. Emmaline was the mother of: AnsilMcDuffee, married Evie Gregory; Nancy McDuffee , who married PeytonGregory, a brother of Evie Gregory, the brother and sister being thechild ren of Curtis Gregory, the son of Smith Gregory, the son of ThomasGregory. Brina McDuffee, ma rried Will Holman; and Sall ie McDuffee,married Tom Holman, a brother of Will. At a later dat e we hope to givethe offspring of Ansil McDuffee and other of the descendants of EmmalineAndr ews and Tapley McDuffee.
Susie Andrews married Ruff Brown, and became the mother of: John and JoeBrown, the family goi ng West many years ago and this being the onlyinformation now available concerning them or th eir offspring.
Alie Andrews, a sister of Susie's, married John Hargis and became themother of: Buford, Walte r and Ida Hargis.
William Andrews, a brother of Jack, often called John, and the son of thefirst Drury Andrews , was married first to a Miss Wilmore, name unknown.Later, he married Nancy Leath and last h e married Nancy Jones. By thefirst wife he was the father of: Albert Andrews, married Margare t Shrum;Sim Andrews, who went to Illinois; Sarah Andrews, who married Tom Shrum,a brother o f Margaret Shrum; and Cleary Andrews, who married a Grissom, aMills, another Grissom woman an d a Cox. William Andrews had by his secondwife, Nancy Leath, two daughters, Mary and Catherin e, the latter marryinga Garmon and going to Fountain Run, Ky. If Mary married, we have noreco rd. William Andrews had by his last wife, Nancy Jones: HarrisonAndrews, who married Susie Cot hron; George Andrews, who married AdelineGammon; and Jid Andrews, who went to Arkansas.
Albert Andrews and his wife, Margaret Shrum, were the parents of Bud,Rich and Julia Andrews.
Sarah Andrews and her husband, Tom Shrum, were the parents of Bill, Sim,Liaz, Harrison, Fanni e and Minerva Shrum.
Cleary Andrews was the father of Bettie, Rilda and Fannie, the lattermarrying a Glimer.
Harrison Andrews and his wife, Susie Cothron, were the parents of JohnAndrews, married Susi e Wilburn; George, Eliza, Thula, Fannie, Ida, whomarried Elder I. N. Sloan; Dave, Loss and Jo e Andrews.
f Mary married,
There is another Andrews family in Robertson, Montgomery and LoganCounties. Three brothers, W illiam, James, and Hart Andrews, make up thefirst of the family, of who we have any record. W illiam Andrews was thefather of: Ella, married John Culley; Emma, married H. White and J. A.U tley; Mary, married G. L. Stone; Joe, married Molly Blackburn; Alice,married Robert Stone , a brother of O. L. Stone; William D. (Bud), marriedElla Lanier; James H., married Mary McMu rtry; John, died at 14 years ofage; Thomas H., married Nannie McMurtry, a sister of Mary.
Ella Andrews and John S. Culley were the parents of Effie, married W. C.Reynolds; Grace, marr ied I. M. Covington; Nell, married H. W. Oden; Rhea,married C. J. Fisher; C. E., married Mar y M. Biggs; Lockie, married S. G.Willis.
Emma was the mother of Elbert White, married a Livingston; and ArthurUtley, married Ora Brown .
Mary Andrews and G. L. Stone were the parents of Bertie, married HowardStark; and Emma, marri ed John Wilkerson.
Joe Andrews and Mollie Blackburn were the parents of Harvey, Ethel, Mary,James, Edna and Robe rt Andrews.
Alice Andrews and Robert Stone were the parents of Minnie, Bessie, Annie,Robert, George, Ol a and Leon Stone.
William D. (Bud) Andrews and Ella Lanier were the parents of PatrickAndrews.
James Andrews and Mary McMurtry were the parents of Sadie, Pauline andJames Andrews.
Thomas H. Andrews and his wife, Nannie McMurty, were the parents ofHilton and Marjorie Andrew s.
The above records of the Andrews family are far from complete. We wouldwelcome accurate, addi tional information and shall be glad to publish itfrom time to time.
We believe that our readers will appreciate knowing something of theirline of descent and tha t every person ought to have pride enough in hisor her ancestry to be able to trace the desce nt of the family backthrough at least three or four generations.
Transcribed by Rae Wayne
Emma, marri ed John Wilkerson.
CONT Joe Andrews and Mollie Blackburn were the parents of Harvey, Ethel,
CONC Mary,James, Edna and Robe rt Andrews.
CONT Alice Andrews and Robert Stone were the parents of Minnie, Bessie,
1870 Census of Macon Co., TN, 1st June
John Andrews 63 TN
Matilda 54 TN
Tily 20 TN
Thomas J. 17 TN
Eli C. 12 TN
Leroy F. 6 Ky


Note NI15418 :

Individuals : Saunders Jane


Note NI15419 :

Individuals : Saunders Sally


Note NI15420 :

Individuals : Cothron Ezbel


Note NI15421 :

Individuals : Saunders Mary Margaret


Note NI15422 :

Individuals : Northcutt Sarah


Note NI15424 :

Individuals : Hattie


Note NI15425 :

Individuals : Wasson Sophia W.


Note NI15426 :

Individuals : Nowlin Donough Hugh
Nowlin", "O'Nolan"
Donal (or Daniel):


Note NI15427 :

Individuals : Pitts Nancy
Maybe child of a first wife??


Note NI15428 :

Individuals : Pitts Miltilda


Note NI15429 :

Individuals : Jones Warren Gamalia
G. V. Herren Cemetery, Silver Point, TN
Thanks to Kathy Jones, daughter-in-law of Warren G. Jones for correctionsand detail informati on about the family. - Feb. 20, 2005


Note NI15430 :

Individuals : Hall Afred


Note NI15431 :

Individuals : Cothron Clovis


Note NI15432 :

Individuals : Pitts William (Will) M.


Note NI15433 :

Individuals : Pitts Ella M.
Ella and Jack Coleman raised a niece Lady Lou Burkheart.


Note NI15434 :

Individuals : Pitts John Armstrong
Arnette Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.
(420) Will of J. A. Pitts, Deceased
State of Tennessee, Rutherford County
I, J A Pitts, of Rutherford County, Tennessee, being of sound mindand disposing memory d o hereby make and declare this to be my last willand testament, hereby revoking and making al l other will s by me made.
First. I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Second. It is my will and desire that my wife, Mary Brandon Pitts, haveall of my property , real, personal and mixed, of every kind, of which Imay die seized and possessed, as long a s she may live, then at her deathI wish the property to be disposed of as follows:
I desire that Mrs. Ben S. Arnett, or her heirs, if she be dead atthe death of my said wi fe, Mary Brandon Pitts, be paid the sum of$350.00, before there is any division of my estate.
All the balance of my estate, after the payment of my debts, and thepayment of the abov e mentioned bequest to Mrs. Ben S. Arnett, I will tomy son Virgil Pitts.
I appoint Ben S Arnett as Executor of this my will, and request thatthe Court will not r equire him to give any bond as such Executor.
In witness whereof I have this day set my had.
This July 11, 1936.
J. A. Pitts
quire him to give any bond as such Executor.
The is obviously some confusion about the wives of John Pitts. One reportindicates:
1st wife: Lou Burnett
2nd wife: Sarah Frances Arnett
3rd wife: Mary Elizabeth Brandon (as above)


Note NI15435 :

Individuals : American Unknown Native


Note NI15436 :

Individuals : Coleman John\Jack


Note NI15437 :

Individuals : Burnette Louisa Jane (Lou)
Louisa (Lou) died as a young woman. Some records has Burnette as Burnett.


Note NI15439 :

Individuals : Pitts Ruel E.


Note NI15440 :

Individuals : Pitts Jennie M.


Note NI15441 :

Individuals : Gregory Marshall


Note NI15442 :

Individuals : Cothron Lassie


Note NI15444 :

Individuals : Nowlin Daniel
From Paul Hildebrandt:
Daniel Nowlan was the son of John Nowlan. Depending on source reviewed, he was born between 1574 and 1595 in Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland. He died c.1650 in Tullow. He married Anastase O'Brien, daughter of Torlagh O'Brien. Two children have been identified.
Two children have been identified.
Most sources place her birth in Co. Carlow, but her father was established in Co. Tipperary, and later moved to Co. Carlow, so Tipperary stands as a possible place of birth. It has been suggested that Daniel was married twice, and that Anastase was the second wife. If so, that would explain the gap between the births of Patrick and Edmund. If so, who was the first wife? No record has been found for the additional marriage.


Note NI15445 :

Individuals : Pitts Frank


Note NI15446 :

Individuals : Pitts Fountain E.


Note NI15447 :

Individuals : Pitts Claudia A.


Note NI15448 :

Individuals : Vaughn


Note NI15450 :

Individuals : Page Elizabeth


Note NI15451 :

Individuals : Pitts Virgil Marshall
Milton Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.


Note NI15452 :

Individuals : Pitts Rachael
Died as a young child.


Note NI15453 :

Individuals : Cothron Lucy Wilson


Note NI15454 :

Individuals : Leonard Sue Ann


Note NI15455 :

Individuals : Andrews Daisy Cleora 'Ora'


Note NI15456 :

Individuals : Arnett Sarah Frances
Arnett Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
No children by Frances as second wife of John Pitts.


Note NI15457 :

Individuals : Hutcherson Mary
No children by Mary as third wife of John Pitts. Jean Young indicatesthis was Mary Elizabet h Brandon.


Note NI15458 :

Individuals : Adams Melanie Lynn


Note NI15459 :

Individuals : Pitts Jack Coleman


Note NI15460 :

Individuals : Pitts Lyle (Doc.) Thurston


Note NI15461 :

Individuals : Pitts Ladye Lou


Note NI15462 :

Individuals : Mount Nannie Matida Parker
Rutherford County Tn.
Milton Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.
Some sources show Nannie as Nannie Matilda Parker.


Note NI15463 :

Individuals : Pitts Freddie Ezell
Rutherford County Tn.
Rutherford County Tn.
Milton Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.


Note NI15464 :

Individuals : Dixon Lucinda Jane
Barnfield-Shrum-Andrews Cemeter


Note NI15465 :

Individuals : Pitts Margie Fay


Note NI15466 :

Individuals : Hames William M.


Note NI15467 :

Individuals : Cartwright Sarah Jane
Sara Jane Cartwright and Ann Cartwright were sisters. They married Drury,
Jr. and Andrews respectively.
Macon County Times- 05 January 1933- Death claimed another aged and highly repected lady in the passing away of Mrs Jane Andrews at her home in the Dry Fork section on Saturday afternoon at five o'clock. She fell some weeks ago and that is thought to have hastened her death.
She was 91 years of age and leaves two sons, Alvis an d Elijah Andrews, both of Dry Fork; daughters, Mrs Emma Brown of Ebenezer and Mrs Mose(Susan) Dickens of Ridgetop; and one brother, Jeff Cartwright of Salmons, Ky.


Note NI15468 :

Individuals : DeSimmone Dorthy
Dorthy was said to of Philadelphia, PA but not sure where born.


Note NI15469 :

Individuals : Pitts Janet


Note NI15470 :

Individuals : Webb Dorothy


Note NI15471 :

Individuals : Pitts Lynn Marshall


Note NI15472 :

Individuals : Pitts Kathy Luanne


Note NI15473 :

Individuals : Waltemath Gary Lee


Note NI15474 :

Individuals : Burkheart Aubrey


Note NI15476 :

Individuals : Brewer Joyce


Note NI15477 :

Individuals : Pitts Michael John


Note NI15478 :

Individuals : Pitts Freida Joy


Note NI15479 :

Individuals : Winkler Cynthia


Note NI15480 :

Individuals : Parsley Tina Marie


Note NI15481 :

Individuals : Sage Richard Wyn


Note NI15482 :

Individuals : Hames Adam Marshall


Note NI15483 :

Individuals : Nolen Jeremiah


Note NI15484 :

Individuals : Hames Janet Anita


Note NI15485 :

Individuals : Beckman George


Note NI15486 :

Individuals : Charlotte


Note NI15487 :

Individuals : Boyd Judith M.


Note NI15488 :

Individuals : Pitts Sara Kathryn


Note NI15489 :

Individuals : Pitts Emily Christine


Note NI15491 :

Individuals : Winkler Emily


Note NI15492 :

Individuals : Waltemath Ward


Note NI15493 :

Individuals : Waltemath Beth


Note NI15494 :

Individuals : Waltemath Maggie


Note NI15495 :

Individuals : Pitts Michael John


Note NI15496 :

Individuals : Pitts Jennifer Michelle


Note NI15497 :

Individuals : Shelton Martha Ada


Note NI15498 :

Individuals : Andrews Johnnie Jasper


Note NI15499 :

Individuals : Pitts Jessica Marie


Note NI15500 :

Individuals : Sage Samuel Wyn


Note NI15501 :

Individuals : Pitts Grethen


Note NI15502 :

Individuals : Saunders Philip
Philip is believed to be the father by Debbra Azymanski, P. O. Box 202,Chidester , AR 71726.
, AR 71726.
Will 9 Jan 1823, Rutherford Co., TN wife: Elizabeth, son: Phillip (4years) son-in-law: Hose a Northcutt Proved 28 Jun 1823, wit: RichardStephens and Sampson Stephens


Note NI15503 :

Individuals : Hudson John
Married in Rutherford Co., TN. They had two children there before movingto Loami Twp., Sangam on Co., Illinois in the fall of 1829, two miles eastof Loami where 5 children were born.


Note NI15504 :

Individuals : Sloan John Claudie "Jack"


Note NI15505 :

Individuals : Pitts Ezekial
Ezekial is not mentioned in Aunt Lell's letter. Ezekial is said to be afarmer on the census . The date of birth of the family are resultant of1850 census and may be as much as a year of f.
as much as a year of f.
Additional children of Ezekial & Mary Ann are provided by Debra Erickson.


Note NI15506 :

Individuals : Pitts Anderson


Note NI15507 :

Individuals : Pitts Peyton
Jerry Sanner's notes indicates that Payton was living in Gibson Co., TNwith his father Matthe w in 1860 census. Matthew was born about 1796 andshould have been 64 years old at the time.


Note NI15508 :

Individuals : Pitts Jonathan
The 1850 census records Jonathan as Jno. Pitts (Farming) 18. The beliefthat Jonathan (? J. H. ) wife was Martha and was in Humphreys Co., TN inthe 1860 census.


Note NI15510 :

Individuals : Pitts Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Pitts is recorded marrying Jasper Anthony in RutherfordCo. on October 12, 1851 , in WFT Vol 3, #158. She is said to have beenborn in Dec 1834 which is consistent with Mar y Pitts given here. Thedate of death is est. 1919. We currently assume this information to b etrue but will verify other related information before including detailshere.
ted information before including detailshere.
The marriage record of Rutherford Co., Mary E. Pitts married to Casper N.Anthony Oct 11, 1851 .
Anthony Oct 11, 1851 .
Therefore the assumption is that Mary Pitts is this Mary Elizabeth Pittsand married to Caspe r N. Anthony.

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