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Note NI05031 :

Individuals : Owen Lavinia Gates


Note NI05032 :

Individuals : Winkler Clinton McKamy
Clinton McKamy Winkler, Confederate soldier, lawyer, and judge of theCourt of Appeals, was bo rn in Burke County, North Carolina, on October19, 1821, the Son of David Tate and Livina Gate s (Owen) Win kler. Borninto the family on a small farmer, young Clinton did not have anopport unity for a formal education. However, at the hands of ruralschoolmasters and his mother, wh o was the daughter of a p rominentteacher, his education was not neglected. His family move d to Indiana in1835, and there he grew to manhood. When he was not yet nineteen, Winklerdeter mined to move to Texas, and he settled in Franklin, RobertsonCounty, in July 1840. He very so on became involved in frontier life,joining numerous expeditions to track down marauding Indi ans. In 1843 hebecame district clerk pro tem. Whil e serving in this capacity, he wasadmitte d to the bar at Franklin on April 27, 1844, by Judge Robert E. B.Baylor. He was shortly ther e after elected to a full term as districtclerk. Early residents of Navarro County claimed th at Winkler wasinstrumental in persuading the First Legislature to demark Navarro Countyfrom R obertson County in 1846. Though the story cannot be documentedsatisfactoril y, Winkler move d to the new county in 1847. Later thatyear, he was elected to the legislature. He is credite d with sponsorshipof the legislative act making Corsicana the county seat. On Christmas Eve , 1848, the legislator married a young widow, Louisa R. Smith. They hadthree children. At th e expiration of his term of office, Winkler returnedto Corsicana and engaged in the practic e of law throu ghout the nextdecade. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, Winkler and six o therprominent Navarro countians organized the secession movement in thecounty. Winkler then v olunteered for Confederate service and was electedcommander of the Navarro Rifles. The Rifle s became Company I, FourthRegiment, Hood's Texas Brigade, the only unit of Texas infantry t o servein Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of N orthern Virginia. Captain Winkler ledthe company unt il the battle of Gettysburg, at which he was severelywounded. He was later promoted to majo r and lieutenant colonel. AtAppomattox Winkler was in command of the Fourth Regiment. Durin g theconflict, in November 1961, Winkler's wife died in Texas. He marriedAngelina V. Smith o f Richmond Virginia, on January 7, 1864. To thissecond union were bo rn six children. Mrs. Wi nkler accompanied herhusband to Texas after the war. In Corsicana, Winkler became active inci vic, legal, and political affairs. He helped organize the community'svolunteer f ire departme nt and bar association. He became grand master ofthe state Masonic lodge in 1870 and helped t o organize the Hood's TexasBrigade Association two years later. Active in the Democratic par t y inits attempt to end Reconstruction, Winkler was named state executivecommittee chairman . In 1872 he was again elected to the legislature. Heserved only one term, but returned to pu blic life in 1 876 as anassociate judge of the state Court of Appeals. He remained on the ben chuntil his death in Austin on May 13, 1882. The lifelong Methodist wasburied beside his firs t wife in Corsicana. Winke r County was named inhis honor.
tic par t y inits attempt to end Reconstruction, Winkler was named
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Memorial and Biographical History of Navarro, Henderson,Anderson, Limestone, Fr eestone, and Leon Counties (Chicago: Lewis, 1893);The New Texas Handbook (Austin, TSHA 1996)
udge of the state Court of Appeals. He remained on
Clinton McKamy Winkler
By: Myra C. Winkler, Daughter
Originally published in "The Navarro County Scroll", 1959
Reprinted with permission of the Navarro County Historical Society
Clinton McKamy Winkler was born in Burke County, North Carolina October19, 1821. His fathe r was David Tate Winkler, a North Carolina farmer whocame to Robinson County, Texas in 1844 . He died in 18 4[?]. Theprogenitor of the family in America was Conrad Winkler, Clinton'sg randfather who came from Germany at an early date, settling in NorthCarolina and remaining th ere the rest of his life, a prosperous farmer.
Clinton's mother was Lavinia Gates Owen, refined and cultured lady,daughter of Harrison Owen , and educator of great merit. Their ancestorscame from England, settling in Virginia; wer e among the for emostfamilies of that region; were loyal to the colonies and assisted greatly in the Revolutionary War for Independence.
Clinton, together with the rest of his father's family, moved to Indianain 1835, but the la d remained there only until 1840, when he came toTexas to be with his uncle Harrison Owen a t Franklin in Ro bertsonCounty. This was truly a frontier settlement and the young manimmedi ately became identified with everything that interested thepeople. The most pressing concer n was hostile Indians.
Only a few days after his arrival, he joined a company of minute men.They came to a place whe re the Indians had massacred a whole family andhad danced around the victims, leaving moccasi n tracks in blood on thecabin floor. Imagine the horror of the sight and the effect upon al l whoobserved! He afterward engaged in several fights against the savagesthroughout the are a of Chambers Creek. Th e Company was under theleadership of Captain Eli Chandler. Later , he accompanied Captain ThomasI. Smith upon a expedition into Johnson County, where one of t heir numberwas killed (Abram Smith). T hey buried him under four feet of earth androde bac k and forth over his grave to obliterate all traces. Thus beganthe youth's services in behal f of Texas.
His first employment at Franklin was that of Deputy County Clerk. Hisevenings were spent i n studying law under that eminent gentleman, CharlesH. Raymond. In 1843, he was appointed c lerk pro tem o f the DistrictCourt, which position he held until he was admitted to the bar , in April,1844, thus receiving his license under the Republic of Texas.
As recounted in the Navarro County Scroll for 1958, in the article aboutEthan Melton, by Alv a Taylor, people were discussing the advisability ofcreating a new county. Several of thes e drew up a pe tition asking thata new county be formed out of Robinson County. C. M. Winkle r was askedto present the petition to the Legislature, he having been elected to theLegislatu re in 1848.
The temporary seat of justice was on Chambers Creek at the residence ofWilliam R. Howe, late r in a portion of Ellis County. The new county wasgiven the name of Navarro in honor of th e famous patrio t, AntonioNavarro. Yielding to Colonel Navarro the honor of naming the new c ountyseat, Corsicana was chosen, the name taken together meaning Navarro theCorsican, Corsic a having been the birthplace of Navarro's father.
When Mr. Winkler, in 1847, came to reside in the new county, he foundonly one family - that o f the Reverend Hampton McKinney - where he madehis home until his marriage to Mrs. Louisa B . Smith, in 18 48. Of thismarriage, three daughters were born: Lavinia, Mary, and Kate. He, together with David K. Mitchell and Thomas I. Smith, surveyed and laidoff the county seat.
After his term in the Legislature expired, he returned to Corsicana andengaged in the practic e of his profession, always maintaining a highstandard of justice.
The first general expression in favor of resistance to federalencroachment occurred at a meet ing on January 14, 1860, upon the adoptionof resolutions signed by C. M. Winkler, William F . Henderson, G . L.Martin, William H. Neblett, Joseph Clayton, Elijah Melton, and J. P.Anders on, the committee.
Now, the shadows of war were gathering.
In 1861 a company of 150 men was organized to join the Confederate Army,with C. M. Winkler a s Captain. This company became a part of the FourthTexas Regiment of Hood's Brigade which re ndered distin guished service inthe battles of Gaines' Mills, Second Manasas, Sharpsburg, Get tysburg,Wilderness, and all the campaigns of General Lee's army. When thecompany surrendere d at Appomattox, they had only 12 muskets left. GeneralLee was high in praise of the Texans.
Mr. Winkler's first promotion was to major and later tolieutenant-colonel. He was actuall y in command of a regiment after theBattle of the Wilderness, and, also after the death of Ge neral Gregg, below Richmond, in October, 1864, in command of a brigade until Col. Bass,his ra nking officer, recovered from a wound.
His first wife having died in 1861, he was married January 7, 1864, toMiss Angelina Virgini a Smith in the City of Richmond, Virginia. Sixchildren were born to this marriage. Clinto n Jr., Walton C. , Tom L.,Beatrice Elizabeth, Harry, and Myra C. Little Harry died in infanc y.
In 1865, after the war had ended, Mr. and Mrs. Winkler came to Texas. Forhim, it was a retur n home; for her, an entirely new experience. If thecontrast in conditions was too striking , nobody ever h eard her say so.Federal troops were stationed in Corsicana and many encounter s betweenthe soldiers and townspeople had to be smoothed away. As continualpeacemaker, Mr. W inkler could be depended u pon, always.
In 1872, he was made chairman of the State Democratic ExecutiveCommittee. His address to th e Democrats of Texas had the ring of truepatriotism. He was a member of the famous Thirteent h Legislatur e whichtook Texas out of the hands of the Radicals.
In 1876 he became a member of the original Court of Appeals, whichpositions he held until hi s death in 1882. The ten volumes of theopinions of the Court tell the story of his industr y and devotion toduty. He died in Austin, May 13, 1882.
Judge Winkler was a charter member of the Masonic Lodge in Corsicana. Heorganized the Bertra nd du Gueslin Commandery of Knights Templar. Wasmade Grand Master, State Masonic Lodge in 18 70. He was Grand CaptainGeneral of Grand Commandery. He took 32nd degree of Scottish RiteMa sonry in April 1882.
Resolutions on the death of Judge Winkler, as contained in records of theCourt and Masonic bo dies, are eloquent in their testimony of their lovefor one who, throughout his life, demonstr ated his lov e for them.
Judge Winkler was a consistent member of the Methodist Church and hisfamily religion was exem plified in their lives.
The organized of Confederate Veterans at Corsicana was named in memory ofColonel Winkler.


Note NI05033 :

Individuals : Jones Mathew John


Note NI05034 :

Individuals : Winkler Thomas Lewis


Note NI05035 :

Individuals : Winkler William Harrison


Note NI05036 :

Individuals : Winkler Mary E.


Note NI05037 :

Individuals : Winkler Eliza


Note NI05038 :

Individuals : Winkler David Franklin


Note NI05039 :

Individuals : Winkler John Conrad


Note NI05040 :

Individuals : Winkler Matilda E.


Note NI05041 :

Individuals : Willis Vincent
Macon County, TN


Note NI05042 :

Individuals : Winkler Sarah L.


Note NI05043 :

Individuals : Gueyer Phillip


Note NI05044 :

Individuals : Judy


Note NI05045 :

Individuals : Brown Eleanor


Note NI05046 :

Individuals : Winkler Hans Jacob
From Lynda Winkler Logan:
I am the gr-gr-gr granddaughter of Jacob and Mary Sherrill Winkler. Jacob and Mary came to Tennessee in the year 1824 and settled in Hawkins Co. They had 10 children. I am a desdent of their son Abraham Winkler. Would like to hear from anyone on the Winkler family. Lynda Winkler Logan
Jacob and Mary Sherrill Winkler. Jacob and Mary came to Tennessee in the year 1824 and settled in Hawkins Co. They had 10 children. I am a descendent of their son Abraham Winkler.Would like to hear from anyone on the Winkler family.
The descendents of Jacob Jr. are in part from Reference596 Robertson clan #1.F TW
escendents of Jacob Jr. are in part from Reference596
Jacob & Mary are found in the household of Thomas & Mariah in HancockCo., TN.
1860 Hancock Co., TN
CONT 1860 Hancock Co., TN
Complete 1860 Census Record of Winklers:
f Winklers:
511b 36 Winkler Jacob 72 NC pg0502a.txt
511b 37 Winkler Mary 75 NC pg0502a.txt
75 NC pg0502a.txt
470a 21 Winkler Abraham *7 NC pg0460a.txt [Age would be: 37]
470a 22 Winkler Nancy 38 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 23 Winkler Mary M 10 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 24 Winkler Jacob N W 9 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 25 Winkler George 7 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 26 Winkler John 6 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 27 Winkler Thomas 5 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 28 Winkler Elisha 3 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 29 Winkler Mark H 1 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 29 Winkler Mark H 1 Tenn pg0460a.txt
511b 11 Winkler Elisha 40 NC pg0502a.txt
511b 12 Winkler Mary 38 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 13 Winkler Mary 17 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 14 Winkler John 14 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 15 Winkler Manda 10 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 16 Winkler Thomas 5 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 17 Winkler Martha 3 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 18 Winkler Landon C 1 Tenn pg0502a.txt
inkler Landon C 1 Tenn pg0502a.txt
473b 34 Winkler Victoria 5 Tenn pg0470b.txt
511b 30 Winkler Thomas 37 NC pg0502a.txt
511b 31 Winkler Mariah 30 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 32 Winkler Wm 12 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 33 Winkler Mary 10 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 34 Winkler Elisha 5 Tenn pg0502a.txt
511b 35 Winkler Sary 2 Tenn pg0502a.txt


Note NI05047 :

Individuals : Sherrill Mary Belle
1870 Hancock Census Records:
25 , 63 61 , Winkler Mary, 84 F W, North Carolina
In household of :
sehold of :
Abjah Fairchild (55) & Isabella Fairchild (54)
with Jesse Fairchild [17]
Mary Sullivan [18]
ONT Mary Sullivan [18]
Isabella is her daughter.


Note NI05048 :

Individuals : Winkler Elizabeth


Note NI05049 :

Individuals : Winkler Isbella


Note NI05050 :

Individuals : Winkler Elisha


Note NI05051 :

Individuals : Winkler Lida


Note NI05052 :

Individuals : Winkler Margaret


Note NI05054 :

Individuals : Jamison Martha J.
Unclear if children correct


Note NI05056 :

Individuals : Andrews John Allen


Note NI05057 :

Individuals : Winkler Abraham
Source: Robertson clan #1.FTW via and
Brent Milligan's Family Tree II
's Family Tree II
Abraham served in the Confederate Army in the war between the states as aprivate in the 7th Regiment Company D of the Tennessee Volunteers. He was 37 years old when he jointed on March 10, 1864. He died in a prison camp. His saying was "A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. Abraham was captured at Wilderness, Virginia. He was takento Elmira , New York, where he died in prison. He is buried there.
to Elmira , New York, where he died in prison. He is buried there.
1860 Hancock Co., TN Census
470a 21 Winkler Abraham *7 NC pg0460a.txt [37]
470a 22 Winkler Nancy 38 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 23 Winkler Mary M 10 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 24 Winkler Jacob N W 9 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 25 Winkler George 7 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 26 Winkler John 6 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 27 Winkler Thomas 5 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 28 Winkler Elisha 3 Tenn pg0460a.txt
470a 29 Winkler Mark H 1 Tenn pg0460a.txt
T 470a 29 Winkler Mark H 1 Tenn pg0460a.txt
1870 Hancock Co., TN Census
Year: 1870 State: Tennessee County: Hancock Post Office: Sneedville, Tenn. Sheet No: 50A
Reel No: M593-1533 Division: District No. 7 Page No: 6
Enumerated on: July 16th, 1870 by: Jessee B. Mitchell
Transcribed by Ellen Finley-Johnson for USGenWeb, Copyright: 2003
ONT Copyright: 2003
LINE | Dwell Famil | LastName, FirstName | Age S C | Occupation | Real Pers | BirthPlace
36 | 38 35 | Winkler, Nancy. 49 F W | Keeping House | 1500 850 | Tennessee | W524 |
37 | 38 35 | Winkler, Mary, 21 F W | at home |Tennessee |
38 | 38 35 | Winkle, John, 16 M W | at home |Tennessee |
39 | 38 35 | Winkler, Mariah, 16 F W | at home |Tennessee |
40 | 38 35 | Winkler, Thoma, 14 M W | Works on Farm|Tennessee |
1 | 38 35 | Winkle, Elisha, 12 M W | at home |Tennessee |
2 | 38 35 | Winkler, Mark, 10 M W | Tennessee |
3 | 38 35 | Winkler, Lydia, 7 F W | |Tennessee |
M W | Tennessee |
HANCOCK COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index
WINKLER 8A-10B-37A-37B


Note NI05058 :

Individuals : Winkler Thomas
1860 Census Records: Hancock Co., TN
30 291 273 Winkler Thomas 37 M Farming 200 2,000 NC
31 291 273 Winkler Mariah 30 F House Labor Tenn X
32 291 273 Winkler Wm 12 M Tenn X
33 291 273 Winkler Mary 10 F Tenn X
34 291 273 Winkler Elisha 5 M Tenn
35 291 273 Winkler Sary 2 F Tenn
36 292 274 Winkler Jacob 72 M Farming 3,000 800 NC
37 292 274 Winkler Mary 75 F Feeble NC


Note NI05059 :

Individuals : Winkler Mary


Note NI05061 :

Individuals : Winkler Susanna


Note NI05062 :

Individuals : Milikan Nancy


Note NI05063 :

Individuals : Winkler William Isaac
Son of A. Winkler
This would be Abraham Winkler's son
Memorial has Star of David on it. William was not of Jewish decent. The stone was purchased by Brenda Barnard Drinnon in 1990's with a discount because of the symbol.


Note NI05064 :

Individuals : Winkler Martha Martela


Note NI05065 :

Individuals : Winkler Jacob Newton


Note NI05066 :

Individuals : Jones Danny Warren


Note NI05067 :

Individuals : Winkler George


Note NI05068 :

Individuals : Willis Martha 'Patsy'


Note NI05069 :

Individuals : Winkler John Daniel


Note NI05070 :

Individuals : Winkler Solomon Thomas
I have a letter written by Solomon T. Winkler to his brother Mark, dated July 29, 1898 from Wits Springs, Ark. The writer is my great grandfather. His wife is mentioned as Allie. Mark's wife is named as Elisebeth.
med as Elisebeth.
Solomon's children are:
dau: Amandia Elidia, I am not sure if this is two girls, or one.
Robert Loneis
Jacob Loneis
John Samuel (my grandfather)
Carnnies Abraham
uel (my grandfather)
Does anyone know more than this?
Judith L. WInkler Chaffin


Note NI05071 :

Individuals : Winkler Elisha


Note NI05072 :

Individuals : Winkler Mark H.


Note NI05073 :

Individuals : Winkler David Branson


Note NI05074 :

Individuals : Winkler Lydia
Mary wife of Wm. Roe
Born May 7, 1857
Died May 23, 1886


Note NI05075 :

Individuals : Williams Lydia


Note NI05076 :

Individuals : Winkler Nancy Orlena


Note NI05077 :

Individuals : Smith Louisa B.


Note NI05078 :

Individuals : Winkler Martha Martilda


Note NI05079 :

Individuals : Winkler James Sampson


Note NI05080 :

Individuals : Andrews Carsley


Note NI05081 :

Individuals : Winkler Henley R.


Note NI05082 :

Individuals : Winkler Mark L.


Note NI05083 :

Individuals : Winkler Dorcus Lydia


Note NI05084 :

Individuals : Winkler Elisha M.


Note NI05085 :

Individuals : Winkler Nellie Victoria


Note NI05086 :

Individuals : Winkler Landon Hulie


Note NI05087 :

Individuals : Winkler Verna E.


Note NI05088 :

Individuals : Smith Angelina Virginia


Note NI05089 :

Individuals : Winkler Magnola Naoma
9027Unknown relationships but similar stone to Luther Winkler and
child born dead.


Note NI05090 :

Individuals : Sutton Minerva


Note NI05091 :

Individuals : Winkler Nora


Note NI05092 :

Individuals : Andrews Pluma Lee
Sherry Maria Gregory Shockley had a premonition about her Aunt Pluma's death. She had a nightmare of someone being in water and gunshots being fired. Indeed, she found out a day or two later that her aunt had walked out into a creek and shot herself in the head.


Note NI05093 :

Individuals : Winkler Vester


Note NI05094 :

Individuals : Winkler Effie


Note NI05095 :

Individuals : Winkler Hester M.


Note NI05096 :

Individuals : Winkler Cleo


Note NI05097 :

Individuals : Winkler Lydia


Note NI05098 :

Individuals : Winkler Willie Sampson


Note NI05099 :

Individuals : Shelton Emily Tennessee
Thanks to Connie Dabney, a descendent of Emily Shelton for additionalinformation on the Shelt on family who migrated to Oklahoma in the late1800's or early 1900's.


Note NI05100 :

Individuals : Winkler Emma


Note NI05101 :

Individuals : Winkler Oma


Note NI05102 :

Individuals : Winkler Oscar
Memory Lane
Resting in the arms of Jesus


Note NI05103 :

Individuals : Winkler Forester
9039WINKLER, MR. FORSTER - age 71, of Poplar Ave., Murfreesboro, died Friday at Middle Tennessee Medical Center. Mr. Winkler was a native of Hancock County, Tenn., and the son of the late Vester and Della Seal Winkler. He was a member of the Baptist Church, a veteran of WWII and a retired barber. Survivors: daughter, of Murfreesboro; sister, of Knoxville; two brothers, of Morristown, of Florida; two grandchildren,, both of Murfreesboro. Graveside services 2 p.m. E.S.T. Monday at the Winkler-Barnard Cemetery in Hancock County, Tenn. Rev. Henry Wallen will officiate. Visitation with the family will follow at the cemetery. Woodfin Memorial Chapel is in charge of funeral arrangements.


Note NI05104 :

Individuals : Andrews Ira Carsey


Note NI05105 :

Individuals : Winkler Howard H.


Note NI05106 :

Individuals : Winkler Ruey


Note NI05107 :

Individuals : Winkler Agnes


Note NI05108 :

Individuals : Winkler James Farris


Note NI05109 :

Individuals : Lagear John Legear Or


Note NI05110 :

Individuals : Fleming Kathryn Louise


Note NI05111 :

Individuals : Winkler Clinton

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